THE FANTASY POST OF SHAME ~ Series I still haven’t started and really should have.


Oh yes. I thought it was time to go all “Shame on me!” when I was trying to create a Fantastic February TBR – which, as you might have noticed, never happened because I’m going all mood-reader lately. As such, this post was.. born? I guess? I have so, so many books in my unread bookcases. I have THREE cases with unread books. So you can imagine how many amazing books are probably on there – if not all. One can hope? I decided to share the books I really should have read ages ago, the books I think you might agree with or maybe even disagree with.


A Darker Shade of Magic (Shades of Magic, #1)Ace of Shades (The Shadow Game, #1)

~ A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC and its sequels.. Yup.. That’s a big one to be mentioned first, right? I know! But, at least I’m not at the same spot as two years ago, where I hadn’t read anything written by V. Schwab! I remedied that! I’ve read City of Ghosts! And, although that’s the only one, I do own the sequel and the entire ADSOM-trilogy so.. there’s hope! I loved her writing in the middle grade novel I read, so it’s not like I’m not looking forward to reading more of her work but.. it’s daunting in a way? So many people keep on raving about her books.. I guess I’m afraid I won’t like them as much? [I’m still torn about the whole thing with The Raven Cycle, haha.]

~ A more recent, and on-going as far as I know, series is THE SHADOW GAME. I’ve read and enjoyed Daughter of the Burning City, but expected more of it. Maybe that’s why I keep on postponing? I’ve heard amazing things about Ace of Shades though, so I’ll definitely pick it up eventually. I just.. never seem to actually do it?

The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #1)Shadow and Bone (The Shadow and Bone Trilogy, #1)

~ Oh yes. Another known book is THE NAME OF THE WIND, a book that has one sequel and is forever waiting for the next one. I guess it isn’t a huge surprise how I’m all “Let’s just wait until the series is complete so I don’t have to join in the frustrating waiting game on this one”? Because that’s exactly why I’m refusing to pick it up, even though it sounds so good and I have the sequel as well.

~ Talk about fandoms.. I feel like Leigh Bardugo also has a pretty huge one when it comes to the SHADOW AND BONE-series. I’ve seen spoilers for these books quite often. Not that those put me off from reading a book, but combining the spoilers with the impressive [and sometimes agressive] fandom.. Yeah.. Not a great combination.

Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1)Red Rising (Red Rising Saga, #1)

~ Oh boy. The SHATTER ME-series is one I bought a while back on impulse. I had heard AMAZING things about it and was so intrigued but then the books got.. lost in my huge TBR? I can’t even remotely recall what these books are about and, automatically, don’t have the urge to pick them up at all. On top of that, I know there are a lot of fans out there, but these books aren’t featured that often anymore which.. makes me forget about them? Whoops..

~ I was close to reading the RED RISING-series about a year ago, but then my other half decided they sounded good and started reading. Of course, that meant I couldn’t because “I’d totally spoil things!” [not true] and they hate whenever we read the same book at the same time. [Frustration regarding me reading faster and all that jazz.] so.. Even though they started Red Rising and never finished it – their bookmark is still in there somewhere – I am basically forbidden from picking it up? I also have no clue anymore as to what it’s about and that might be for the better in this case.

Are there books on here you’d gladly throw at me so I read them faster?
What’s a series you never seem to pick up but really should?
Do you ABSOLUTELY LOVE [or hate] any of the books mentioned in my post?



14 thoughts on “THE FANTASY POST OF SHAME ~ Series I still haven’t started and really should have.

  1. The Shadow Game series will end this year with the release of Queen of Volts, so now is actually a pretty good time to jump into it. I am a fan of the ADSOM series, and definitely recommend it. Also, yeah, I’m with you on holding off on The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear. I at least want a solid release date announcement for the third and final book before I start to read them, and like you I own the two released books.


    1. Ooh, good to know! It’s always fun to jump into a series knowing the ending is being released relatively soon. Might serve as an extra motivation too, haha. I’m truly hoping to read ADSOM this year! Especially since I only read Schwab’s MG writing and I want to know how her writing style differs in other age categories.
      Yup, exactly! I don’t want another G.R.R.M.-repeat. :’)


    2. I wouldn’t be surprised if those feelings end up being agreed with by me [when I eventually read her YA / adult that is]. We’re not the “target group” of those MG books, after all. And in a way it does make sense that those aren’t as layered / with as much substance as YA and adult books are.


    3. I read quite a bit of MG, because I love the stories and typically the great focus on friendship. But some do better with description and character growth than others.

      Honestly a lot of that I chalk down to book length. It can be difficult to put in the depth and development in 300 pages, sometimes.

      But yes, there are definitely differences in depth and complexity from the books in MG, YA, and adult. I still find the stories to be entertaining, so I’ll keep reading them. Heck, I’m hosting Middle Grade March again next month. I’m looking forward to all the great MG books I’m going to read.


    4. That’s true. I don’t really care what audience it’s for, as long as I like the story since that’s the main thing I love reading.

      And I just wrote down MG March! My March challenge is monstrous books, so if I at least read Tunnel of Bones, I’m ticking off a book for both those challenges!

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    5. Yay! Yeah, I’ve been running/hosting Middle Grade March…I think the whole time I’ve been running my blog, so this will be year 5. Usually it’s just me…and sometimes one or two other people. So I gladly welcome anyone who wants to enjoy some MG reads with me in March. I read Tunnel of Bones last October, so now I’m waiting for Bridge of Souls to come out.


  2. Considering how long it’s been taking GRRM to write his next novel, I can totally understand why you’d wait until the series was finished to start. That said, I finally finished The Name of the Wind yesterday, after trying for three years. Hahaha. Well worth it though, even if I am going to wait to start the next. I’d at least like to have a publication date for the third book first.

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    1. Exactly! Oooh boy. Three years of trying doesn’t really give me any motivation to pick it up anytime soon, haha. We’ll see how it goes. Waiting for a publication date sounds like a good plan though!


  3. I haven’t read most of these or have any interest, frankly, but A Darker Shade of Magic really is worth the hype!!

    I really want/should read Scythe, Stalk Jack the Ripper, and I also might read Serpent & Dove soon since I keep hearing great things about it!

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    1. I really should read ADSOM this year, huh? I’m hoping to anyway!

      Oooh, I enjoyed Scythe and the sequel. Haven’t read The Toll yet, but that’s due to my OH reading it right now [for two months already] and they HATE whenever I start reading their current read.
      I adored the Stalking Jack the Ripper-series! Loved the second one most of all.
      Serpent & Dove has been everywhere indeed. I do own a copy – yay subscription box – but have no clue what it’s about so.. maybe I should read the blurb and see whether it’s something I want to read *now*, haha.

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