LET’S WRAP THIS AUTUMN UP ~ Goals, bucket list and TBR: How did I do?

Autumn wrap up

It feels like only a couple of months ago where I was freaking out about being pregnant and being focused on finding a house to buy. And.. maybe it’s “only a couple of months” ago, but.. Time flies like crazy? I don’t even feel like I’m over seven months pregnant right now while I most definitely am. Not to mention how we’re moving next Monday and it all feels.. surreal. So surreal. 

On top of that, I’m writing this post. Wrapping up autumn, because today is.. winter.. and my boyfriend’s birthday. I’d joke he’s growing old, but I’m still two years older so.. yeah.. that joke would be on me? That’s not even all, though! Nooo! Christmas is right around the.. weekend..?! With the whole move, I’m not even able to put a Christmas tree up so you could safely say I’m not in a Christmas-y mood at all. Curious how not having the tree has an influence like that.. 

But that’s enough babbling from me! Let’s take a look at the goals I set myself, the books I wanted to read and whether or not I accomplished sticking to them all or not.. [Spoiler: I actually did ridiculously amazing?!]

Season Goals

Book / blog – related

º Post on Instagram once or twice a week. [I scratched this goal because.. I packed up my books..]
° Figure out a new theme on Instagram. [So, of course, this one had to go as well..]
º Read 25 books. CHECK! [I read over 40?]
° Start my reread of the Game of Thrones-books. FAIL! [Again.]
º Try and tackle at least 15 books of my pre-2018 TBR. CHECK!

Personal / health – related

° Drink all the water every day. CHECK! [Blub.]
° Eat at least two different kinds of fruit every week. CHECK! [Bananas, kiwis and apples? All the time?]
° Try out some new dishes / foods. CHECK! [Grilled pumpkin – Mug cake – Apple crumble]
° Relax for at least one hour every week with a book and candles. CHECK! [Which I feel is a miracle?]

Can we take a second – or minute – to admire how I failed at only one of my goals? And that I even expected to fail at that one anyway? Like.. GO ME!

Bucket List

º Bubble bath! CHECK! [More than once! Like.. Three times?]
º Walk through fallen leaves in a forest. CHECK! [21/10/2018 – I did just that during the first real Fall-weekend in Belgium and I absolutely enjoyed it.]
º Eat or drink something with pumpkin. CHECK! [Grilled Pumpkin slices at a grill restaurant, yay.]
º Make an apple crumble. CHECK! [25/11/2018 – And it was soooo good too!]
º Go swimming at least once. CHECK! [29/09/2018]
° Get started on buying Christmas presents. CHECK! [Got some Christmas gifts for the little ones of the family and my boyfriend! So that’s.. pretty much half of my list ticked off?]
° Watch five DVD’s. CHECK! [Alex Agnew, The Greatest Showman, Step Up 2, Fast Five, Fantastic Beasts]
º Start packing in October. CHECK! [I did SO WELL on this and started in.. September?]

Autumn TBR

I did so much better than the three I read off my Summer TBR! Like! I read FIVE of the seven books I put on my Autumn one, which I think is pretty darn good. Yay!

Girls of Paper and FireUnder the Eye of the Clock: The Life Story of Christopher NolanItThe Art of Baking BlindThe Book Thief

If you’re curious, you can find my Winter Bucket List / Goals / TBR right here!
What are some things you want to do this winter?
Some specific books you feel like reading?




22 thoughts on “LET’S WRAP THIS AUTUMN UP ~ Goals, bucket list and TBR: How did I do?

    1. It helps that I mostly think about “what are we already planning on doing this season?” and go with those things, haha! It gives me some actual motivation to stick to our plans too. :’)
      SO GOOD. I SWEAR. Although I hadn’t eaten pumpkin before so there’s probably way better pumpkin stuff out there but still. :’)

      Liked by 1 person

    2. That’s a smart way of going about it. Goals always need some planning behind them.
      I can’t say sampling all the pumpkin stuff has been top of my to-do either, so I take the recs when they come to me!


  1. You did well! 🙂 I dunno if i could bring myself to reread game of thrones. I loved it but oh it’s so long…

    And the food!! Yumm. I looove grilled pumpkin, and apple crumble too ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I knoow. I think that’s partly why I didn’t even read one book throughout the entire year? Maybe 2019 will be better. :’)

      I never had grilled pumpkin but I couldn’t stop making it that time, haha! BF ended up eating most of the apple crumble though.. I’ll have to remake it sometime soon. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s AMAZING. I actually took pictures last time I made it, so I’m hoping to have the recipe up sometime.. soon.. ish?

      But in case I totally forget [or have to give birth first and all that jazz]:
      40 grams of dark chocolate
      2,5 tablespoons of butter (I use liquid butter)
      2 tablespoons of sugar
      2 tablespoons of self-raising flower
      1 egg

      – Cut the chocolate in small pieces and put them in a large mug.
      – Add butter and melt for 30 seconds in the microwave (750W)
      – Stir with a fork until all chocolate has melted.
      – Add sugar and stir.
      – Add flower and stir.
      – Add the egg and keep stirring until you have a smooth mixture (this can take a fair bit of stirring).
      – Put the mug in the microwave for 1 minute (750W)
      – Check if it’s done. You can microwave for another 30 seconds if you want a more firm structure or leave it mushy by not doing that.
      – Leave it for two minutes before eating (or you’ll burn your tongue :’) )


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