About the blog

Books & Munches was created on June 13th 2017, after realizing that I wanted to voice my opinion, share my passion for books and reading. I want to reach people, encourage them to pick up a book and lose themselves in it.
This blog mostly contains reviews on YA, contemporary and chicklits. Some other genres might occur once in a while since I like expanding my horizons and leaving my comfort zone.

About the creator

My name’s Kathy & I was born on September 15th in 1992, so I’ve been on this planet for over 29 years now. I live in a small country called Belgium. Accordingly, my mother tongue isn’t English, but Dutch. [Might be handy to know if you ever catch me making a mistake, but I hope you won’t!]

I started this blog in 2017. If you’re reading this, it’s probably a few years later and… while I’m editing this, I’m actually on a ‘temporary break’, although I’m still not sure whether I’ll be able to come back or not. I really want to but… life, y’know.

So, obviously, my passion is books. Reading books. Owning books. Buying books. Anything books! Maybe someday I will even write a book? Who knows? Apart from that, I also love food. And there you have the explanation for the name of my blog. Two things I love, one blog.  Couldn’t get more perfect!

But hey, more about me:

Growing up I had about 14 cats at the same time. Yes. You’re reading this correctly. At. The. Same. Time. It wasn’t something we really chose. More like… Every time we wanted to get our cat sterilized, she decided to be pregnant again. One big happy family of cats. Until my parents decided they wanted a dog. Say hi to Teddy, y’all!


This fluffy thing caused over half of our cats to take off, unfortunately. And on top of that – since he joined or family – I got allergic to cats. The horror!

A couple of years later, Kiwi got added to the family. Officially, that was my little fluff. Unfortunately, he passed away in March 2018 and I miss him dearly but I couldn’t take away his little spot on my blog. Another way of keeping him alive, I guess.


They’re kind of the same species, but Kiwi was a smaller one – Pomeranian – and thus, cuter! And a hundred times more stubborn. Guess he took after me, oops.

I obviously also have a “real” job. It used to be ‘nothing spectacular, just a regular administrative job’ but as things go, life changes and new paths are discovered so… I’ve been an editor working at a health insurance company since October 2021. I love my job to bits and it’s been a joy getting into the world of language more.
Apart from that, I also started as a freelance text corrector, correcting manuscript for certain publishers in Belgium. Nothing too wild, just the occassional task to keep myself even more busy.

My biggest “job” and “title” was added to my person on February 16th, 2019. That’s the day our little boy, Jamie, was born. The picture here is an oldie, but I love it. For more recent pictures and somewhat of a ‘follow the life of Jamie’ you can always head to my mommish Instagram! That’s also the place you’ll see I’m no longer together with Jamie’s other parent, but have now found everything I could possibly want in someone new.


In saying that, now is the time to expand on my dreams a bit, I guess. I’ve always loved reading. I’ve also always dreamed of someday writing my own book. I once started writing it and got pretty far too, but I was 14 at the time. As you can imagine, reading that now… I’d rather crawl inside a very deep pit than ever let anyone read it. But still, the passion is there. As soon as I feel confident enough, I’ll pick up my weapons (laptop, notebooks) to give it another shot.

Up until then I just want to enjoy reading, practice my writing, try to reach as many people as possible with my book blog. And no, not because I want to be famous or to get free books. Not at all. I just want to make people pick up a book that they normally wouldn’t read. I want them to broaden their own horizon a bit and see what more the literary world has to offer. Cause we all know that there are so many special books out there. They just need some people to actually say they’re special and worth reading.

And that, my Munchworms, is what I want to do.