Goals of a used-to-be-reading-freak – 2022

Pretty sure a lot of us are setting some goals for 2022 and in our community, as far as I remember, the mental health goals en reading goals are always at the top of our lists. [Do tell me if that changed and there’s been a change!]

I’m not a fan of setting myself huge goals lately, but I couldn’t resist at least making some.

Mental health goals

Since the last couple of years have been a rollercoaster ride on so many accounts, I now know more about how to deal with myself and keep myself sane through it all. So those mental health goals are ridiculously important for me to be able to function in everyday life.

As for most people, these goals always look so simple, but they’re easily pushed aside or forgotten when life gets hectic so… Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!

  • Have a calm night at least once a week where I just do nothing as soon as Jamie’s off to bed.
  • Demand me-time, not only during the day for ‘a little while’.
  • Plan some ‘shopping time’ to stroll around a city by myself.
  • Meet up with friends every two weeks.

Reading goals

In some way I succeeded at reading 17 books in 2021 – and that’s trusting my memory which can actually not be trusted. So I decided to put up some ‘goals’ for 2022 but… Let’s just say those goals are very much doable so I don’t put unnecessary stress on myself because that’s not what we need in this freaking world.

  • Read 20 books.
  • Put 5 euros aside for every book read.
  • Fill up as many prompts of the Popsugar Reading Challenge as possible – doubling up allowed.
  • Don’t buy any books until there’s actual space on my TBR-shelves to put them.
  • But allow yourself one giant book buying splurge during the year.

Other goals

Then there’s the ‘other’ part of this post where I have some things I want to work on, but not necessarily want as goals. It’s more of a ‘let’s make some progress on this’.

  • Expand my knowledge of photography so I can use it on a professional level.
  • Try some recipes from cookbooks I got last year.
  • Get closer to getting my motorcycle licence.
  • Maybe put some life in my bookstagram again? Maybe, just maybe.

I think these are doable, or at least I hope so, ha. What are some goals you set yourself for this year? Is there something you want to work on that isn’t necessarily a goal?


15 thoughts on “Goals of a used-to-be-reading-freak – 2022

    1. Right?! Funny thing is now I have to ‘force’ myself to go to the bank and get the money to put aside, haha! Otherwise it’ll just get lost in my other savings and that’s not what I want!


  1. I set my goal at one book, and 8,000 pages. I’m doing a few challenges that are easy-going and not intense. I found a wicked fun book bingo on Tumblr. Some of the challenges I’m doing are great because they push me out of my comfort zone.


    1. Honestly, it’s been so long I can’t even recall if 8.000 pages is a lot or not, yikes. But I like how you put your goal at one book! That’s definitely taking a lot of the pressure off.

      I’m going to try and participate in some challenges and such, but only time will tell whether I actually succeed, haha.

      Good luck to you!


    1. Definitely! I used to be very focused on completing them but now I use them to help me set some kind of TBR since I can be pretty indecisive when it comes to my next read.

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  2. These are all very doable! Especially things like trying new recipes because I mean, you have to eat anyway, right? I also love the idea of putting some money away for every book you read. I might have to implement that for myself – but only for the towering stacks of print books I have taking up space. *sigh*

    Good luck and have fun!


    1. Haha, exactly! And I recently got a cookbook that looks delicious! I already tried the sausage rolls – with apple added to the minced meat – and it was soooo good. I can’t wait to try out more of the recipes!

      I feel you, seriously. I’m trying so hard to read my physical books but I’m at this point where the amount is daunting and I don’t feel like I’ll ever get them all read, haha.

      Thank you!!

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