When life says “NOPE!” – WWW: April 17th

WWW Wednesday

Oh, you bet life says “nope” once in a while. And it has to me this week. Jamie got his first vaccinations on Monday and it’s been one hell of a ride since. He’s fighting fever and cramps – no fun feat in the slightest – so we haven’t  gotten a lot of sleep these last couple of days. Let alone some me-time.. Nope. None of that!
At least we’ve been trying – and succeeding, might I add – to go back to more healthy eating habits. Thank the skies, because it was getting out of hand big time. I don’t even want to admit to the number of times we ended up getting fast food or simply fried something when we needed food.. Like..
Anyway. Reading wise.. Let’s just say it could’ve been better but I’m still glad with the reading I’m getting done. I’ve already read more than I thought I would so every finished book from now on is simply a bonus!

Time to see what I read!

As always, covers link back to the Goodreads-page, so feel free to check them out!

Current read

The Travelling Cat Chronicles

I kicked A Thousand Beginnings and Endings back off my current reads. I wanted to start it last Wednesday, but then lost interest so.. maybe later this month? Who knows! Instead, I picked up The Travelilng Cat Chronicles which I’m loving so far! Pretty sure it was Noriko who got this one on my radar, ha! See, that’s what bloggers do! Enable other bloggers and readers to get books they wouldn’t have found otherwise!

Finished reading


I definitely have another section than last time. Last week, I had finished four books; this week? One! On the upside, I did thoroughly enjoy it so I’m not even mad about it, haha. That and, you know, there’s a baby needing his mom. That’s definitely better than reading – most of the time.

Reading next

Starry Eyes

I was hoping I’d picked this up by now, but I haven’t so.. maybe once I finish my current read?

ARC overview

A Pack of Blood and LiesAnd We Call It LoveFix Her UpThe Last Hope (The Raging Ones, #2)Shattered Love (Forever Us, #1)

I joined Voracious Readers Only because I want to try and give indie authors more of a spot on my blog again. So you might be seeing some books added to this section from now on! The first one to be added, is Nivia Borell’s Shattered Love – which I’m very curious about since it sounds like this love story will span longer than the typical short period of time? Fingers crossed!

How are you? What’s your current read?
What’s next on  your TBR?

If you have a WWW-post of your own, feel free to leave it in the comments!




22 thoughts on “When life says “NOPE!” – WWW: April 17th

  1. Oh no, vaccinations. Poor Jamie! They’re good for you, just not any fun! I had to get two the other week and minus the wailing cries I was probably comparable on the grumpy scale.

    No books in comparison over here, although I haven’t read anything in over a month so… hey, you’re actually doing pretty good when you compare! I love how the cover for Roomies uses two rings for the Os, it’s such a good romantic cover look.


    1. But at least you can, like, take care of yourself and know what helps you to deal better with things, haha. I have to constantly do a trial and error kind of thing to figure out IF there is any way I can make him more comfortable and it was absolute hell. :’) [So I’m pretty much pulling my hair thinking he has to get more vaccinations in two days, whoop.. tie.. freaking.. doo..]

      Awh! I hope you’re finding some time / mood to read, Sha! And I hope you’re doing okay. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    2. That is very, very true. It’s so upsetting seeing a baby cry and struggling to find out what it is that will comfort them. You are doing great! I have to believe that it makes a difference for him, even when it hurts, that you’re there sending love.


  2. Hooray for eating better and reading! And the next time Jamie needs to get vaccinations, give him a dose of Tylenol (or whatever baby pain reliever you have) about half an hour before the appointment. It’s a trick my pediatrician taught me and works like a charm. Good luck, mom!


    1. I will definitely remember that! Jamie struggled for five days straight – which means we all barely got any sleep in. I’m really not looking forward to the next batch of vaccinations so I’m hoping this trick of yours will work its magic with Jamie as well. Fingers crossed!


    2. I really hope it helps. When they’re that little and not feeling well, it wreaks havoc with the whole family!


    3. No doubt about that! Boyfriend had the early shift so he basically survived on maybe.. two to three hours of sleep a night? Safe to say we were all almost dead by the time weekend was upon us. :’)


    1. I really did! Had to get used to the switching of POV’s at first, but it’s such a beautiful story. Especially since there’s no “real goal”, but you’re still pulled into it. Loved Nana’s sass as well, haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I somehow missed your baby being born, as I have been a bad blogger! So a belated congrats from me – hope all is going smoothly for you all and that you’re adjusting to motherhood. I know it was not always easy for me in the beginning! Starry Eyes is on radar, so I will be looking out to see what you think of that one 🙂


    1. Pssh, that’s not being a bad blogger! That’s having priorities outside of blogging as well. 🙂 It’s not like I’m keeping up with my comments on here either, haha. But thank you! The adjustment has had its ups and downs. Had a rough few weeks at first, but I’m pretty sure we’ve sort of found our groove now? Hopefully? We’ll see!

      I’m about 100 pages into Starry Eyes right now and really enjoying it. 🙂


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