TIME TO WRAP IT UP! ~ February



I was already freaking out about it having been ages since I posted a decent TBR – which I fixed last week! – and.. now I’m in the groove because I even succeeded at making a wrap-up! How shocked are you?! Because I know I am very, very shocked. Let’s just hope I can keep this up every month because I miss doing these posts!

Anyway. As for a small update regarding life.. February was my first month going back to work, although only two days a week, and.. it’s been hard but amazing at the same time. I feel like I’m almost as motivated as before my life turned upside down almost two years ago. I can cope, I can handle it, I actually work instead of counting down the minutes and that’s huge. We also celebrated Jamie’s first birthday this month – time flies, truly – and got some more prep done for our wedding in November, whoop! Crazy stuff is happening!

That’s it! Let’s take a look at my February reading!

As always, covers link back to the Goodreads-page!
The star-ratings link back to my reviews if I’ve posted them or added one on Goodreads!

Books I read


The Queen of Nothing (The Folk of the Air, #3)Supernova (Renegades, #3)

The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black ~ ★★★★★
Supernova by Marissa Meyer ~ ★★★☆

If you want to be absolutely “correct”, I only read one book that qualifies for Fantastic February and that’s The Queen of Nothing but since I.. read two pretty awesome sequels – even though one is more science fiction – I just.. I’m putting them both here, okay. Sue me!
In any case, I absolutely loved The Queen of Nothing as you can read in my review [Click the stars!] and.. I have yet to write a decent one on Supernova so you’ll see it when you’ll see it!I might have to schedule a reread to then write that review, maybe.


To Be HonestHeartstopper: Volume Three (Heartstopper, #3)

To Be Honest by Maggie Ann Martin ~ RTC
Hearstopper Vol. 3 by Alice Oseman ~ ★★★★★

To Be Honest is yet another book I have to write a review for and I will eventually! Honestly, I just wanted to focus a bit on writing some other posts before going back to reviews again. I miss being a bigger part of this community than I have been with the “only posting reviews”-thing I was doing. Anyway!
I lovelovelove Heartstopper but volume three is my favorite so far. I don’t know. There are more different subjects in this one that click with me than in the previous two volumes, I guess? Also the cuteness overload! Like.. I need more and I cannot wait to get it.


The Two Lives of Lydia BirdQueen Bee

The Two Lives of Lydia Bird by Josie Silver ~ ★★★★
Queen Bee by Jane Fallon ~ ★★★ [RTC]

I finished two ARC’s in February, which is less than I anticipated but.. oh well! At least I enjoyed it! You’ll see my review pop up closer to its release dates!


Tweet CuteCaraval (Caraval, #1)

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord ~ ★★★★
Caraval by Stephanie Garber ~ ★★★★★ [reread]

This is a huge first for me, since I swore by “audiobooks not being my thing unless it’s Harry Potter” but.. Look at me going right now! I listened to two audiobooks in February and loved it! Admittedly, Caraval was a reread but.. I underestimated the power of listening to a story, I think? I got swept up in both books in a way I truly didn’t expect. Cannot wait to listen to more! First up is my reread of Legendary so I can finally pick up Finale afterwards!

Total number of books read: 8
Average rating: 4.36 [Rating unknown for one book]

Seven books is not bad at all! Especially since most my reading time is between 8 and 10pm, and even then I still tend to get distracted with social media and games on my phone and.. well.. not-reading-stuff. Seven is gooood!

What’s your favorite February read?
Any February releases you’re DEFINITELY putting on your March TBR?
Did you DNF any books this month?
Let’s talk!





29 thoughts on “TIME TO WRAP IT UP! ~ February

    1. Mine gives in too lol which is why I told him I would try to do better plus it also helps that I literally have no room for more books right now unless I start stacking them in the floor and I don’t want to do that.


    2. I only have one small bookshelf that’s technically only two shelves but I also have books on top of it and the shelves are two rows deep in places lol.


    3. Haha! I try desperately to not double-stack my books. If I did that I’d really have waaaay more room for books and.. yeah no. :’) Honestly, the best thing would be if I’d just be allowed to fill up the empty space now and then go on a book buying ban. It’d be easier on me for sure but.. we never tend to make it easy for ourselves, huh. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    4. I shouldn’t have started double stacking mine but I just kept buying books and ran out of room and had no choice. Yeah it would be nice if we just made things easier for ourselves 😂

      Liked by 1 person

    5. So far I haven’t bought any physical books in March but I have won 2 that I’m waiting to get in the mail. I have however bought 1 ebook but it was only .99. So true!! 😂


    6. Whoohoo! Go you! I got two preorders that arrived and I’m so NOT counting those, haha. Cheap ebooks are definitely allowed though. I can’t resist those either. At least OH doesn’t see those arrive so all is good. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

    7. Yeah I don’t usually spend money on ebooks. I tend to go for the free ones but I had a $3 amazon credit so I used it for a book that was $3.99 so I only had to pay the .99.


    8. I rarely buy ebooks either since I mostly keep my Kindle / Kindle app for all the eARCs but sometimes I just can’t resist. Especially with certain authors whose writing I love but who rarely have an option to buy physical copies of their books. Then I just have to buy the ebooks, right? Haha.
      Definitely a smart way to spend Amazon credit if you ask me!

      Liked by 1 person

    9. Definitely relate. The few times I went hunting for free books, they were ALL romances. I got frustrated after a while to be honest. Or if I found any free fantasy, they’d be smutty ones and.. I don’t always need romance and smut in my books.. So.. Yeah..

      Liked by 1 person

  1. You had a great month! And it’s good seeing you get back into the groove of things.

    Happy birthday to Jamie as well! My *baby* turned 18 in January and got her driver’s license this past Friday so yeah… time does fly. *sigh*


    1. Thank you! It honestly feels so good to get back on top of blogging things. I missed making other posts than just reviews.

      Thanks! Oh yikes, time really does fly, doesn’t it? I don’t even want to think about how fast he’ll grow up and.. at some point will be bigger than I am?! It’s confronting enough as it is to see his feet being smaller than my thumb a year ago and now being twice the size of my thumb, haha!


    2. I’m sure it does! Finding some kind of pre-baby normalcy after the baby is always a wonderful thing!

      I think it’s worse when they’re little like that because they do grow and change so fast. Aw, I know what you mean. My little one is taller than me by a couple inches, my older one is forever 5′ 1″ so I’ll be taller than someone at least. 😀 Enjoy every minute with him!


  2. 8 books read in February is fantastic! Great job, Kathy!

    I finished…15 books for Fantastic February, but 23 books overall for the month. Although I don’t have a 1-year-old and my current job position allows me to read pretty much the whole time I’m at work each day.

    I think my favorite reads from February were probably The Unspoken Name by A.K. Larkwood, and Sword of Destiny by Andrzej Sapkowski.


    1. Thanks!

      That’s awesome, Dani! I do miss the months I was able to read that much. It’d make tackling my huge owned TBR less daunting for sure. Maybe I need to change jobs so I have more reading time, haha. 😛

      Ooh, The Witcher-books! I’m hoping to get my hands on those this year but we’ll see about that. Right now I’m very, very picky when it comes to buying new books. We need to save up for our honeymoon after all.


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