MAGICAL READATHON – Let’s get those O.W.L.s!!


If there’s one readathon I will never, ever ignore or not participate in, it’s the magical readathons G hosts! April is the month of the O.W.L.s so it’s more than time to take a look at my TBR for this round. If you don’t know what the magical readathon entails, you can hop on over to her announcement video! She links all the necessary info in the description so you’ll find everything you need.

In the past, I tended to just check the prompts, fit books to it and then decide on a career. Since I read a lot and mostly succeeded at checking off all the prompts, it was a good enough way to go about things for me. Now, though? Not so much! For the first time I actually have to pick a career in order to be sure I succeed at this readathon.

After very careful consideration – and deciding I was hungry, needed food and.. well.. – I picked Culinary Sorcerer! It fits me, it fits this blog and it fits my love for food. On top of that I also decided to add Magical Shop Management. It seems like a fun combination and I really want to make use of the extra things G’s created for this round of O.W.L.s.

Upon writing this, I still haven’t checked the prompts. Time to do that now and see what books I’ll be reading!

Culinary Sorcerer

Things My Son Needs to Know About The WorldFor this career, I need to get four O.W.L.s. The first one is Arithmancy and needs to be a book outside of my favorite genre. I decided to go with Things My Son Needs to Know about the World for this! As long as it isn’t fantasy or contemporary, I’m good for this prompt! And, honestly, this book has been on my “need to read this as soon as possible” ever since I got this book from my secret santa.. I’d say it’s time to actually pick it up.

Hungry Hearts: 13 Tales of Food & LoveCharms is the next subject I need to succeed for. This year the prompt is reading a book with a white cover. Once I stumbled upon this one, it was a fairly easy pick. Hungry Hearts shouted my name – almost. It fits perfectly with my career since it’s about love and food. I truly felt like this was meant to be one of the books I read during this magical readathon! 

Meet Cute: Some People Are Destined to MeetNext up we have Herbology. Makes sense if you want to spice your food the right way! The book I have to read for this subject is one that starts with “M”. I simply went on Goodreads to see which one of my owned books fit and decided to go with Meet Cute, an anthology I’ve had for a while now and still haven’t read.
A lot of the authors in this book I’ve either read before or own books of that I have yet to read, so I’m curious to see whether this anthology will have any influence on which books I’ll pick up next!Pandemonium Road

Last, but definitely not least, is Potions! For some reason I always get antsy when I “have” to pick this subject. Guess Snape still gets to me, haha. The read I’m using for this one is Pandemonium Road by Thomas Emson since it’s one of the only books I own with under 150 pages! I was contemplating using one of Jamie’s books for a minute there, since I read some of those at least ten times a week to the little guy but.. Decided against it. I might change my mind eventually, haha!

Magical Shop Management

The Song of AchillesFor this extra course, I simply have to get educated in Arithmancy during the O.W.L.s and get an Acceptable for my N.E.W.T.! Since the subject is already one needed for my career, I don’t really have to pick a second book but.. I’m going to anyway! Just to give myself a little bit more of a challenge. As I said, the prompt for this is “Read something outside your favorite genre” so for my second Arithmancy option, I’m going with The Song of Achilles. I was so surprised by how much I enjoyed Circe so I feel like I should definitely love this one as well..

That is my TBR! Since I own physical copies of all these, it’ll be a challenge to get them read but I’m definitely going to try my hardest! And maybe, just maybe, there are some on Scribd so I can read on my phone too.

Are you planning on getting your O.W.L.s in April?
If so, what career did you pick? Do you plan on doing one of the extra courses?
What books are on your TBR for this readathon?





19 thoughts on “MAGICAL READATHON – Let’s get those O.W.L.s!!

  1. This will be my first year! I’m working on my list now but I can’t decide between two careers, so I’m hoping to read the prompts for both, just in case! Haha. I’m trying to do all books that I own too!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha! I get the struggle! There were.. two or three I wanted to do? In the end, I decided on the one that fit *me* most. 😛
      Same! I have way too many unread books so every time I participate in a readathon, I try focusing on those. [Or if I’m really behind on ARC’s, I do it the other way around. 😛 ]

      Liked by 2 people

    2. It’s really the best way to go!! I know I have several books that will fit prompts! Trying so hard this year to read my own books! I also have decided to not request ARC s unless it’s a book that I will read anyways! So far, I have 0 ARC’s! Lol. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

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    3. I can’t resist the ARC’s.. Seriously, it’s BAD. On the other hand.. I can go on a requesting spree and put my faith in the fact that being international means most of my requests don’t get approved anyway? [Sometimes, rarely, it happens that most DO get approved but like.. It makes up for all the denials..😂😂]

      Liked by 2 people

    4. hahaha!! That’s a good way to go about it! I tend to over-request popular books, thinking I’ll never get approved. Then all the sudden, I have like 5 books to read. haha. I think I’ve only requested two so far but they have been pending for 2 weeks. Most likely, I have will be denied. Oh well. haha

      Liked by 1 person

    5. YUP. SAME. Ooh, I hate the ones that keep on pending and pending and pending. Like.. I feel we really deserve a “cancel request”-button just to get rid of those? Or if we suddenly get flooded by arcs, at least have the option to cancel some requests before drowning in the flood or something.

      Liked by 1 person

    6. YES!! I would love a cancel request button!! If you’ve made me wait like 3 weeks.. I don’t want it from you anyways! haha. It’s why you start requesting more and then BAM they all decide to approve you weeks later. So rude! haha


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