WWW: April 11th


Hi Munchworms!

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking On A World of Words where you answer three fixed questions.

Okay, first up: my giveaway is coming. I promise! I’ve just been busy with other stuff these past couple of days but I’ll get there!
Also a small question to you guys: I didn’t post my Waiting on Wednesday-post last week as I usually do and I might not do it today either. Unless people go about, pulling my hair and tell me I have to so.. Do I have to? [If so, I’ll make some time for it later today!]
I’m trying to catch up on books I have to read for that author meet last week and so far, so good. I only have The Last Namsara and The Novice left – of which I started the first one yesterday so I should be good!

What are you currently reading?

Days of Blood & Starlight (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #2)The CallThe Last Namsara (Iskari, #1)Alignment of Thoughts

Seems I have two books stuck on here now.. Sorry The Call!
I’ve also started Mihai Brinas’ second poetry collection last night and I’ll definitely finish this one today so after that, it’s back to The Last Namsara. Or I’ll start reading an eARC since I forgot to bring my book to work, oops.

What did you recently finish reading?

Children of Blood and Bone (Legacy of Orïsha, #1)Paris Ever AfterFirst Survivor: The Impossible Childhood Cancer BreakthroughThe Lost Savior (Alinthia #1)Debt of Bones (Sword of Truth, #0.5)

What are you reading next?

As I said, next on the list is The Novice!

The Novice (Summoner, #1)

Oh, and look how my ARC-TBR shrunk compared to last week! I’m so proud of myself!

Love ConnectionSometime After MidnightBrave EnoughSticks and Stones
This Is Just My Face: Try Not to StareThe Unbinding of Mary ReadeThe Art of French KissingThe Adults

Do you sometimes pick up a poetry collection? Or is it simply not your thing? What’s your current read?




30 thoughts on “WWW: April 11th

  1. Poetry is not really my thing but I’ll be reading some for a friend this month! Then congrats on the ARC’s shrinking LOL

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    1. Ooh, awesome you’re dipping your toes in something you usually don’t read, haha!
      THANK YOU! I seriously feel so accomplished right now. That is, until I remember the reviews I have yet to finish.. :’)


  2. To the question “do you have to”, the answer is nooooooo just do whatever you want 😉
    How are you reading so many books at the same time, this amazes me hahaha. I hope you enjoyed Children of Blood and Bone? 😀

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    1. Haha, thanks!

      Honestly, I haven’t picked up Days of Blood & Starlight since.. December, I think? And The Call’s been stuck since last month. Needed to read it for a FB reading challenge but didn’t have enough time and now.. well.. it’s stuck on my current reads? xD
      CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE IS FREAKING AMAZING AND I WANT EVERYONE TO READ IT. Not to mention I’m meeting the author next week and I’m totally freaking out and anxious. At first I was like “yeah, meeting authors. Still have to read their books but I’ll be fine. I’ll just try saying one decent sentence. It’ll be good.” And now there are two books of two authors I’ve read that I TOTALLY LOVE and I don’t know how to cope with the stress anymore. [This just turned into a rant; good job, me. xD]

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  3. I’ve been keeping up with your WWW for a while now and it’s kind of become a thing that I always look if you’ve finished Days of Blood and Starlight yet 😂😂 plus it’s impressive how you made your arc tbr shrink 👌

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    1. Oh my god.. Now you’ve put the pressure on. NOW I NEED IT GONE. Seriously. I love you for saying that. Maybe it’ll get my butt into gear and make me pick it up. *This is wishful thinking but if I’d be at home right now, I’d totally read a couple of chapters?*
      Thank you!!! I needed those ARC’s shrunk desperately. It was exploding a bit.. :’)

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    1. I know, right?! Had to stop reading though since the author apparently isn’t coming to the author event after all so I’d rather focus on the authors who are, haha.
      YES. I always feel like I should have a back-up, and usually it’s book first, Kindle second and phone last. I can never be without reading options, haha.


  4. *gasp* The Novice is pretty high up on my TBR lists too!!!! I have some pretty high expectations for it though…. because magic schools….. they are always great…. but magic.

    When you’ve finished reading The Novice will you write a review or give a rating in a wrap up thingy?? I wanna know if it’s suuuuper good, I might cry if I go into and not like it. T.T
    I’ve hyped it up too much… I may have ruined it for myself O_O

    *sigh* Your ARC-TBR is so colourful!!!! A lot of the books I’m picking up to read have dark covers XD
    You can read those books in time, I BELIEVE!!!!!! HAPPY READING 😀

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    1. Haha, right?! I’ve been looking forward to reading that one so having the extra motivation to finally pick it up: PERFECT. 😀

      Definitely writing a review on it! I always do! The only reviews I don’t post on my blog are sequels because I don’t even want to risk spoiling someone, haha. [Unless I’m ridiculously raving about it, then I do post it. :’)]

      Hahaha, I know! A couple of months ago they were all so dark as well with a couple of exceptions so I’m glad it’s.. more colorful this time around. 😛

      YOU TOO! ❤

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  5. The author of the last Namsara isn’t coming to Flanders, because she’s not coming to YALFest either. So maybe you should focus on the novice since Taran Matharu is coming. They put The Last Namsara in the Dutch contest to win a meet and greet with all authors, because the 100 is not relevant to buy anymore since the first book is already available for about €10. The Last Namsara is like the top book of fall 2017 for blossom books. Oh, and Sarah Pinborough will be replaced by SarahCrossan.

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    1. I knew about the Sarah-switch but didn’t know about The Last Namsara; that sucks. :’)
      Not really interested in Crossan’s books – at least not enough to go ahead and suddenly buy and read them asap, haha. Guess I’ll be picking up The Novice sooner rather than later!

      Thank you!!


  6. Hi, Kathy! So glad to see your ARC TBR shrink so much! lol It always stresses me out whenever I have many books to read and review but I hope it’s not the case for you. 😛 Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Sometime After Midnight and Brave Enough! Btw, I’m also reading Alignment of Thoughts at the moment! Did you enjoy Mihai Brinas’ first poetry collection, Invitation to Poetry? Anyways, happy reading! 🙂

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    1. Hi!

      It was bad for a second there but the release dates are pretty spread out right now so that takes the pressure off enormously, haha.
      Those are two I’m really looking forward to! Especially Sometime After Midnight; love myself some retellings!
      Yes! Although some of those poems did feel off to me, as if they weren’t translated all that well? But I wasn’t sure if that was me or not – since my mother tongue isn’t English either. I’m liking it so far and I’m not having that issue with Alignment of Thoughts, but I do feel like I connected more with his first collection.
      Thank you; you too! 🙂

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    2. Aww, that’s great to hear! So now you could take your time reading the ARCs without burdening yourself. 😀

      Exactly! The blurb for SAM is super interesting for me as well and I’m not sure how the story will turn out since it’s inspired by Alex from Target (I believe)! lol

      Hold on, are the poems in Invitation to Poetry translated? I only knew that the author is Romanian but I thought he wrote his books in English. O_o Haha, so whenever I read something not quite English-like, I simply assumed that was his intention. *oops* Anyway, I had a good time reading his first one and I’m so happy you could connect with his words as well! ❤

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    3. Exactly! It’s why I’m being very picky with the ARC’s I’m requesting as well, haha. No need to go back to a huge, uncontrollable mountain. 😀

      Seriously? Didn’t know about that, haha!

      Yes! When Minas read my review he contacted me to say so. Honestly such a pity that the translation fell short for me.
      Haha! It happens. Honestly, I first thought it was just me and my native tongue not being English so I started doubting myself on that account. 😛

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