I cannot believe time is flying by so quickly. Simply the thought that this little wiggle in my tummy will.. hopefully.. no longer be in my tummy anymore by this time next month? Actually, I’m due in exactly one month since that’s Valentine’s Day and.. Cue me freaking out the tiniest bit because there’s still so. much. left. to. do. Someone help me, please?!

Fortunately for you, that doesn’t mean I’m skipping reading challenges! No way! February is all about fantasy reads, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do with Fantastic February! Let’s hope it won’t be a fantastic month book-wise only though!

◊ Post a blog post / Tweet / comment / whatever saying you’ll be joining me!
You can also join our Goodreads-group, Devour Your TBR, and participate there. Just saying.
◊ Share your list of fantasy books that you really want / hope to read during February.
◊ If you’re sharing your updates on social media, use #FantasticFeb so we can follow up on each other!

It isn’t necessary to dedicate the whole month to my monthly challenges. I know not everyone likes reading one genre all the time, so feel free to switch as you usually do! Reading only one fantasy novel is plenty to be able to commit to this challenge! It’s a low pressure reading challenge after all.
Add how I’ll be giving birth in February and you can be sure I won’t be reading an awful lot myself, haha.

Me, of course!
◊ Destiny @ Howling Libraries
◊ Aymee @ Nerdy Reader Girl
◊ Vicky @ The Roaring Bookworm
◊ Ashley @ Inside My Minds
◊ Jo @ Online Blanket Fort
◊ Mehek @ Critiques of a Fangirl
◊ Ashley @ Bubbly Booknerd
◊ Dani @ Mousaibooks
◊ Tara @ Tara’s Book Nook
◊ Tanvi @ A Reader To Whatever End
◊ Hannah @ The Hannie Corner
◊ Sofii @ A Book. A Thought.
◊ Phannie @ Phannie The Ginger Bookworm
◊ Keri @ Are You My Book?
◊ Alexa @ A Thousand Worlds
◊ Klaudy @ Book-Bosomed Klauds
◊ Ruthsic @ YA on my Mind
◊ Sofia @ Bookish Wanderess
◊ Sabrina @ Readnothingyet
◊ YOU?

Are you going to participate?
Any fantasy novels you think of IMMEDIATELY that might fit this challenge?
What’s a fantasy novel you’d recommend to the whole world if you could?






  1. You know I’m in! Can you believe, though, that I — the woman who usually makes her TBRs 6+ weeks in advance — have no idea what’s going on my February TBR, though? 😂 Something about forcing myself to no longer put ARCs on my monthly TBRs has really made it hard for me to narrow them down! Especially since most of the fantasy I read next month probably WILL be ARCs… but so far, all I’ve got is that I want to reread Nevernight next month before moving on to Godsgrave, and I want to reread the 2nd Potter book with Terry for our 1-a-month re-readalong we’re doing together. 😂

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    1. You say what now. You haven’t even got your tentative TBR set up yet? WHO ARE YOU.
      Godsgrave is.. ugh. Like. It doesn’t end with a cliffhanger – not for me anyway, since I kind of saw some things coming – but THE QUESTIONS. Darkdawn is way too far off, darnit.
      Eh, you could go with a “this is my fantasy TBR and let’s see how I roll this month” or something. Like. Give yourself some freedom!

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    2. I know, right?! It’s shocking 😂 I think I’m gonna try to do it today. Maybe instead of putting ARCs on my TBR, since that’s one of my only strict “no-no” rules for 2019, I’ll just pick 3 or 4 “TBR” books and then be like, “These are my upcoming fantasy releases, so I’ll probably get around to some of these:” and do that.

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    3. Go youuu! I simply put all the leftover fantasy of this month’s TBR in a list. Think I’m simply going with that + The Wicked King and see what strikes my fancy. After all, I’ll be at home the entire time so some mood-reading is MORE than allowed. :’) [And no chance I’ll be unpacking my books any time soon so there’s that..]

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  2. I’m in! My post is here.

    And good luck this last month! It’ll be overwhelming at first, and frustrating, but once you figure out what works for you and your family, it’ll all start falling into place.

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    1. Awesome!

      I definitely hope so. Right now I’m.. struggling with everything because the remodeling of the house isn’t going as quickly as I’d hoped? Every time I come home, I feel like getting mad because of it. :’) Oh well. We’ll get through it!


    2. I know; it’s just frustrating, haha. I’m one of those “if it has to happen, it has to happen on time and preferably even before time’s up”-kind of people, which makes situations like these.. even more annoying. 😛


    3. Oh, so you’re my mom? 😀 Seriously though, working in the construction industry for the past 21 years has really changed my outlook on what ‘on time’ or ‘on schedule’ might be. 🙂


    4. Haha. I guess so? No, usually I’m quite understanding since I know things can easily go wrong in some way or another, but it’s.. different this time since I really want everything to be ready and in order by the time I’m coming home with a baby. If it hadn’t been for that, I’d be way more relaxed about the time it’s taking to get everything fixed.


  3. Yay for fantasy! When I separated my TBR by genres, this list was the longest, so I really need this month. And I’ll probably have plenty of books leftover for other months.

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    1. Haha, mine is a toss-up between fantasy and contemporary, I reckon. Although I definitely have a TON of fantasy novels..
      I don’t even want to think how many books I’ve “attempted” or “planned” to read in the past but never did.. A lot, probably..

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    2. Probably, yes. But you will read them eventually! Pride and Prejudice was on like 5 different TBRs for me last year and I finally read it this january. Don’t give up 😀

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  4. All you need for that wriggle is yourself and maybe some nappies – everything else is secondary, so don’t worry about not being ready. When my girl was born (two weeks early). er hardly had anything and I found I did not really need it.

    I hope to participate a bit in Fantastic February, but I probably won’t start planning for Feb until the end of the month.

    Good luck in these last few weeks – enjoy your peace while you can 😉

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    1. I’m trying not to worry, but it’s something entirely different when your house is being remodeled and it doesn’t look even a bit like it’ll be done in time.. :’)

      Same here! I know some people like planning their TBR’s early on, which is why I always post my challenges two weeks beforehand, but I only decide on my TBR right before the start of the month as well. 🙂

      Thank you! Although there isn’t much peace at all. 😀

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