I can’t help myself. Making the posts with my favorite contemporary and my favorite fantasy and sci-fi, I realized there are way more amazing books I read. But, due to my spreadsheet where I could only put one favorite each month, the others didn’t appear. What better way to make up for that than with an extra post, am I right? Here goes!



The Travelling Cat ChroniclesStarry EyesA Pack of Blood and LiesBingeRadio Silence

~ THE TRAVELLING CAT CHRONICLES is a book that surprised me. Completely out of my comfort zone and bought because of a review by a fellow blogger, I took a plunge into the unknown and.. came out a sobbing mess. Basically the reason why I love this book. More reasons? Read them in my review and be convinced to read it yourself!

~ 2019 has been a year of Jenn Bennett for me, I guess. STARRY EYES is another fluffy contemporary I devoured, adored and couldn’t get enough from. I still haven’t made my official “autobuy authors”-list yet, but I know Jenn Bennett will be one of the first names on there if I ever get to it! Interested in this book? Read my thoughts here!

~ Then there’s my.. I guess I should say “nostalgic book” of the year? I always was a huge sucker for werewolves years ago, so I couldn’t pass up on A PACK OF BLOOD AND LIES and I ended up loving it to pieces. Not because it’s very original, but because I was so happy to get back in a werewolf-world. I have yet to read more in the series, but I have no doubt I will this year!

~ When it comes to non-fiction, I barely read any. Tyler Oakley? He seems to be the one exception. I saw his documentary on Netflix and realized I had his book sitting on my shelves. Naturally that was the moment I needed to pick it up. I loved his entire being on screen and I loved it in BINGE as well!

~ Another author-favorite is Alice Oseman. RADIO SILENCE was such an amazing read to me. I still haven’t written my review and.. even right now I struggle to describe my feelings regarding this book. Let’s hope I’m able to write a review soon so I can share all my thougths!


Godsgrave (The Nevernight Chronicle, #2)Archenemies (Renegades, #2)The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air, #2)A Girl Called Shameless (Izzy O'Neill, #2)

~ There were a lot of sequels in 2019, but there are four I actually gave the full five stars and.. it wouldn’t be right if GODSGRAVE weren’t on that short list. Jay Kristoff has his own unique and torturous way of ruining his readers. Godsgrave absolutely was not any different on that account. But I guess we all love him for it, right?

~ Although I was doubtful about it, ARCHENEMIES ended up surprising me in a good way. There were predictable things, sure, but I still enjoyed reading and that’s what’s most important. Not to mention I find Marissa’s writing makes me read even faster than I usually already do. Win-win.

~ THE WICKED KING. How can I not put this on the list, when I had to have all three editions of all three installments. That book ruined me and healed me and ruined me and.. Yup, I have yet to read The Queen of Nothing and I’m sure my heart isn’t ready but who cares, right?

~ The only contemporary sequel on my list goes to A GIRL CALLED SHAMELESS by Laura Steven. Mainly due to Laura’s unique way of writing and the very-much-present feminism in her books, I think? Also Izzy. I love Izzy.

Let’s talk! Have you read any of these?
Did you add any out-of-your-usual-genre books to your favorites in 2019?



5 thoughts on “MORE FAVORITES OF 2019

  1. Jenn Bennett and Jay Kristoff are both authors I really love reading; their books are wonderful in vastly different ways. I really do need to re-read Nevernight so I can pick up Godsgrave. So…basically the only book you have on here that I’ve read is Starry Eyes. There are just so many books I want/need to read, and there doesn’t seem to be enough time to read and then review them all.

    Great post!


    1. That is absolutely true. I love it and that’s why I keep struggling against my neverending reviews to write list. Someday I’ll catch up. Just like someday I’ll catch up on my NetGalley reads/reviews.


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