AprilIt’s time! I’ve been looking forward to the second round of O.W.L.’s ever since the short Charms readathon ended and it’s finally here! With that, April is also all about those contemporary books with my own monthly challenge – ContemporApril – so I’m combining my TBR’s for these two in one post.

Since I have no clue what I’ll be in the mood for reading-wise, let alone how much, I’m simply trying to find books that fit all prompts. You’re supposed to pick a specific career and then do the O.W.L.s for that one but I really want to stick with my mood-reading. It’s plenty hard to find reading time as it is, so when I’m able to read, I’d rather pick up what I feel like reading.
So, basically.. These are the books I might pick up and.. I’ll see afterwards what career I end up being qualified for? Also! Since I ticked off four prompts in the Charms: Extra Credit readathon, I can start that book four days early. Note: I already started my first book for this!!

A Thousand Beginnings and EndingsMy Favorite Half-Night StandStarry EyesThe Travelling Cat Chronicles

Ancient Runes – Arithmancy – Astronomy – Care of Magical Creatures
Retelling – Multiple authors – “Star” in title – Land animal on cover

Hold Me Close (Last Frontier Lodge, #7)RoomiesScythe (Arc of a Scythe, #1)Summer Bird Blue

Charms – Defence Against the Dark Arts – Divination – Herbology
Adult book – Starts with “R” – Set in future – Plant on cover

SpeakThe Poet XAlways and Forever, Lara Jean (To All the Boys I've Loved Before, #3)Girl Mans Up

History of Magic – Muggle Studies – Potions – Transfiguration
Published 10 years ago – Contemporary – Sequel – Sprayed edges / red cover

That’s it! The TBR of which I’m not sure what books exactly I’ll end up reading! A whole lot of contemporary with some fantasy thrown into the mix. We’ll see how it goes.

Any books on here you feel I should make my top priority?
Are you participating in this Magical Readathon?
Or are you participating in my ContemporApril? OR BOTH?!
Feel free to leave a link with your TBR’s for this month!




7 thoughts on “MAGICAL READATHON – Getting my O.W.L.s in April! + CONTEMPORAPRIL

  1. Ooh, I love your idea of mood reading and then seeing what career you’d be qualified for – it gives it that element of surprise and realism! I’ll be uploading my own TBR for this in a few days, I’m glad that you all reminded me of the OWL readathon and also that it seems a lot easier this year!


  2. It’s so cool to see so many bloggers joining the O.W.Ls! I did the other way around, I decided the careers I wanted to try to follow and then set up my TBR only for those (I can’t read many books in the same month, unfortunately). So I’m going for either Auror or Herbologist, it depends on how many books I end up reading 😝


  3. I’m definitely participating in ContemporApril, I just need to get my post drafted. I would put the Poet X on the top of your TBR, it’s written in verse and can be easily read in one sitting.


  4. I’m not participating in these, but it looks like a great bunch of books to choose from. I’m very curious about Girl Mans Up!


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