TAKE CARE! ~ 3 Self-Care Tips for Surviving the Holidays


I don’t know about you, but I really feel like the holidays can be so ridiculously draining. I often find myself wanting to hide in a room on my own for days afterwards to process it all, to find my center again and to get rid of all the stress and pressure that comes with those festive, cheerful days. Which is why I thought it might be a good thing to share some tips I tried out last year and the year before, and found helpful myself. I admit to trying way more than just these three general ones, but these are the ones that stuck with me ever since.  



Yes, a lot of us have family commitment after family commitment but.. not all people are capable of functioning if you have to attend all of them. If you know you won’t be okay to visit certain parties or family members or friends, just say no. Your health is more important and you can always come by once the holidays are over and you’re mentally up to it.


We all know some get-togethers can last forever and it’s always hard to be the first one leaving, but I’m here to tell you that it’s okay. If you feel like you’ve reached your limit, put yourself on the first place and leave. After saying goodbye that is. Whether you say exactly why, or you make up an excuse, is up to you but.. remember there’s always someone waiting for you to get home and spend time with! Definitely talking about the bookish characters we love and cherish.


The busiest days are the most draining ones. In past years I’ve made a point of doing something for myself on the day before, after or before and after. Whether that be hugging my couch with a book or going out to visit some Christmas market. As long as it’s something I really feel like doing, it’s okay. Be impulsive. Do what you feel like doing. Even a walk somewhere remote, or in the middle of a city, can do a world of good if you simply feel like doing just that. Give in to impulsivity!

What are some tips you have?
Things you do during the holidays to take care of yourself?




2 thoughts on “TAKE CARE! ~ 3 Self-Care Tips for Surviving the Holidays

  1. Learning to say no and set boundaries is one of the most useful things, I swear! This year I’ve been working on this, and full-on downgraded my holiday time with my family to just Christmas Day when I went over there on Friday because I know I won’t have the energy for peopling with my step-grandparents I have met twice for 2 days… and there is no reason to sleep on the couch when I live 40 miles away now.


  2. Great post, Kathy!

    This year we decided to foster two dogs from our local shelter for a week, so I’m definitely destressing with lots of cuddles and puppy play time.

    We also decided to limit how much money to spend on gifts and who would be receiving gifts.

    And like your tips suggest, we have said no to a couple holiday family gatherings, and will probably leave early from the one that will mentally stress us out the most.

    Take care and have a great holiday with your friends and family.


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