UNDER YOUR RADAR, NOT MINE!~ Top Ten Tuesday, March 24th

Top Ten Tuesday

Okay, I was originally planning on skipping this week, but.. After being holed up in my library for a couple of days due to work, blog prep and reading.. I found myself staring at some specific books and.. “Hey, I don’t think those got a lot of attention back then” was a common thought. What better way to remedy that than with a Top Ten Tuesday-post? Exactly, no better way!

TTT general

So, even though this week’s topic is supposed to be a genre-freebie, I’m going with..ย “Fantasy and contemporary that deserve more attention”.

All covers link back to Goodreads if you feel like checking them out.

A Pack of Blood and LiesImber (Thanatos Trilogy #1)The Duality of Nature (The Monster of Selkirk, #1)Coral

These first three books are actually all first installments of series. Only one of them isn’t completed yet, but they’re allย so good. At least, so far. I’ve read all the books in The Boulder Wolves-series and I’m currently reading the third book in The Monster of Selkirk-series. I’m eagerly awaiting the final book in the Thanatos-trilogy! The fourth book is a standalone, but one very much worth reading!

A little more about the books? Sure! Here you are:

A Pack of Blood and Lies by Olivia Wildenstein ~ YA Fantasy, werewolves [Read my review!]
Imber by Tyffany Hackett ~ YA Fantasy, queer rep [Read my review!]
The Duality of Nature by C.E. Clayton ~ YA Fantasy, elves [Read my review!]
Coral by Sara Ella ~ YA Fantasy, The Little Mermaid-retelling, depression [Read my review!]

Sometime After Midnight100 Days of SunlightMy Whole TruthThe Sky is MineThe Weight of a Thousand Feathers

The next six books are all contemporary books that became so important to me – I just had to share them once more. I really feel like these didn’t get the attention they deserved and.. Even though I know I shared some of them a couple of times already, I just have this need to do it again, to reach more people.

Sometime After Midnight by L. Philips ~ YA Contemporary, queer rep, Cinderella-retelling [Read my review!]
100 Days of Sunlight
by Abbie Emmons ~ YA Contemporary, temporary blindness, amputee [Read my review!]
My Whole Truth
by Mischa Thrace ~ YA Contemporary, queer rep, own-voices – rape [Read my review!]
The Sky is Mine by Amy Beashel ~ ย YA Contemporary, abuse, rape, queer rep [Read my review!]
The Weight of a Thousand Feathers by Brian Conaghan ~ YA Contemporary, queer rep [Read my review!]

Are there any books on here that pique your interest immediately?
What are some books you think deserve WAY more attention?
Share away! I’m keen to find new, smaller authors to support!

Feel free to leave a link to your TTT so I can check it out!




20 thoughts on “UNDER YOUR RADAR, NOT MINE!~ Top Ten Tuesday, March 24th

  1. Wow you’ve spotlighted some books I wasn’t aware of. Off to look into some of them. Thanks for sharing!


  2. What a fun list! There’s definitely something to be said for giving extra attention to books that deserve more of it.

    My TTT .


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