OMG. A TBR?! ~ March TBR


I don’t even know how long it’s been since I created an actual TBR for the upcoming month, but.. I wanted to do one again! Even though I’ve been mood reading ever since Jamie was born over a year ago, I just.. feel like I’m missing out on my own monthly challenges a bit? And.. I need to remind myself of all the books I have yet to read so.. TBR’s help with that? At least they help me since I tend to go over all my owned books when setting up one so.. yeah.. That’s what I’m going to do now!

This post will be divided into a few different parts because.. I’m going to focus on some different things in March. Ready to see what I mean exactly?


Tunnel of Bones (Cassidy Blake, #2)The Machines of Theda (The Monster of Selkirk, #3)

Like I said in the original challenge-post, you can see the “monstrous” whatever way you like. I decided, for myself, to add one horror and one monstrous-sized book! The latter is also because I really want to nail the “Go Big Or Go Home”-challenge I participate in this year. So, as you can see, I’m hoping to read Tunnel of Bones #2 and The Machines of Theda #3. Both are, surprisingly, sequels but I might be on a secret “finish those series”-mission. Not so secret anymore now but whatever, haha!


Tunnel of Bones (Cassidy Blake, #2)

Dani @ mousaibooks is hosting Middle Grade March and since one of my Monstrous March-books is a perfect fit, I might as well just participate, right?! I don’t think I own any other MG books though so.. that’s it?


Wicked As You Wish (A Hundred Names for Magic, #1)The Kiss Quotient (The Kiss Quotient, #1)Red Hood

Yup, I’ve created a TBR with only two books, which is ridiculous if you know I read at least five books a month nowadays. I don’t even know how I read 15+ books two years ago. Time flies! I grew up! I became a mom! Yikes! Anyway. Since I don’t want to give up mood reading at all, I decided to share some books I feel have a huge change of being read in March!

Are you participating in Monstrous March?
Any other amazing readathons you’re joining?
There are so many fun ones going on in March but I just.. can’t..




10 thoughts on “OMG. A TBR?! ~ March TBR

  1. I’ve never heard of Monstrous March but it sounds really cool! Life really does cut down your reading time, but two books is better than none!


    1. I started book blogging last October, so this is the first on I’m here for. What an exciting thing though, I love it. That sounds good!! Respect to people who can outline their reading choices, cuz I’m 1000% moody 😂 Happy reading!


    2. Oooh! How are you enjoying it so far? 😀 I remember those first months being antsy and unsure and.. maybe overdoing it on my blog? But I loved it and I still love it so.. 😛
      I used to be able to stick to my set TBR’s like a pro! Looking back at it I don’t even understand -how- anymore? So I try making very tiny TBR’s nowadays.. [Note that I haven’t picked up any new books yet so far this month, haha.]


    3. I enjoy it a lot! I’m still trying to figure out my rhythm for posting and reviewing so it’s a little rough, but I love looking at everyone’s graphics and making new friends! 🤗

      That’s really pure and I commend you sticking to your TBR because I’m like a bird finding all these shiny things with all these books. (hahah I see you!)

      Liked by 1 person

    4. Ha, I once had my rhythm but than life happened (aka I got pregnant) and now I’m just.. like.. “I’ll post whenever I post”, haha! The new friends-thing is definitely one of the HUGE perks. I feel like I can rely more on my bookish friends than I sometimes can on my real life friends. Whoops.

      Oh trust me, I know THAT feeling. When I started blogging, I was so overwhelmed by all the books I had yet to read and the new releases. My book buying was out of control because of it. 😛


  2. I think having a small focused TBR is a great thing for a person who likes TBRs but also likes being a mood reader; it’s sort of a best of both worlds scenario. By only having a couple books on the TBR you can tackle and complete the list early, but it also leaves you with so much room to read wherever your mood takes you through the month as well, so it’s great.

    Also, yay, for joining in on Middle Grade March. Even one book totally counts. I hope you enjoy Tunnel of Bones.


    1. Exactly! It’s the combination I’m hoping to make in the future, so I at least stick to my own challenges a bit more than I have been lately, haha. I didn’t even attempt a jar during January – oops.

      Thanks! 😀


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