I READ TWO ARC’S AND.. am failing at my own read-along.. – WWW: October 17th

WWW Wednesday

Wednesday equals a reading update! I haven’t really read all that much the past week. We’ve been so busy going to all the baby stores and secondhand markets, looking up secondhand things online and packing up some of our stuff. I just.. didn’t feel like reading by the time I could sit on my butt and do nothing. Happens sometimes! On top of that, Belgium isย not rocking the Fall weather at all. It feels more Spring or Summer-ish, which messes with my Fall-mood reading-wise to be honest.. Anyway.

Let’s see what today’s update looks like.

As always, covers link back to the Goodreads-page, so feel free to check them out!

Current read

ItSinner (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #4)

Okay, so.. This looks quite the same as it did last week. Wouldn’t be that bad if I could tell you I actually made some progress but I didn’t pick either of them up ever since? I did read a bit in It last night and during my lunch break, but I barely made the progress I should’ve made..

Finished reading

Empress of All SeasonsOdd One Out

I did finish some books! Two, to be exact. I’ve yet to write my review on Empress of All Seasons since I’m having a difficult time putting my thoughts into words and.. Odd One Out is giving me even more of a headache. I was approved for the eARC – definitely didn’t expect to be, honestly.ย I had such high hopes for it but.. I don’t know! You’ll find out once I actually get my review ready to share, hah.

Reading next

Goddess of the Sea (Goddess Summoning, #1)The Art of Baking Blind

Last week I was in the middle of the Charms: Extra Credit Read-a-thon, so the books I wanted to read next.. were specifically meant for that read-a-thon. However, I still feel like picking them up, but I’m not sure I will yet. I really want to finish my current reads first. [Keep dreaming, Kathy. You’re so not finishing IT in time..]

ARC overview

Imber (Thanatos Trilogy #1)Oliver and Erica: When Friends become LoversOne New York ChristmasThe Queen's WingThe Girl KingThe Gilded Wolves (The Gilded Wolves, #1)

How did your week go?
What Autumn-related events / chores / outings did you tick off your bucket list?




22 thoughts on “I READ TWO ARC’S AND.. am failing at my own read-along.. – WWW: October 17th

  1. Yeah, slumps are not fun. I think it’s starting to go away, so I’m looking forward to reading more soon-ish.
    Haha I’m enjoying the fall food and everything, but I’m not a fan of cold weather, so I’m just trying to enjoy the not-freezing temperatures while I can. I hope you get some fall weather your way by the time you go on holiday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€
      Haha, I’d gladly send the warm weather your way if that were possible. Some colleagues were talking about how it’s going to be cold this weekend and next week so I might just get my wish granted! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh I’m really curious to hear your thoughts about Odd One Out! I read it recently and… well, I had fun with it, but I’m also really conflicted about it, in a way? I don’t know ahah I’m putting off writing my review because well, it always takes me time to write a review anyway and… I don’t know how to express my feelings for this book haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My goodness I’m so TORN about the whole book. I enjoyed the overall stories but had so many issues with it as well and.. ugh.. I still haven’t stopped editing my review because I keep thinking of things I need to mention and it’s taking forever. :’) Hopefully I’ll have it up by next week..

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I’ll wait patiently ahah. I haven’t started writing it, because I don’t even know how to properly gather my thoughts. I’m so conflicted, but I enjoyed it, but some things just made me, NOOOO. hahaha.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Hahaha, I relate. I can definitely see how others would have issues with it, but being bisexual myself it’s.. even worse when it comes to this book and UGH. ๐Ÿ˜ It’ll probably be one of my longest reviews since I keep adding to it too, haha.

      Liked by 1 person

    4. I’ve read a couple of other reviews for the book mentioning some issues and I have to say, this helped me in putting my finger on what bothered me with this book, too. there were some moments and passages and definitely things that did not feel right :/

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  3. I’m in a bit of a reading slump, but I’m trying to get through a super long informational book about the Vikings, so it’s kind of holding me up. Fall is in FULL SWING in Chicago, so I’ve been drinking lots of tea, if not reading a ton. I hope you get to find more time for reading soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yikes. I hope you get out of that slump soon! Those are awful.
      I’m jealous of your seasonal weather, haha! I just hope it’ll be all fall-weather when I’m on holiday in two weeks’ time because I REALLY want to have all the best fall views then. [And there’ll definitely be plenty of reading that week as well!]

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