Disclaimer & Policy


If you feel like your review requests are often declined, take a look at Drew’s blog post on reasons why book bloggers will not accept or even respond to your requests.

This is my personal disclaimer, which can be adapted at any given point according to what I deem necessary.

Reviews by Books & Munches

  • If you wish for me to review your book, feel free to contact me with a description of the book and its genre. You can do this through my contact page. I will get back to you as soon as I possible.
  • If you pitch me with an unreleased book, mention this as such so I can give it top priority to read and review.
  • My reviews are posted on my blog – booksandmunches.wordpress.com -, on my Goodreads-account and Amazon. Updates of reviews I’ve written also appear on Twitter.
    I sometimes feature the books I read on Instagram and Facebook as well, but that is not a given. If requested, I will certainly do so though.
  • Please make sure you have put an effort in looking at my reviews before pitching me anything. It is only a matter of respect to see what books I have reviewed so you don’t offer me a genre I rarely or never read.
    • The genres I typically read:
      • Fantasy
      • Young adult
      • New adult
      • Contemporary
      • Romance novels
      • Chicklits
    • Sometimes I enjoy thrillers or horrors as well, but it won’t be my first choice.
  • I accept following formats:
    • e-books & e-ARC’s: Kindle/.mobi-format
    • Finished copies
    • ARC’s
      • Please send these to:
        Kathy Holbrouck
        Eksterstraat 10
        9032 Wondelgem
        Belgium [Europe]

Content of Books & Munches

  • All pictures used on booksandmunches.wordpress.com are made by myself, except for book covers and when otherwise mentioned and, accordingly, cannot be copied and used by other users without my consent.
    Cliparts used in the images I created were found on either freepik.com or clipartpanda.com – credits go to the creators of those images!
  • All content of booksandmunches.wordpress.com is my own, except for quotes / blurbs used in blockquotes and, accordingly, cannot be copied and used by other users without my consent.
  • All books that are reviewed on booksandmunches.wordpress.com have been bought by myself – full-price or secondhand -, have been given to me or have been requested by me on various platforms.
  • All reviews are written with respect and in complete honesty, for which I am not compensated in any way. All opinions are fully my own.