Most Popular Books on my TBR

Books on my TBR

Okay, after sharing the biggest and thinnest books on my owned TBR, I thought it was time to also share the most popular books on there! Honestly, I’m kind of liking these posts simply because they’ll maybe, just maybe, serve as an extra push, that extra bit of motivation to pick them up? Who knows!

Let’s take a look at the books that got rated by a whole lot of people! [If you feel like doing this yourself, you simply have to add the “num ratings” column on your Goodreads-shelf and you’re good to go.]

Pride and PrejudiceThe Hobbit (Middle-Earth Universe)The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings, #1)Romeo And Juliet (Giunti Classics)The Book Thief

I knew this was going to happen. The top five could hardly be anything else than a whole lot of classics. Truth be told, I expected the whole top ten to be like this, but there seem to be some fun surprises. The first five books range between 2.346.194 and 1.411.331 ratings!

The Time Traveler's WifeWuthering HeightsNorthern Lights (His Dark Materials, #1)FrankensteinDracula

The latter five range from 1.374.282 to 743.236 ratings, which is quite the difference with the absolute number one, isn’t it? Although I do think the biggest surprises in this top ten are The Book Thief and Northern Lights. I expected them to be way up there, but I didn’t necessarily expect them in my top ten? Makes me wonder about my least popular books… Maybe that’s one for next time, ha!

Are the most popular books on your TBR also all classics? Or are there completely other books present? Any of these you absolutely loved?
[Except for The Book Thief. I know I have to read it. I KNOW. I WILL.]



27 thoughts on “Most Popular Books on my TBR

  1. Except for The Hobbit and Wuthering Heights, I’ve read all of these. If I were suggest two (one classic, one modern) it would be Pride and Prejudice and The Book Thief though all of them are good


  2. Yeah….. my TBR’s most popular books are all classics *nervous laughter*
    The majority are Jane Austen or Charles Dickens books.
    I’ll get to them eventually hahahaha—– ha.

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  3. Most of these books are on my TBR too! Classics usually take more time and attention to read, so that’s probably the reason there’s so many of them on my TBR. Plus, most of these have film adaptations that I’ve seen—I’m in no rush to read the book 🙂.

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    1. Hahaha. It’s why I want to reread Animal Farm – amongst others. Back when I was “forced” to read it, I liked it but I know I’ll enjoy it more should I read it of my own free will. 😛


  4. Wow, what a fun post!
    I just checked and surprisingly I only had one classic in the top 10 of my TBR (Jane Eyre).
    And not surprisingly the most popular book on my TBR is Harry Potter, lol 😀 (yes, I know I’m a disgrace of a fantasy booknerd for not having read this series yet).

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  5. The only one we have in common here is the book thief. And yes, you really really should read that! My top 5 are:
    1) Gone Girl
    2) City Of Bones
    3) All The Light We Cannot See
    4) Eleanor And Park
    5) The Rosie Project

    This inspires me for a blogpost actually!

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    1. I know! One day, haha!
      I’m planning on making “Reread all the Shadowhunter-books” a 2019 goal. I’m already keeping my fingers crossed for me to actually do it because I’m horrible at rereading..

      Ooh, you’re welcome, haha! 😛


  6. Haha you really should read The Book Thief. That was one of my all-time favorite books. :p

    I weirdly don’t have a lot of classics on my most-rated TBR books, but none of them surprise me. The Fault in Our Stars, The Lightning Thief, City of Bones. All ten of them are ones I keep telling myself I’ll read soon, too, though.

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    1. I knooow. I just don’t know when. There are simply too many books on my TBR, haha.

      That’s the thing with popular books, isn’t it? We keep repeating we’ll read them soon, but.. do we ever? :’)

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