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Hi Munchworms!

A while back I got tagged for the What Makes You Happy tag by Yesha @ Books Teacup & Reviews. Honestly, I’m way behind with my tags so I’m randomly picking one out every once in a while.. Sorry if I haven’t gotten around to yours yet!

Anyway! Time to make some lists! God, I love making lists… Seriously, no sarcasm here!


Books, books and books! Need I say more?

Munches! My blog isn’t called Books & Munches for nothing people!

My boyfriend when he isn’t a pain in the butt by invoking book buying bans and distracting me while I’m reading. Okay, even then he makes me happy. Kind of.

My blog! Is that lame? Like, I’m only doing this for over four months now, but I can tell that I’m way too passionate about it. Not true. You can’t be too passionate? I hope..

Friends, music and being me!


Now we’ll have it! Prepare yourself for some of my favorite songs!
It isn’t always necessarily because of the lyrics, though. Some tunes just get me all active and happy as well.


Spaghetti. I’ll always be a spaghetti-addict. There’s no changing that!

Cupcakes! Love baking them, love messing around with the frosting and, of course, love eating them.

Hot chocolate always makes me warm and fuzzy, but it’s definitely a happiness-boost during Fall and Winter!

Pancakes with hot chocolate sauce, whipped cream and fruit… Or the same with waffles… Okay, it’s been so long since I ate this that I’m craving it now…

[What do you mean, this wasn’t in the original post?!]





55 thoughts on “What Makes You Happy Tag

    1. I can imagine! When it comes to pasta, we switch it up every single time. It’s hard to get tired of eating it that way – not that I would if I had only one pasta-kind to eat for the rest of time. It’s pretty much my addiction, next to books.

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    1. It really does!
      Haha, it’s so funny that I constantly make you crave certain dishes. 😀 Just the other day I was also thinking that I might need to make some cupcakes again soon. It’s been a while since I made banana-ones…

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    2. Some of these things are pretty easy to make though! The goulash, for example, is mostly prep but once it’s on the stove simmering, it’s just reading until it’s ready, haha.
      [Also, I’m simply lucky that my boyfriend doesn’t mind cooking before he leaves for work so I only have to heat up my food when I get home.]


    3. Oh, I find most things to be easy to make. I just prefer to cook where I can actually share a meal with others. Right now I am on the opposite shift of my boyfriend so sometimes I cook a bit and leave the food in the fridge for him to have for dinner.

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    4. Sounds pretty much like us. When I get home from work, my boyfriend has just left for his two hours earlier. Most of the time he already made dinner for me and those are the days we live on stews and curries and pasta, haha.


    5. If my boyfriend cooks then it is pancakes or pizza…or carry out from a nearby restaurant, lol. But I got news at work that I should be going back to day shift in about a month so then the boyfriend and I will be working the same hours.

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    6. Haha. Mine can cook – pretty good as well. So I’m pretty fortunate on that account. I like trying different things but don’t really cook everyday meals a lot.
      Ooh, that sounds pretty good! Wish my boyfriend would go to normal hours as well. Would do us both a huge favor.


    7. I love to cook, and will try making anything so long as I have the recipe to follow. When I was first trying to flirt with my boyfriend I made him cupcakes, and on our first date I made him a cheesecake. So I won him over with food and with being an unapologetic geeky fangirl.

      I’m just hoping when I go back to days that I can stay there for a while. I have a couple backup jobs and they mean I can be sent to any shift as needed for the job. I was sent to this afternoon/evening shift back in April. They said it would be for three months but they kept extending it.

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    8. I have the habit of only following the exact recipe the first time, haha. After that I just add more of certain things or less, depending on how I like it better.
      A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, indeed! I only started baking cupcakes again when my boyfriend and I moved in together. I don’t think he even knew I liked baking before that. He also didn’t know about the books. That was a discovery he made once he had to carry all the boxes to the car, oops.

      Oh, I can imagine that it sucks quite a bit to have that extension all the time. I’d rather have my boyfriend have the same working hours as myself as well.


    9. Haha, I can imagine! We had all our stuff collected at my mom’s so we just carried anything we could grab first. He just had the bad luck of coming in at the time that my books were all ready to go, haha.


    10. Haha, nice. I did several trips for my books. I usually loaded up 6-9 boxes each week when I went to my mom’s for laundry day. My boyfriend did help me carry in all of my unbuilt bookcases after we went to IKEA though, so that was nice.

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    11. At least that makes the hassle a little less. I really think my boyfriend was ready to explode when he finally got all the boxes of books in the car, haha.
      I got my bookcases when he was gone for the weekend. He was glad he didn’t have to help me – since I did everything on my own – but he was maybe a little bit annoyed that his stupid palm tree couldn’t stay inside anymore. *oops*


    12. The last time I had moved my whole library was seven years ago. I do not look forward to moving them again in the future. It honestly makes me think it would be worth it to hire a moving company and have them haul all of the boxes next time.

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  1. Ohh what a fun and very positive tag, we all need little reminders of what makes us happy every once in a while. ❤
    BOOKS are an obvious answer here, ahah 😉 and pancakes, waffles, cupcakes… you are making me so hungry right now haha 😛

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    1. That sounds good. I love pasta but spaghetti is one of those that I can eat often and never get tired of it. My hubby however grew tired of it a long time ago lol. He never liked it as much as I do.

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  2. Hahaha! Thanks for choosing me as a victim! Challenge accepted! 😛 Joking aside, this is a fun tag! and yes, munches and books will never fail to make us happy!!

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  3. Awww this is such a sweet tag!! Thanks so much for tagging me, Kathy!! I loveeeeee waffles with chocolate spread. It’s just the best. And hot chocolate ❤ ❤ ❤ and it's not lame at all that your blog makes you happy, I suppose that's why we create blogs 😀

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    1. I love Glühwein!! Hahahaha But I can agree on having a hot chocolate if we meet on a christmas market. I LOVE those markets so much, I’m gonna need to buy larger pants!

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    2. I might give it another shot this year since I noticed my taste buds having changed over the last two years, haha.
      Haha, amen to that! I know that there’s always one delicious hot chocolate stall in Ghent so I’m definitely going to go there. I think I’m going to make a list of Christmas markets to visit this month soon!

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    3. I’m going to Brazil in a couple weeks, so I’ll probably just go to the Christmas market in my city this year – which is quite enough to be honest, it’s rather large.
      Otherwise, I love Christmas market-hopping! Hahaha

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    4. I wish I was going on a holiday as well, haha. But depending on the Christmas markets on the list, I might go abroad as well. In the end, Germany isn’t that far off and there’s where the best Christmas markets are anyway!

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    5. They’re very cute indeed!! Ohh it’s a pity you might come to Germany while I’m away. Let me know if you’re in the south somewhen in the next few weeks… we could meet up 🙂

      There is a fair in Strasbourg till the 28th by the way, and it’s the cutest!

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    6. I don’t think we’ll be going South. We’ve mentioned Köln, Frankfurt and Essen when we were talking about it, so probably there.

      Strasbourg is a bit of a way off for just one day, haha. We’d rather not spend too much money on hotels / b&b’s and stuff. :p We’ll see! 😀

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