Blogtober is nearing its end and.. since I’m leaving for a five-day break today – yay me! – this post is going up a little early. Basically because I just know I’ll want to stretch my relaxed mood into the weekend and don’t know if blog stuff will be any part of that – sorry not sorry.

So without further ado, here are some Blogtober posts I absolutely enjoyed and deserve to be in the spotlight for a bit! I really went random with this, so there aren’t many book-related  posts? Just saying.


Ivan Sildadji, a writer – “It’s bad to grow fast and go viral“: Where he talks about the pressure a blogger puts on themselves by diving into the deep without knowing how to swim. This definitely sounded familiar to me since I’ve seen bloggers pop up out of the blue and fade just as quickly, because they couldn’t handle the pressure they had put on themselves by growing too quickly. Don’t blog for others, blog for yourself.

Takayl – “Fall mood board“: An absolutely stunning post featuring a mood board that gave me all the Fall feels I could wish for! I found myself staring at it for literally five minutes before realizing I should totally mention it in today’s post, so here goes!

Amy – “10 Favorite Fall Recipes“: Ten recipes that look absolutely delicious and.. very much like comfort food. It had me drooling and you bet your cute butts I’ll be convincing my boyfriend to try some of these out! They definitely look like Fall and I can only imagine they will taste like it too.

Keeley – “What is Self-Care?“: A short discussion on what self-care encompasses for different people and some examples on how to take care of yourself. I loved this post, especially since I had my own post on mental health earlier this month. Raising awareness to the importance of self-care is key and needs to be put in the spotlight more often.

Charleigh – “21 Easy Self Care Ideas Using The Five Senses“: On the same subject, here’s a post with some unique ideas to practice self-care. Some of these I’ve seen before, others I have never tried myself. Definitely worth taking a look at if you’re up for some new self-care options.

Chloe – “Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – What is it and how to help.“: A while back, Destiny and I talked about this because I hadn’t even heard of it before. Safe to say I couldn’t resist reading this post and finding out more about SAD. Definitely recommend reading this!

Amalee – “Bookish Themed Pumpkins“: If there’s something I rarely see in Belgium, it’s awesomely carved pumpkins. Do I really need any other reason to look at and drool over all the pictures of these bookish carved ones? I think not!

Nadia – “What You Should Be Watching On Netflix This Halloween“: Even though I won’t have any access to Netflix on Halloween, unless I stream on my phone, I was still intrigued by the title of this post. The one movie jumping out from Nadia’s list is, without a doubt, Hush! The main character is supposed to be deaf and.. well.. I love that rep, so maybe watching a spooky movie with it might.. help me survive?

What are some of the best Blogtober posts you came across?
Did you participate in Blogtober? Are you taking on Blogmas?
Maybe you’re doing both this year?
How did your blogging go, in general, this month?






    1. Thank you! ❤ I really, really needed it, haha. I loved being gone from the online world for a bit and.. honestly wish I could do it more often?
      I haven't packed that much though. Have been too busy trying to clean the place since our landlord has people visiting the apartment to look for new people to move in. :') It's even more stressful than packing because we KNOW how much of a pain in the ass the guy'll be if things aren't perfect..

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