EVALUATE YOUR LIFE-DAY – Where it’s time to face the truth about our life goals.

I always claimed that I'd have achieved this and this and that before 25. Not because I had to, but because I thought I simply would've. I was wrong, so wrong. To me, every birthday is another reminder of how life gets in your way of reaching the things you want. Not necessarily in a bad way, but your expectations are always so different compared to reality. With today being Evaluate Your Life-day, I thought it a good idea to do just that.


MENTAL HEALTH DAY: How much care do you put in yourself?

I often come across posts where bloggers are telling their followers about taking a step back and focusing on themselves, planning some self-care of even talking about the self-care routines that help them in the long run. Since today's World Mental Health Day, and since I too realized how important self-care is, I thought it the perfect time to share all the hints, tips and tricks I figured out for myself.

BLOGTOBER: How do you do it?!

Since I was known for posting every day for quite some time, I felt like a post like this one would be the right way to go. I think the longest I've kept it up was four months? It isn't really a hard thing to do - you simply have to plan. Honestly. That's what it comes down to. Want to know how I handle it? Then you definitely need to read this post!