Surprise of all surprises: a reading update!

Well… I’d say a normal ‘hello!’ wouldn’t really do after I’ve been gone for… I don’t even want to check, to be honest. It’d be too confronting! Life’s been a hell of a ride since before I made the decision to go on a temporary – or not so temporary – break from blogging so… I thought it’d be time to give you some kind of an update.

[Also, happy holidays to you all, whether you celebrate or not, I do hope you’re having a good time and do whatever is good for you without taking into account other people’s expectations.]

What’s been going on?!

First of all, let’s say I wasn’t in the best place when I decided to put my much loved blog aside. Things with my ex-partner weren’t all that great and, as it turns out, it was only a matter of time before we split up. It’s been a lot to deal with since, mostly with my ex-partner having a lot of issues and now staying in a psychiatric institution. Something that has an influence on a lot of things – especially Jamie’s life.

[As for those curious: Jamie’s amazing, turning three in February and is the light in my life.]

Apart from that, I changed jobs, been focussing less on my freelancing and more on my friends, family and boyfriend. Because yes, that happened! All in all, things are going extremely well, to be honest.

What’s been missing?!

That’s no hard question to answer. It’s you, it’s this community, it’s reading and books and sharing my love for those things.

Honestly, I wasn’t too bothered at first because I really did need some time and space to get my life on track and to the way I want my life to be. Now that I’ve mostly done that, I’ve been seeing signs everywhere of the thing I’m missing: my bookish friends. I recently started reading a bit more of my huge TBR – seriously, I can barely get 20 books in a year right now and I know that’s still amazing, but it’s weird when thinking of the years I read over 100 in a year! But going back to reading a bit more, then googling the authors I remember loving and realizing I’ve been missing out on so much new books… It hurt, y’all! In a way I wasn’t expecting!

So I began toying with the idea of going back to the blog, even if it’s in a tiny way, just to fill that hole in my life. Or at least try filling it. Who’s to say I’ll be able to stick around this time. I absolutely have no clue, but I do want to. Somehow. I’ll make it work!

Now, I’m asking you!

So, that was ‘my story’ but I’m also so, so curious to hear about you. I quickly checked and saw a lot of people I used to talk with are still following this thing so it would be a-ma-zing if you’re still around! Like, give me all the updates! Life updates, love updates, work updates, book updates!

[Seriously though, if you remember what I used to love reading and have some new releases I should get my hands on, let me know!]


22 thoughts on “Surprise of all surprises: a reading update!

  1. I’m so late seeing this post (I was still subbed to get emails for your posts, but they haven’t been coming through for some reason? I think it’s fixed now!), but I just wanted to say again how happy I am to see you back β™₯


    1. Awww! I’m honestly glad to be back somewhat. It’ll never be like before where I juggled skies-know-what but at least ‘part of me’ is back – sounds so weird to say it like that though. And I’m ridiculously happy that Goodreads group of ours is still nice and cosy in your hands! β™₯

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  2. Kathy it warms my heart so much to see you back! I’m sorry to read things have been rough since your hiatus but am very happy to see you are in a better place now. Time to focus on your friends & loved ones is always a good thing, and I hope you’re now in a place where you can spend some time in the bookish community, too!

    I’ve been… well, hahahaha. The last 2 years were hell for me, but things are starting to improve and I am doing my best to be optimistic! I started a new job in September and am enjoying it as much as one can be. Just wish this pandemic would end.


    1. Well, so far I’m at least a tiny part of it, haha! Right now it feels like I went back to my blog to give myself that extra push to make some extra time for reading and it’s working! For now! But that probably has to do with my freelance job being slow right now as well. We’ll see!

      Oooooh, Kal. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been struggling! A new job can do wonders though, so I’m hoping that’s helped you a bit as well? The pandemic definitely has to go. I’m over it, done with it, I’ve had it. Before I loved being at home and now there are periods of time my home feels like some kind of prison – especially with all the working from home and never going to the office. I hope you, at least, are able to go out a bit more. πŸ™‚


  3. It’s so nice to see an update of you! =) Glad to hear that things are mostly going well for you! Sorry to hear about the troubles with your ex-partner, it’s good to know Jamie is doing amazing though! Wow, 3 years!! Where did the time go? I had a pretty tough year and didn’t read or post as much as I wanted to but I somehow managed to get through it. Private life was just too stressful. On the bright side: I started my own BookTube and Instagram account and it’s been fun so far! *lol* I hope to read more of your blog posts in future. =)


  4. Kathy! I am so glad you are making a return to your blog! I’ve missed your reviews and updates but it’s so understandable that you step a way from the blog space while your life was in a big of flux. Though I am so happy that little Jamie is doing well, and that you are on such an upward swing again. it really makes my heart happy!

    My author “business” has been growing rather nicely these past two years with 2 new books and a novella, not to mention the 3 new books (oh goodness, it sounds like so much when I write it down…) that I have percolating at the moment. Plus all the reading… It’s been a lot but I’m very excited about where this new series is taking me!


    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you and your books are doing so well!

      I still have to read.. uh.. ‘some’ of your books, haha! I simply haven’t gotten to those yet but eventually I will! One that TBR-mountain is a bit smaller, I’ll definitely get my hands on all the books you’ve been publishing since, haha. I’ll never forget you being one of the first authors I made a connection with back when I started this blog. πŸ™‚

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  5. I’m so happy to hear that you’re doing better! And man, the little one is almost 3? *sigh* Mine are about to be 20 in January and 22 in February and that’s scary enough!

    Hoping you can figure out a way to blog again but not overwhelm yourself either.


    1. Thank youu! Yes! Skies, time flies, doesn’t it?
      He’s a joy though. Stubborn – wonder who he gets that from? – but most of the time so very happy, haha.

      I’m hoping the same! That’s the one thing I’m a bit scared of. Immediately jumping in, overdoing it and disappearing again.
      But we’ll see how things go. πŸ™‚


    2. It really does!

      Kids are so much fun at that age. They’re so curious (and stubborn!) and love discovering new things. Enjoy your time with him. πŸ™‚

      I hope not, but hopefully you can find that balance you need this time.

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  6. It’s good to have you back Kathy. I’m glad you took the time you needed and have found your way back to your blog even if it is on a smaller scale. I saw you recently rated Kingdom of the Wicked 5 stars so I would definitely recommend reading the second book!!


    1. Hey Misty!

      I’m glad as well; let’s just hope I’ll be able to keep it up.
      I absolutely adored Kingdom of the Wicked! Like I said, I made my brother order the second book because I neeeeed it so I’m definitely reading it once it arrives!

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  7. Hey friend! Welcome back! Glad that you’re doing well, that Jamie’s doing well, and that you’ve got a new boyfriend. That’s great. Also nice to hear that you’re reading. With everything going on in personal lives and just in general with the world, 20-ish books in a year is still a wonderful feat.

    I’ve pretty much been on a blogging hiatus for a good portion of this year. I guess pandemic stress compounded enough to knock me off my game…and I’ve been on a reading slump (for me anyway)–only 86 books read so far compared to the 200+ of the past couple years. I’m hoping to get back to a somewhat regular blogging schedule again in 2022. The biggest event for me in 2021 was that I actually got to marry my partner, after postponing the wedding in 2020. Oh, and I guess the fact that we adopted a cat a year ago would be news as well. Diablo is an adorable pain in the butt, but he has made our house more lively.


    1. Dani!!!

      Thanks so much. 20-ish books definitely isn’t ‘bad’ but it’s just weird, you know? Especially with all those unread books still staring at me, haha. It’s not like I was able to make a dent in that TBR-mountain since disappearing off the blogging world.

      Ugh, pandemic stress is the worst. I do hope you’re doing better than at the start of all this mess. Let’s hope 2022 helps both of us to get back in our bookish game, then!

      Congratulations, Dani! I’m so happy you finally married! And a cat.. Oh, I miss a pet – but I’m allergic of cats and don’t have the time or energy for a dog so.. I’ll be petting yours mentally, from a biiiiiig distance. Love the name though. Diablo really does sound like a little pain in the butt, haha.

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    2. Oh, I definitely know. I’m only at 86 books read for the year when I have been reading 200+ the past few years, so I’m feeling very lazy and behind on everything…and trying not to beat myself up about it because I still read a decent number of books.

      And we adopted Diablo from our local pet shelter a year ago. Diablo was the name they had given him and at the time we didn’t realize how appropriate the name was. I do occasionally share photos of him on my blog, and on Twitter (basically any time I see anybody ever, whether I know them or not, mention having a bad day and wanting to see animal photos, I share the latest Diablo picture).


    3. Exactly! Just keep reminding yourself of that and.. who knows.. maybe you’ll get back at reading that insane amount of books next year, or the year after, of the year after that one. πŸ™‚

      I always love it when a name turns out appropriate when it comes to animals. It takes a while to get to know them and in the end there’s always some kind of ‘huh, that name really fits you’-kind of moment. Especially with names like that.
      Ooh, definitely the way to go! I used to do the same with pictures of Jamie but stopped, haha.

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    4. I shouldn’t beat myself up anyway. I started writing up the session notes for our one D&D campaign because once we finish the story I’m going to turn it into a book series. I want to have fairly detailed notes and an outline so I can flesh out certain moments and such when I go back to write the books, and I’ve written over 100k in notes. According to the Dungeon Master we’ve completed two story arcs out of an adventure he has planned for five or maybe six arcs, so by the time we finish the story I should have something like a half million words or so written. I’ve been writing my in-game character journals, and then writing little prequel stories, or expanding on in-game moments with short stories. I haven’t written this much since my uni days or the time right after my uni days.

      The shelter guessed him to be about a year and a half old when they processed him. I don’t know if he was dropped off with the name or if it was the random name they gave him, but since he was an all black cat, we decided to keep the name when we adopted him. I’m glad that it ended up being the right name for him, but sometimes I wish he wasn’t quite so devilish. Oh well, at least he’s cute.


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