April was a weird month. Or is it just me? I read more than I have in ages [but that’s something you could easily see in my April wrap-up, which I posted on Monday], but on top of that.. I also feel like I had a decent month productivity-wise. I worked on the text editing course a lot, I was able to get some small things done at home and.. some other things too. It was a tough one mental health-wise, but looking back I actually feel like I did pretty okay? Let’s hope May is even better!

Anyway. You’re here for the books. The haul. The splurging I’ve been doing. Well, guess what? It was pretty okay! Let’s take a look, shall we..

As always, covers link back to the Goodreads-page!

My haul

[aka my monthly Scribd subscription]

Radio Silence

This is the only book I listened to on Scribd this month and I haven’t even finished it yet. It was / is my go-to book when Jamie’s asleep and I can’t be bothered to actually read on my phone. So I started listening to this one instead. It’s a reread, so it doesn’t really matter when I fall asleep after barely a chapter, haha.
Note: I adapt my purchase price for Scribd-books to my payment divided through the number of books I read through the app that month.


Sword in the Stars (Once & Future #2)Chosen Ones (The Chosen Ones, #1)

I preordered these two. I absolutely loved Once & Future, so I needed the sequel. After hearing there wouldn’t be a special edition [since the first book was in a sub box], I preordered myself the regular one! I also preordered Chosen Ones, a special edition by Goldsboro Books so it’s signed!

SECOND EDITION OF SAME BOOK [Sorry, matching editions needed..]

Once & Future (Once & Future #1)Nevernight (The Nevernight Chronicle, #1)Godsgrave (The Nevernight Chronicle, #2)

Since Sword in the Stars wouldn’t get a pretty matching edition, I decided to buy Once & Future again in a normal edition too. The difference between them would’ve been too big okay. Also, my Illumicrate editions of Nevernight and Godsgrave arrived, yay!


Only Mostly Devastated

I heard about this book on Instagram, I think? All I read was “queer” and “Grease” and I jumped on Amazon to get myself a copy. Sorry not sorry.



I don’t read a lot of Dutch books, but I’m trying to change that. And, what better way to support a local business by buying a Dutch book, right?! Also, Chinouk’s the person I’m following a text editing course with so it only makes sense to dive more into her writing as well, haha. [Note that I really loved this book, although it was a bit predictable. My review’s already up!]

This month was obviously an “okay” one if you look at the number of books – eight – but when you look at the total amount of money spent, it’s the worst one yet. The special editions ruined it for sure! Since it was €72 for Nevernight and Godsgrave alone, it was bound to be a bad one. But, on the other hand, those books were paid for months ago!

Number of books bought: 8
Money spent on books in April: 176,12€

How did your book buying go in April?
What books did you haul?
Did you get any special editions this month?
Let’s talk!





  1. Ummm…I bought 34 books in April, two of which were OwlCrate editions. So it was a big book-buying month for me. I regret nothing. I’m spending the money I normally would have spent eating out on books instead, which is fine with me.


    1. That’s the way to look at it! I’ve been trying to not spend more on books now and it’s worked for the most part. We try ordering in from small businesses so there’s not “a lot more” money to save than before the pandemic.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. We have ordered dinner out a few times from some local restaurants to help support them, and we’ve tried to support a few of our favorite local businesses now that things are starting to open up again. We’re still trying to be careful out there, wearing our masks when we go out, using hand sanitizer frequently, and supporting places that are taking those extra steps for both customers and employees to be safe. Sure things are a bit different now, but it feels good to be doing our part. There’s too many around us who completely disregard social distancing and other safety precautions.


  2. I just won a giveaway and I was able to pick books and 1 of the books I chose was Only Mostly Devastated. When I saw it was a Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda meets Clueless spin on Grease I immediately added it to my goodreads but I hadn’t gotten it until now!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel you right now. I was going to behave and then there was this pride challenge for June on booksta and.. well.. Being a fraysexual, bisexual woman with a genderqueer partner basically makes me reallyreally want to participate and I needed books for certain prompts? [So I ordered six.. Oops.]


  3. So many recommendations. I don’t even want to think about how much I’ve spend on books this month -I blame instagram!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Funny enough instagram doesn’t really have a LOT of influence on my book buying? Apart from the pride bookphotography challenge.. That one had me ordering six books last week.. But that’s the only time I’ve bought because of insta so far!


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