PART TWO OF TWO ~ Sharing my recent NetGalley-wins! [5b]


And here we are with the second part of my recent NetGalley wins. I’m sincerely hoping I get a grip on my requesting from now on but.. I still have about eight pending requests so who knows what’ll happen.. Anyway, I posted part one earlier today so let’s get started on part two

As always, covers link back to the Goodreads-page, so feel free to check them out!

A Spectacle of Souls (Circus of the Stolen, #1)

TITLE: A Spectacle of Souls
AUTHOR: Jessica Julien

RELEASED: July 7, 2020
PUBLISHER: Bleeding Ink Publishing

GENRE: YA Fantasy


Caitlyn always thought she was just your average small-town waitress, but she’s anything but average. Suffering from frequent headaches and vivid daydreams, her oddities mask a secret hidden deep within her mind—one that could defeat even the cleverest of psychics.

When a mysterious circus arrives in town, Caitlyn is immediately drawn to it. While visiting the hypnotic show, she meets a seer who warns her of a gruesome future and urges her to stay away. But soon, Caitlyn finds herself ensnared in the show and the Ringmaster himself.

Recognizing Caitlyn’s powers for what they are, and believing they are the ones he has been searching for, the Ringmaster is determined to claim them as his own. Trapped within the circus and the Ringmaster’s devious grip, Caitlyn realizes that to escape the seer’s foretold fate, her only choice is to fight. Banding together with Bevier, an imprisoned psychic, Meg, an eccentric seamstress, and Daniel, a handsome magician, Caitlyn falls into the Psychic Realm to thwart the Ringmaster and stop the show before they succumb to his control and are trapped forever in his spectacle of souls.

These are not affiliate links!

REASON: I mean? Have you read that? After loving The Night Circus and the Caraval-trilogy, how can I possibly resist a book like this? I can’t, okay. I can’t! Can you?

Even If We Break

TITLE: Even If We Break
AUTHOR: Marieke Nijkamp

RELEASED: September 15, 2020
PUBLISHER: Sourcebooks Fire

GENRE: YA Thriller, Mystery

FIVE friends go to a cabin.
FOUR of them are hiding secrets.
THREE years of history bind them.
TWO are doomed from the start.
ONE person wants to end this.

Are you ready to play?


These are not affiliate links!

REASON: First up, this releases on my birthday, so.. There’s that. Then there’s that short but very, very intriguing synopsis that has me hooked already. I’m in a thriller-mood lately, so I’m hoping to love this!

ARC overview

Wicked As You Wish (A Hundred Names for Magic, #1)Surrender Your SonsLove BitesNo Ordinary Boy: Dragons, Magic, and King ArthurWhere Dreams Descend (Kingdom of Cards, #1)
Finding Balance (Brave Enough, #2)Red HoodBeach ReadThe KnockoutEscape to the French Farmhouse
The Morning Flower (The Omte Origins, #2)Just Like the Other GirlsFeathertideStory MagicEvery Little Piece of My Heart
shades of loversEven If We BreakA Spectacle of Souls (Circus of the Stolen, #1)

Which one of these would you rather pick up?
Have you checked out part one yet?




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