TBR Pursuit – January, February and March!

If you don’t know her, or don’t check out Booktube, you should definitely check out Jadeyraereads because that is where this post is coming from!

I’ve been following her channel for a long while now and… since I’m not setting myself any monthly TBR’s anymore, I thought it’d be fun to at least make some kind of TBR based on a game.

I’m not going with a monthly TBR, simply because I don’t see it doable in any way to read that many books in such a short period of time. That’s why I decided to go with quarterly!

Simply put: January’s TBR Pursuit will give me the prompts for books to read in January, February and March. I’ll use another game to set my TBR for April, May and June!

I’m feeling good about this so… let’s watch that YouTube-video? [Seriously, I came up with the idea without seeing the video so now I’m really hoping I like the prompts …]

Setting some rules

Before I get into the prompts, I noticed it’s best for me to set some extra rules or… give myself some more freedom in a way because I’m not planning on buying books and I still want to be able to fill all prompts.

  • A ‘possibility pie’ was introduced: when I can match the challenge, I will but otherwise we’re going with something related to the challenge or a mood read!
  • As long as I have books that fit the prompts, I need to follow them but when I don’t, I’ll look into a substitute. This is mainly because I’m not as big of a middle grade reader and, as such, don’t have much on my TBR, haha.
  • Whenever the viewers or friends pick, I can go with the most recent recs I got from people or try to find the prompt without having an ‘outside party’ having to pick a book for me.

What are the prompts?

  • Middle grade: new to you author
  • Blank: something suggested by the viewers
  • Friend: one of their favorites
  • Middle grade: book with a map
  • Possibility pie: book by author outside of USA/UK
  • Scifi: wild card
Pirates? Check!
Someone recommended One Last Stop but since this one is actually on my shelves, I’m picking Red, White & Royal Blue!
Because at least one of my friends adores Talia Hibbert!
I adored the first book, so naturally I’m stoked this one has a map.
Easy! Dutch book to fill in this prompt!
I really need to read this one! I’ve been eyeing it ever since it arrived.

And that’s it for the books I’ll be trying to read in this first quarter of 2022! I’ve already stacked them up on my windowsill so I’m reminded of them whenever I look up from work, haha. By the time this post goes up, I’ve already read Bad for the Boss so… I’m off to a good start!

Are you sticking to monthly goals or are you also setting quarterly goals?


14 thoughts on “TBR Pursuit – January, February and March!

    1. Honestly, this is just a ‘I want to read these books by the end of March so we’ll try that and if it doesn’t work, that’s okay too. It’s more of a way for me to have limited choice since I tend to get overwhelmed by all the unread books I own. 🙂

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