Remember when everyone was posting their Fall / Autumn TBR’s for Top Ten Tuesday? The one thing that was abundantly clear to me back then, was how WildcardKingdom of Ash and Queen of Air and Darkness were overly present. And those are sequels. Other books? Girls of Paper and Fire, Sawkill Girls and What If It’s Us! All books that pretty much the entire YA book community is or was eagerly anticipating and kept shouting about in that day’s post.

Where am I going with this, you ask? Well. Seeing all those books over and over and over again had me feeling guilty. Guilty for not having read my ARC’s of Girls of Paper and Fire and Sawkill Girls. Guilty for not having pre-ordered What If It’s Us because I desperately wanted to read it but don’t want to break my book buying ban. And then I realized the book community has its own special kind of peer pressure. Because suddenly, I really, really felt the need to pick up those two ARC’s stat and maybe ask my boyfriend to pre-order What If It’s Us for me – changed my mind about that one since reading some reviews, but still.

That conclusion made me think even harder. It can’t be the only way the book community is subconsciously – or maybe even consciously – pressuring its members. Let’s take a look at some possible ways peer pressure might sneak into our bookish lives.



Seeing people talk about a certain book or series everywhere, realizing you own a finished copy or an ARC and immediately feeling you’re missing out on something huge is something I’ve dealt with a couple of times now. On one hand, it can encourage me to pick it up and motivate me to start reading but.. other times? Let’s just say I force myself to get caught up and enjoy it way less because of it. Both things are possible and you never know beforehand which road you’ll take.

Books I’ve had this with: The Raven Cycle, The Illuminae Files, Throne of Glass


This is one I’ve recently struggled with and actually talked about with certain people as well. Maybe it’s because the author has a new release coming up – or is it released already? – or maybe it’s simply a coincidence but.. somehow there are reviews on a certain book everywhere I look and.. I know I own the books. I just haven’t read them yet. They’re not really top priority either, but seeing all those reviews on an older release makes me a bit queasy. “Why is everyone reading those books all of a sudden?”, “Does this mean I should read them now as well?”, “Maybe it’s the perfect time to read them?”, “What if I get spoiled because everyone’s reading them now?!” are all questions I struggled with over the past couple of weeks. I haven’t succumbed yet simply because I want to decide for myself when to read them but.. the pressure is real.

The books I’m subtly talking about here: A Darker Shade of Magic-trilogy, The Book Thief



And so my addiction to bookish candles and subscription boxes began. Okay, no. That’s not true. It all started by watching too many unboxings on Instagram, then seeing amazing shelves filled with bookish merch and realizing all my shelves had, was.. books.. Suddenly I wanted to change that and have them look more unique.
By now, my FairyLoot subscription isn’t about the merch anymore, but more about having a surprise for myself each month. I still buy candles once in a while, but I’ve stopped buying a certain box with teas and candles. I just couldn’t keep up with all the tea! But do we really need those things? Of course we don’t! Yet we still feel pressured to get some kind of bookish merch eventually.

My bookish merch weaknesses: Candles, mugs and funko pops
[By the way: am I the only one who rarely dares burning those candles?]


I didn’t even contemplate pre-ordering books before I became part of the book community. I’d simply buy the book when I’d see it at the store or order it should I somehow be reminded of its existence. I didn’t bother with pre-orders or keeping my eyes on release dates. Why should I? I’ll get around to it eventually. Right?
Not anymore. The first year of blogging, I pretty much knew release dates of my anticipated reads and sequels by heart – much to my own annoyance. I could easily tell you what book was going to be released on that specific day and whether or not it was a sequel. Sometimes even whether or not there’d be another installment?!
Luckily, I stopped doing that. I still know some vague release dates of sequels I’m eagerly awaiting, but that’s it. I try not to focus on those new releases anymore. Pre-orders though? They’re my downfall! Especially when it comes to sequels and authors I adore.

Books I have on pre-order right now: Queen of Air and DarknessKingdom of AshA Curse So Dark and LonelyChildren of Virtue and Vengeance and more..
[Kingdom of Ash is on here since it STILL HASN’T ARRIVED.]



It’s as if we can only think of books anymore after a while. Whether it’s a birthday coming up or Christmas, if we get an excuse to get our hands on more books? We simply take it with grabby hands and slam those bookish wish lists in anyone’s face. Want to gift us something other than books? Than it better has to do with reading! Or books! Just give me books. I don’t need anything else.
Yup, sound familiar? I’ve been there as well. It’s been hard trying not to do it simply because I buy all other things I want myself. I only restrict myself when it comes to buying books lately so.. wish lists still mainly consist of books. That’s going to change though, since I have more and more baby stuff I want to get my hands on as well, haha!

My wish list? Well.. Let’s just take a look at my Goodreads-TBR and go from there, why don’t we?


For some funny reason, a lot of book worms tend to get competitive when it comes to numbers. Some people ask me for advice on reading more whenever I post a monthly wrap-up because they just don’t understand how I do it. And why do you set your yearly goal at 150?! That’s a crazy amount of books!
Well. Firstly: I don’t have a life. I live for books. I don’t have any hobbies outside of books and blogging – or does my boyfriend count as a hobby? – which pretty much helps my reading time expand by.. a lot. On top of that, quick reader! Once I’m lost in a story, there’s no way getting me out. I’ll continue whatever it takes, even if I have to multitask and do dishes while reading. Yup, did that a couple of times..
People forget reading is about having fun. It’s an escape from daily life. Don’t look at those numbers – even though it can be very tempting. It doesn’t matter how much you read, if only you enjoy and love what you read!


First: How dare you! How dare you have an opinion of your own! Now we will all come at you like fire-breathing dragons until you change your mind and agree with us on all the love this book deserves!
Yup. I’ve been there. Not liking a book the whole book community seems to love? A couple of times, actually. It’s no fun because you just know certain people are going to get on your case about not liking it, or maybe even hating it. I don’t get why. We all have our own opinions and.. just deal with it?

Books I had this with: The Raven Cycle, Looking for Alaska, History Is All You Left Me

Pretty sure this is one of my longest discussion posts / rants I’ve written to date but.. it had to be said? I couldn’t keep my mouth shut about this anymore and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. So, tell me…

How do you feel about all these kinds of peer pressure in our bookish community?
Have you noticed any of these? Which one do you struggle with most?
Any other things you feel pressured on that I haven’t mentioned?





  1. I haven’t read a lot of new releases that I do want to read and that does bother me at times. I’ve read so little this year that I guess it doesn’t matter. I have a list of books I want to read and I’m reading them although I already deviated once to read a trilogy but I’m fine with it even if it is an older series because I love it so much. This goes back to feeling like I don’t browse anymore in libraries. It feels different when you find a book like that and don’t focus on the reviews. I wish I would get back to that more.

    My wish list hardly ever has a book on it. I have so many books I haven’t read and so many books in general that I want to reread and get rid of any I don’t absolutely love. What’s the point of having a book you don’t love on your shelves? The pretty cover makes me stop getting rid of them…

    The competitiveness is crazy. I’ve gotten into way too many slumps because of it. I only get competitive because of Goodreads group challenges. ESPECIALLY when it is teams. Then I read so many random books that I don’t enjoy. Although, on the rare occasion I find a gem.

    I just need to focus on reading books I want and the ones on my shelf. I need to create a list, stick to it, and break it if I find something cool at the library. The competition thing I don’t know if I could get over. There is one person who I want to beat because of some things said and I want to defeat her of course. I’m very revenge driven 😛


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    1. Awh! At least you’re getting through the list you made. That’s definitely worth something. I remember making a list of books I wanted to read this year and I’ve barely read any of them because of.. other books.. Guess it just makes it better to know we’re still finding books we love. Otherwise it would be even more of a pity!
      I never go the library, but that’s more to do with how they don’t have that much English books over here. I do love going to cheap book fairs where they sell English books. I never EVER check reviews when going to those and simply pick up what I think I’ll love. Definitely is different to read those books than books we already have expectations for due to reading reviews. 🙂

      Haha, I wish I could be like that sometimes! I own some books I really don’t like but still don’t want to get rid of? Latest addition to that section is IT by Stephen King. Don’t want to throw it out because I’m way too freaking proud I read a 1400-page monster of a book. 😛

      HA. YES. There’s a Book Battle group on Facebook I’m part of and participate in almost every month. The competitiveness is real in that one for sure! Although I’m less inclined to pick up random books now than I was back when I first joined in.. Thank the skies for that too.

      That sounds so much like me.. The revenge-part that is. I don’t have a person like that, but I could totally see myself doing the exact same thing should I be in your shoes, haha. I truly hope you get to beat her!


    1. I feel like they take SO LONG to burn which is.. why I don’t seem to get through them. I don’t know. I also don’t really burn them very often? My boyfriend doesn’t like the smell of the ones I love and vice versa so I can only light them when he’s not around, haha. :’)

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  2. hey this is such a good post!! I’ve never had any bookish swag and I’ve skipped a few big series and had several very bad reactions to stories I thought I would love and I’ve definitely had others put me down – usually jokingly – for it. But even those joking put-downs make you feel so much more inferior, ya know?

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    1. Oh, I know! Whenever someone does that it just feels like they want to put you down anyway, doesn’t really matter how jokingly they try to be about it. You simply feel bad about not liking a book or series while you’re totally allowed not to like something someone else likes.. :/


  3. This is such a good post. I definitely fall prey to the book community peer pressure way too often! Sometimes it works out well (peer pressure to read Throne of Glass led me to what is now one of my #1 favorite series), but sometimes it can really suck (like all of the ARCs I’ve requested despite knowing I wouldn’t pick them up without the hype, and then I either end up not reading them in time or hating them).

    The merch is another issue – I can’t justify buying most bookish merch because I don’t have the shelf space and it costs money that… well… I could spend on more books! :’) But sometimes it makes me feel bad when someone is like, “Look at what a huuuuuge *insert author here* fan I am, I have all these candles and $50 custom funko pops!” I always have to remind myself that just because I don’t have endless money to spend on Etsy doesn’t mean I’m not just as valid as that other fan.

    The wishlist thing is the only one that I feel like I see from the opposite side – my amazon wishlist is practically exclusively books, but it’s not because I don’t want anything else, it’s just because if I need something else, I go ahead and buy it, typically? I’m a super pragmatic person about gifts and tend to ask for practical items, but the issue with that is that now that I’m financially stable, I buy those practical items as I need them? So books are my “treat yo self” item and when I can’t justify buying them all, I throw them on my wishlist! Much to my mother’s frustration whenever Christmas rolls around and she desperately wants to buy me something that isn’t a book or DVD… oops. LMAO

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    1. Hah, totally get you on it going two ways. Either you’re happy you got pressured into reading that book or picking up that series or.. you simply hate everyone hyping the thing up because you do not. understand. the. hype. On the other hand, we’re definitely ones to hype up certain books as well and maybe someone out there hates us for having them waste their time on a certain book? 😛 Haha. It’s an endless circle!

      Ugh. Yup. I’ve splurged on candles quite a bit already and I have to admit that it was because of how awesome they seem in pictures at first. Not to mention it.. felt.. necessary? To feel like a valid member of a fandom? While it isn’t even needed to buy any merch but you still.. feel like you ought to? I don’t do that anymore though. I still buy too many candles but now it’s actually because I myself want to own a candle of a book or because the description of the smell sounds amazing or something like that. [And, I have to admit I once splurged on very expensive funko’s but I am totally in love with Children of Blood and Bone and couldn’t resist, hahaha.] I just try asking myself, every single time, whether I’m buying them for ME or because I feel pressured by any one or thing else in my surroundings / social media. Definitely makes me buy less merch.

      I totally get that! I’m mostly the same. If I need something, I just go ahead and get it. Most of the time it’s my excuse to head into the city and go “shopping” – even though I hate shopping and it’s simply an excuse to be outside and on my own for a bit, haha. But apart from books there’s.. simply no other real hobby I have? Like.. I love baking, but I have everything I own already so I don’t really need extra stuff? Apart from that I wouldn’t even KNOW what to ask and put on wish lists and.. sometimes it annoys me because I wish I could ask for different things and give people non-bookish options, haha.
      [This totally challenges me to find you something non-bookish for Christmas though!]

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  4. This is such a great post, Kathy! The book blogging community definitely has changed my buying habits (probably for the worst) as well as my relationship to a lot of books. I buy SO MANY BOOKS NOW and it is kind of annoying to me that I don’t read them. I’ve actually started avoiding hyped books because I am almost always disappointed.

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    1. Thanks, Kaleena!

      Hah, I relate to that so much. There was a period of time where I’d just buy books because I’d seen them around on other blogs / bookstagram SO often that I just.. automatically started assuming I’d love them? Lead to some disappointments as well so I’m glad I got over that.. :’)

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  5. Yes, all of the yes!! I’ve definitely been feeling a lot of peer pressure lately. My physical TBR shelf is absolutely out of control because of it, and I am going to try going on a book buying ban for the first time ever (I’ve never really needed to before). Great post!

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    1. Hahaha, yes to the TBR shelf. I’ve divided my books in “read” and “unread” while I was packing and the difference in boxes used is.. HUGE. I own way more unread books than read ones and it makes me feel so guilty. I haven’t been buying a lot of new books since. Only ones I’m truly excited about. :’)

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  6. One thing I have to admit is that I’m super glad that we don’t have much money because I think if we did I would feel so much more pressure to buy all the latest books, subscribe to all of the book boxes, join in on pre-order excitement, etc. There are definitely times when I feel like I miss out and don’t attract as much buzz to my blog because I’m not up to date on everything, but it’s something I’ve learned to deal with over time and be excited about the great stuff I *do* have!

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    1. You’re so right to think like that, Avery! I’ve succumbed to those exact pressures TONS of times and.. in a way I’m glad to be pregnant because my priorities have definitely shifted since finding out, haha. I’m way less inclined to buy books and stay on top of new releases ever since realizing I have to spend my money in a smarter way. Automatically means I’m actually VERY excited for the books I do decide to buy, so it’s.. winwinwin right now. 😀

      I do hope you sometimes get to splurge a little bit though. You so deserve to have something “extra” to spoil yourself once in a while. We all do. 😉

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    2. Definitely! I’ve always found that I enjoy things much more when its just a treat rather than something I get to buy all of the time.

      And I do! This year I’ve bought quite a few books and games and stuff, which is something I never normally do. It’s just getting the balance right 😀

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    3. Exactly! I’m one of the first to admit that buying books stopped feeling special for a while there. I’m glad that feeling is starting to come back lately.

      Awesome! That balance can be tricky for sure, but you’ll find the trick!


  7. I absolutely understand you and definitely felt like this too, but thankfully I managed to move past it. I’m not sure how I did it, but I just… don’t really care anymore. I read enough books as is, and they are books that interest me, so I don’t feel that bad if I haven’t read the most hyped book of the month yet. Especially because I don’t have money for new releases and NetGalley rarely lets me request the popular books.

    Although… sometimes the more people talk about a book, the less interested I feel for some reason? Especially if it didn’t look like my type of book in the first place. Like “ugh, this book again” and I barely even know what it’s about but I just don’t want to pick it up. Weird.

    Bookish boxes are SO GOOD but also expensive, especially with shipping and VAT included :/ I have bought two FairyLoot boxes in my entire life, but unfortunately I just can’t afford them every month, or even every second month. It sucks and I do feel left out in that regard. And then I feel bad for not having enough money, which is just unfair because it’s not like it’s my fault!

    Also, I still have the candle I got from the FairyLoot back in March or May or something, so I feel you.

    I liked Looking for Alaska but it’s not one of my favourites, and I’ve never been interested enough in The Raven Boys to pick it up?

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    1. I’m so glad you moved past it in the end! I’m getting there as well. I’ve been able to ignore a lot of peer pressure when it comes to some of the points I mention lately and I’m happy about it too. I guess it just takes a while for us to realize we don’t have to be “in” on everything to be “good at what we do”..
      Sucks about NetGalley though! I hate how things aren’t equal for everyone in the world. Sucks sometimes. Especially the times you really, really want to read a certain book but it’s simply too popular. :’)

      Ooh, yes! I’ve had that as well. Can’t really think of any specific book right now, but I’ve definitely been there. Guess it’s bound to happen if you see something over and over again. You get tired of seeing it, haha.

      Yes! I’m lucky FairyLoot isn’t all that expensive since I’m pretty close to the UK but I know how expensive shipping can be on US boxes. I love OwlCrate but shipping is enormous. They need to have a VERY interesting theme for me to order a box.
      Definitely not your fault! But I really do get your frustration. It’s something I love getting myself and I’m happy I can do it every month too. At least I know I have my monthly FairyLoot, so I can only imagine how sucky you must feel about not getting one at all.. 😦

      Haha, I’m pretty sure I still have candles from over a year ago I haven’t burnt!

      If you’re not all that interested in The Raven Boys, I simply wouldn’t pick it up. I’ve seen more and more mixed reviews on those books lately and I wish someone had told ME that back when I decided to cave and read them. :’)

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  8. Love this post! ❤
    The only books i pre-order are the new Stephen King books. It's kind of a habit i took up a few years ago, and i just keep doing it. Haven't pre-ordered anything else in my life 😀

    I also don't have any bookish items apart from candles, which i got because i love candles and they had a really nice smell combo 😀

    So, i think so far i'm immune to the peer pressure, apart from the wishlist part. That keeps growing every time i read nice reviews of books.

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    1. Haha. I love how you have one auto-buy author! I only have one as well, which is Brigid Kemmerer. I haven’t read one book of hers I didn’t love, so pre-ordering her new books feels normal to me. 😛 Apart from that.. only sequels I really, really want to get my hands on asap. :’)

      Ha, yes! I also have some candles I don’t really like the smell of, but I just feel like supporting some small businesses once in a while too? [And most of the time my boyfriend likes the candles I don’t like, which is.. fine. :’)]

      I’m jealous of your immunity, seriously!

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  9. This is such a fantastic post! There’s definitely peer pressure in the blogging community, and I tend to feel this when many bloggers are reviewing an ARC that I wasn’t approved for, and when everyone talks about sequels for series that I haven’t even started. And most importantly when I have an unpopular opinion about a super popular book! I relate to this post so much, love!

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    1. Ugh YES! I think it’s even worse for me when people are raving about an ARC I’m not all that interested in, but suddenly I end up with the urge to request it anyway? Talk about peer pressure and weird brain. :’)

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  10. I LOVE THIS POST. Really, it speaks to my soul, Kathy, thank you for writing it.
    I feel all of these pressures every now and then, I can’t help it. Like when I haven’t read a really hyped book out there, even if it’s not even released yet, sometimes everyone is talking about it and it feels like it has been released, but… it’s not. It’s confusing, isn’t it. Also it makes me feel pressured that I haven’t had an ARC for it or something, too. That’s strange too haha.
    And yes for the older books, too! I haven’t read The Book Thief either just yet and I am nervous about it because historical books aren’t my thing, so… I don’t know? I’m just SO nervous haha.
    AND YES bookish swag. I’m not a bookish swag kind of person, really, like, not at all. I may have a couple of bookmarks and maps I won or received, but I don’t buy swag in general, at all. That feels strange, not to be part of this thing, but… I’m just not that into it? :/
    Anyway, I love love love love LOVE THIS POST SO VERY MUCH.

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    1. You’re so very welcome! ❤

      Right?! Sometimes I'm all "OOH. IT'S RELEASED?!" to then discover it hasn't even been released yet but somehow everyone's reading it..? And then you get that urge to request it in some way, any way because you want to read it as well because EVERYONE ELSE IS?! While.. You secretly know you wouldn't be that interested in it if it was "just another book that's barely talked about". It suuuucks.
      Haha, I totally get you on that one. The Book Thief is pretty much a classic AND historical fiction which are.. two things I rarely read / enjoy. I'm wary of it as well, but at the same time people keep telling me it's different from others in its genre so "you'll definitely like it!". Which is why I want to give it a shot.. I might be starting it this week so we'll seeee.
      You shouldn't feel bad about not being into bookish swag. If only because it also saves you a TON of money. That stuff's expensive as hell, really.. :')

      Thankyou!! ❤

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    2. YES yes yes, that feeling is terrible and the worst thing is, I don’t know how to get rid of it. I’m definitely being more careful and all, but there’s always that little thrill when you see someone talking about a book and I can’t help it, I’m like “I NEED THIS” even if I sometimes don’t even know much about it all hahahaha. It’s the hype. Can’t escape it, but we can tryyyy hahaha.
      You’re so welcome!! ❤️❤️

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    3. Hahaha, that’s so truueee! What helps me most is actually writing the book down somewhere and looking it up a couple of days after. Reading the blurb as if I haven’t read it before and THEN make up my mind. It’s hard to do at first, since you’re still tempted to succumb to the pressure and curiosity, but I got used to it after a while and now it’s.. easier to not request those?

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  11. This post is so relatable! All of these things happened to me when I started my bookstagram. At the time I only had one small shelf, but I saw pictures of other peoples floor to ceiling white bookshelves and I felt like I needed to have those exact shelves, as well as own all of the books I read so I had a collection like the ones I saw on here. I spent SO MUCH MONEY on books last year because I had to have them all right away – and I haven’t even read so many of those ones yet!

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    1. I just kept nodding reading your comment, haha. I didn’t even OWN a bookshelf before I discovered book blogs and bookstagram. Now I have.. four?! It’s CRAZY what this community can do to ones life really.. I don’t even want to know how much money I’ve spent on books ever since. I still spent quite a lot on books this year but it’s definitely not as bad as last year, haha.

      I’m also keeping separate lists with books I bought before 2018 and during 2018.. I’ll actually be happy to merge them for 2019 because it looks awful right now.. :’) It’ll still look awful then, but at least I’ll have the thought of “it’s more than two years of book buying” instead of “shit I bought all this in barely one year”..

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  12. All of this tbh! I got really into booktube earlier this year so of course I had to subscribe Fairyloot and start buying all the most hyped books. But, honestly, some were a disappointment and I learned that I can’t trust 100% that all the hyped books are really my style. I now read more reviews and I’m more selective of what I buy. On top of that, reading books isn’t even my “main” hobby, that’s watching tv shows, so I try to read books I really think I’m going to like.

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    1. If there’s one thing I haven’t fallen into [yet?], it’s booktube! The only channel I keep an eye on is BookRoast’s because I’m in love with her Harry Potter reading challenges, haha.
      I do still have my FairyLoot subscription but I’ve loved most of the books I got from that box so far. As long as that doesn’t change and I don’t feel like the items are a waste of space / money, I’m keeping it. You never know though..
      I also tend to check reviews before I actually buy a book lately! Having some people with very similar reading tastes definitely helps too because I sometimes only check their review and then decide whether or not to buy a book, haha.

      Ooooh. Watching tv shows was pretty much my main hobby before I fell in love with reading again. Sometimes I miss it, but.. my boyfriend tends to hoard the television lately so I’m pretty fine with having my books right now. 😛

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    2. I LOVE BookRoast, she’s just so nice! Her readathons are some of the best I’ve ever seen tbh, so I completely agree with you only following her. Most of the times, especially with big booktubers, it feels like they’re always talking about the same books at the same time. Muse of Nightmares has been a nightmare these past few weeks, everyone is talking about it, and I must have listened to like 30 different descriptions of the Six of Crows plot since the beginning of the year.

      I’m still trying to figure out which book bloggers/ booktubers have tastes more aligned with mine and that’s hard work. But I’m trying to follow some of the tropes I really liked in fanfiction and apply it to books. It works sometimes. I feel like fanfiction spoiled me for romance in books since I haven’t read a really good romantic relationship in books this year.

      TV shows are the love of my life, I can’t say no to them ❤

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    3. Exactly! I feel she’s one of those rare people who’re ALWAYS genuine whenever they’re in a video or insta stories. Some just feel forced and fake while she’s.. so definitely not! And yes about all the same books. But that’s something we see on blogs too, haha. I try not to do it myself but sometimes I just can’t help it. If you love a book, you love a book after all. [Although some people really should.. realize they can’t talk about the same book every two posts..]

      It’s definitely not easy to figure that out! Especially since it can take months before you’re actually satisfied and feel like you can truly say they have similar tastes, hah. I try not thinking about tropes too much and not checking out what tropes are present in books but that’s more because it feels to me like spoilers sometimes than anything else really. I do love the bad boy one though. I’ll always be a sucker for it – if only because it’s just.. me and a past of falling in love with the bad boys in real life too, haha. 😛

      I really should make more time for them! Just you wait and see! The moment we’ve moved and my boyfriend will have a separate television for his xbox, I’ll be bingeing some shows! [I hope..]

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  13. Great post!! I don’t do peer pressure, period. I read a ton of books but they are mostly by indie authors who need the exposure. As for the swag, eh. I don’t have any. I have never done a book box and don’t feel the need to. Oh, if you saw my Goodreads reading challenge, you would laugh. I keep upping it by 50 books every year. And as for bad reviews on books that everyone else loves? I review by what I feel. So if I didn’t like the book, oh well, you’re going to hear about it. I have had pushback. Emails saying “How dare you not like . It is the best book EVER. You suck.”.

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    1. I’m so jealous of you right now! I wish I could have that attitude all the time on all accounts but.. unfortunately I don’t. I’m already happy to know I improved TONS compared to when I first started blogging but sometimes the peer pressure still gets to me. Sometimes.
      I’m sorry you’ve had mails like that though.. I hate when people don’t allow others to have their own opinions. It’s not like they would like it if we told them their opinion is invalid or their love for a certain book is totally and utterly wrong. :’)

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  14. I feel this SO HARD. I think a lot of it boils down to my lack of self-control and this naive sense of FOMO 🤣 but I do tend to buy books that are not generally my taste because everyone else is reading them. I think I’ve done better lately on being more critical about reading and buying books because I want to, and not because everyone else is.

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    1. Hahaha, I toootally feel you on that! It took me over a year to get over the FOMO and.. well.. I still succumb to it sometimes when the hype is REALLY big but I try to distance myself from hyped books as much as possible when deciding to read it or not. :’) It’s SO HARD though.. Guess it’s something we’ll forever struggle with but we can only do our best, haha.


  15. Great post, Kathy! I feel ya, there is definitely peer pressure in the blogging community. I’m always green with envy at bloggers who read lots of books, because I just don’t have time. I try not to get jealous, but it’s hard. I do enjoy posting negative reviews of books everyone else loves, though. Not sure why, I guess having a different opinion from other readers never bothers me😁

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    1. I never really struggled with envy towards the amounts other bloggers read but.. that’s probably because I realize I read quite a lot myself in the span of a month compared to others. I do tend to get competitive a bit sometimes but that’s just the competitive side of me playing up, hah. Just keep in mind that you’re focusing your energy and time on other things that are probably way more important than reading all the books! [People sometimes forget there are things more important anyway..]
      Haha, I’m always so scared to post negative reviews. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a loved one or a hated one. Makes me.. ugh since.. well.. I’ve had people attacking me for having my own opinion in the past and I hate confrontations like that. :’)


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