BOOKWORM STRUGGLES when moving and having to pack up your precious books


I don’t know about you, but if there’s one thing I’ve done and disliked in the past, it’s moving. I only moved once, from the cozy mom nest to an apartment with my boyfriend and.. well.. let’s just say I already hated putting everything in boxes back then. I didn’t even have a third of the stuff I have now and – yup – we’re moving again!

I seriously hope it’ll be the last time we ever move because I hate it. Having to go through every little thing, deciding whether or not to keep it, wrapping it all up carefully in hopes of nothing getting ruined by the time you have to unpack.. And that’s not even mentioning books. Because, of course, those have to move as well!

The whole packing of my books was.. quite the experience. The moment you start, everything is still going pretty okay but then the roller coaster sets off and..


  • Then you see all your shelves becoming “uncreative” with all the decorations gone.
  • You start putting away the books you’ve actually read and realize how small that amount is compared to the unread books.
  • Time to pack those favorite books! Biggest struggle ever because you definitely don’t want those to get damaged in any way!
  • ALL THE UNREAD BOOKS. This is where my horror truly started.
  • Having to decide which ones to pack up and which ones to leave because you might pick them up soon.
  • Sifting through them over and over again in hopes of making that pile of unread books smaller but you barely succeed since “who knows if you’ll suddenly be in the mood for this one or that one?!”
  • When you’ve finally succeeded – it took me weeks and I still have an entire case full – you feel like crying seeing all those empty shelves.
  • Crying some more when you have to disassemble the book cases that are actually empty.

Now? Now it hurts my little heart every time I stare at the spot where there used to be four book cases and only one remains. One filled with plenty of reading options, sure, but.. I’ve already cursed myself for packing certain unread books and I’ve no clue in what box they are.

Dinner time? Pretty depressing time since I always had the perfect view on my books and now.. I’m staring at an empty wallShould I even admit how we’ve been eating on the couch simply because I’m avoiding the dinner table?

It honestly does feel as if a piece of me is missing ever since I packed up so many of my books and moved my disassembled cases to another room. It’ll be a while still before I have my library back, but.. as you know I’ve already been dreaming about how it’ll look.

I cannot wait!

Have you ever had to move? How did you handle packing up your books?
Did you get the urge to buy new books so you have more options again?
Or is that just me..?



23 thoughts on “BOOKWORM STRUGGLES when moving and having to pack up your precious books

  1. One of the reasons why i switched to kindle is that i moved 9 times in 11 years. It was hard.
    Now that i live in the same place for a bit over 2 years, i started buying some printed books again. I’m sure i’ll regret it soon enough.

    Good luck with the packing & moving 🙂

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    1. Oh yikes. This is only the second time I’m moving and I’m planning on making it the last too, hah. Or at least wait for the third one until I’m simply too old to live in our house. 😛

      I hope you won’t come to regret it! 🙂


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  2. I feel your pain! We’ve been in this house for 18 years now. Once both kids are out (one is 18, the other is 16, so not too many more years?), we plan on moving but… UGH. I dread it.

    Just think about how wonderful it will be once you’re in your new place though! It makes it ALL WORTH IT!

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  3. Donate the ones you definitely don’t want or won’t read again or ever. Then pack them. You don’t want to lug hundreds of books you don’t need all over the place,

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  4. Aaah I can only imagine. I had to move only once from my parents to the house we live in now. And I had like 20 books haha. I went through everything in my room and we still ended up with boxes in our spare room for 2 years with things that I didn’t really need but couldn’t end up parting with right away.

    In the end it will be worth it when you get your library!

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    1. I guess you have a little more than 20 now, haha!
      Honestly, I’ve been going about our stuff like a nutcase. Things I’m like “eh, we didn’t use this for two years” are thrown out without any second thought. Sentimental things stay but.. it isn’t all that much? It’s been one huge fall cleaning-time lately haha. [Apart from the books. I have such a hard time parting with books, even if I disliked them with a passion..]

      True! Can’t wait for it all to be set up but I have no clue how long it’ll take before it comes to that. 😛

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  5. “You start putting away the books you’ve actually read and realize how small that amount is compared to the unread books.”

    Meep… lmao

    But I’m sorry, love, I honestly do feel awful for you. I hate packing away my books for a move bad enough on a good day, but with you having the excess hormones and all, I don’t know about you, but when I was pregnant, anything that would’ve made me sad otherwise made me SO UPSET while pregnant lmao. Gods, I cried so much. :’) Sheesh. But I know you’ll be so excited to get settled into the new place and then you get to unpack and reorganize, and that’s so exciting! Just be careful! ♥

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    1. Seriously. I had over three quarters of my books left or something? Although I did pack my favorites pretty late as well so it probably looked worse than it actually is but it’s still BAD.

      Actually those hormones aren’t too bad right now? The only thing I’m starting to struggle with is SLEEP. Seriously. I’m waking up at one am, two am, three am and wide-awake too. I actually finished a 200 pages smut-thing on my phone two nights ago because I just couldn’t sleep. <_< Sooo I'm being a zombie this week, YAY.
      I just hope I'll get to set up my library soon-ish. I have this inkling it might take months before that room is actually a library.. :/

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  6. In my case, I became a bookworm after I moved into my current apartment. So there used to be only one small bookshelves on which I pilled up DVDs and CDs instead of books.
    I bought another bookshelf two years ago and it’s already been filled to capacity… I have no idea how to go about it when I need to move out… LOL Seriously, it’s a horror!”

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    1. Hahaha, same! I didn’t have any bookcases when I moved in with my boyfriend – at all. I even got rid of all my Dutch books? And then.. came the rediscovery of reading and English books and.. now I had / have four shelves filled to the brim with English books, haha.
      I’m keeping my fingers crossed I won’t EVER have to move again after this. :’)


  7. I’ve moved three times and having to pack up my library was a nightmare. I don’t have traditional bookcases. Right now I’m using floating shelves, an entertainment unit from IKEA, my closet shelves and of course my floor. It is truly nice to wake up and go to sleep with them around.

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  8. I feel your pain! I moved into a smaller place and…..wait for it… room for my bookcases! I hastily knocked up 4 shelves on the wall and have my fave books on there and am making makeshift on the counter bookcases from my Fairyloot boxes….but most of mine are packed away under my bed. It’s like a nightmare!

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    1. OHGODNO. I can’t even imagine having to move like that. I know I’ll have more space but.. it still hurts to see all the books gone right now. Well. You could always make a table of books.
      We should totally get giant posters of our bookcases before we have to move so we can simply hang up those posters and at least FEEL like our books are still with us and in view. :’)


  9. I’ve moved a lot of times but I’m in the process again for moving. Don’t have a date yet but I’ve started packing my shelves. I have won shelves and I’ve packed down one. It’s not nice when it’s empty. I completely agree. I have no idea how long it will take me to unpack once I’ve moved in. We’ll see.

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  10. I’ve moved my library a bunch of times, and it’s very hard. My next move is going to be awful because I’ve been in my current house for 17 years and have accumulated A LOT of books in that time (plus we have no plans to move for at least 4 more years). Just remember how awesome it will be when you’re finally set up at the new place!

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    1. Oh lord. I don’t even want to think about the amount of books I’ll have by the time I live in the house THAT long, haha. Pretty sure we’d be living in an actual library if I don’t get some self-control. :’)
      True! I honestly can’t wait for it to be over and done with but I think it’ll take quite a while before the library will actually be finished. Baby room and everything else definitely comes first right now. 😛


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