2019 READING CHALLENGES – Trying to figure out how to tackle 2019 in reading

If there's one thing I love about one year ending and a new one beginning, it's all the possibilities of setting goals, finding challenges and compiling lists of things we want to achieve during the next year. I figured I can't possibly be on my own in that one, since I know we all love reading challenges. Not to mention setting ourselves reading goals to challenge ourselves throughout the year!

So here I am.. setting some goals / challenges!



We all know the drill by now, since it's something that's so "general" and.. world-wide known: setting yearly goals whenever the start of a new year is approaching. Those goals can include anything at all, but.. for us specifically? There's always some kind of reading goal involved. Reading goals that remain goals for a while, but eventually turn into a challenge because.. we always, always need to catch up on them.

Then, after a while, the pressure comes into the mix because we really want to succeed and be able to say "I did it!" at the end of the year. But is it really all that realistic to put up a yearly goal without knowing what's going to happen throughout the year?