Sharing some of my GOOD READING HABITS

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Half-way through December, people were sharing their good and bad reading habits in order to.. either scare Santa or trick him into giving them more books? Who knows! I was tagged for this one as well – specifically the good reading habits one – by Consu @ Paper Eyed Girl. But, you know me and how I tend to forget about tags and awards so.. this is going up way late and just in time to.. convince the Easter Bunny to bring me books instead of chocolate? I guess?

Adding that I scheduled this post back in January. My due date was estimated for today – Valentine’s Day – and.. well.. at the point of writing this nobody really knows when the little wiggle will decide to come out, right? So.. Enjoy this post! And I’ll see you when I see you, lovelies.

Anyway! Let’s dive into this and see how many good reading habits I have – if I have any that is.


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I’m extremely careful with my physical books. That’s the first one, without a doubt. I took so much care packing up my books back when we were planning our move. I simply didn’t want to risk getting even one damaged during the entire process. There were some hiccups there – clumsy helpers will do that, ugh – but I tried my best!
I also use book sleeves whenever I take books with me somewhere. There’s even a fixed one in my backpack that I never take out. I only take out the book to replace it.

I try reviewing every book I read, which I definitely see as a good thing. Sometimes it’s stressful, sure, but in the end I love giving a bigger voice to books I love. I might not always post my reviews on my blog, but Goodreads? 99% of the time!

The good habit I’m most proud of is my ability to not drown in ARC’s? Sure, being an international book blogger helps automatically since I get rejections more often than approvals, but nevertheless.. I usually don’t request more than three or four ARC’s at the same time on NetGalley – which is a huge win for me since I know a lot of people aren’t capable of that, haha. No hard feelings, guys! I’m just very strict on what books I request!

Dipping my toes in different genres is another good habit I think I have. I love contemporary and fantasy most; doubt that’ll ever change. Once in a while, though, I try reading genres that are outside of my comfort zone. I discovered some gems that way – and also some absolutely horrible books – but at least I’m trying which I’m proud of!

A habit that’s definitely focused on the reading itself, is my own rule of reading at least 100 pages before deciding to DNF a book. This has pretty much guaranteed I finish most of the books I pick up since I only threw aside 5 since starting my blog. Oftentimes the story’s progressing on a decent level or something happened that drew me in by the time I reach my 100-mark. I’m still so happy I came up with that rule for myself!

The reading of diverse books is another one I’m proud of. I try not limiting myself to queer books, but those are definitely my favorites. I have to say I wish there’d be more books focused on deaf / mute characters. It’s a representation I’ve loved forever and there simply aren’t enough books like that out there.

To end things, let’s wrap it up with my worst book habit of 2018: buying books. I honestly don’t even want to know how much money I spent on new books during that year. 2019 will be different, no doubt, what with the little one and all but.. still.. Knowing I bought over 120 books in a year’s time is actually quite.. painful to think about?
On the upside, that also means I definitely supported the publishing industry a whole, whole lot! Not to mention all the authors! So that makes it better, right? Right?!

I’m tagging.. everybody who loves chocolate and/or books – so basically anyone reading this!

What’s your absolute worst reading habit?
What would you say your best one is?




13 thoughts on “Sharing some of my GOOD READING HABITS

  1. I find I have a great reading habit of finishing books- but only print books. Somehow I drop a ton of ebooks, but I’ll finish the same titles every time if I read it in print. It’s kind of weird, really. I think buying a bunch of books and supporting authors is great, but I’m an author-so I don’t think my opinion really counts!


  2. I have the ability to not drown in ARCs too, and I am extremely proud of that. I have a 100% rating on NetGalley and no ARCs to read or review, I haven’t really requested any.


  3. Worst reading habit: not setting a snooze on my audiobook and waking up in the middle of the night in either a random chapter or at the end of the book and having to remember where I fell asleep!! 😂


  4. Yay, thank you so much for doing this tag!! Reviewing every book you read (or trying to) is so good. Same with trying different genres! I love to branch out, and it can help find such amazing books!


  5. I feel you on the book buying end. I spent soooooo much money on books last year. Sometimes I feel like I have it under control and sometimes I explode and end up buying a bunch. It is something I am learning to deal with, as are you! It sounds like you have a LOT more self control though and for that I am jealous


    1. The only question is how long that self control will last.. Like.. It’s so much harder when you’re at home non-stop, browsing the internet and seeing all those shiny new releases you want to get your hands on.. Let’s hope I don’t succumb. xD

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