TTT: Disliking these characters because I can.


Hi Munchworms!

This week’s topic for That Artsy Reader Girl‘s Top Ten Tuesday is:
“Characters I liked in books I disliked”!

So… I’m going to give this a little twist. Simply because I really like to forget all about the characters of books I didn’t like and that’s pretty disastrous when it comes to this prompt, right?
Instead, I’m simply going on a little rant about the characters I dislike!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter, #5)First, we’re getting the most logical one out of the way. The one I loathe. I even absolutely hate her clothes and the way she decorates everything because it’s all pink.
I even remember already hating her before she got up to everything she did. The pink did it for me and her behavior pretty much was the cherry on top of the not-pink cake. So, of course, I’m talking about Umbridge. I don’t think anyone on the entire planet admires that woman and if they do… Please, tell me why?!

The Beautiful OnesIn this novel, there’s this one very, very egocentric character that rubbed me the wrong way from the start. Trust me, as Umbridge, I believe she’s supposed to get that reaction out of people but still. The way she thinks she’s the most important, the most beautiful and how she acts because of that… Nope, nope and nope. Valérie is one person I’d love to shove off a a bridge, with pleasure. I even said the same thing in my review, ha!

Death Note, Vol. 1: Boredom (Death Note, #1)Yup, the first manga I ever read and I didn’t like the main character. Shocker right? Doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the overall story though, because I did! But I was so rooting for Light to get caught way sooner than he did. He got on my nerves with his views and sneaky way of getting exactly what he wanted at all times – although I admit, that was entertaining at the same time. He’s a very, very well thought-out character but still. I can’t help disliking him?

The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue (Guide, #1)Monty! I swear! I kind of liked this novel but I simply did not like Monty at all. Egocentric and egoistic and… I just couldn’t, okay? I did love Percy and Felicity and I cannot wait to get their stories – I really do hope Percy will get his own story! But I can seriously do without Monty. I’m hoping he won’t make much of an appearance in The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy or I’ll be instantly annoyed with him. I just know it, haha.

Fairest (The Lunar Chronicles, #3.5)I really enjoyed reading Queen Levana‘s story but it didn’t get me to sympathize with her at all. She’s still that evil Queen I loved to get rid off and I’m sure that won’t ever change. I disliked her, even while reading her story. I barely connected with her and I really cannot forgive her for everything she’s done. Nope. That is simply not happening.
And now I’m thinking about putting The Lunar Chronicles on my reread-list for next year… Now ain’t that a thought? Let’s just see how much I can reread this year though…

The Fault in Our StarsLast is Hazel. I saw the movie before I ever read the book and I think that did it. I don’t like the actress playing Hazel at all and I think it influenced me big time when it came to her character in general. I can’t enjoy her watching the movie and I can’t enjoy her while reading the book. I simply keep visioning the actress going through those motions and… *sigh* I wish I could change it, but I can’t so that’s why Hazel belongs on this list as well. Boo.

Do you agree with me? Who else would you put on this list?




55 thoughts on “TTT: Disliking these characters because I can.

    1. Haha, I’ve noticed my opinion on Monty is a pretty unpopular one which is kind of funny. I think that’s one of the first times happening to me. I just thought he was way too self-centered and.. I just couldn’t connect with him at all.
      Glad I’m not alone when it comes to Hazel though! And Umbridge is a given for everyone who’s read Harry Potter, I guess. 😛


    2. I mean I haven’t read it yet, so I’ll see if I agree with you when I do! Fair enough, if you don’t connect to a character then you don’t. Ha ha definitely not. Oh of course!

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  1. Light was so damn annoying at times. I both didn’t and did want him to get caught. I loved the chase between him and L but when the final part with L happened I was furious and was wishing for death.

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  2. I love how you reversed the topic! You’re definitely not the only one. lol. I was pretty daunted by the topic when it came through on my TTT submission form, but I thought I should make the person happy who submitted it and went ahead and put it on the schedule. But it was SO HARD for me to come up with a list because the characters are what make or break a book for me! lol. I don’t usually dislike a book if I liked the characters. Way to make it work for you!

    – Jana (That Artsy Reader Girl)

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    1. Haha, thank you! Honestly, when I saw the prompt I went “who would torture me like that?!” and I couldn’t think of anything really.. Like you said, characters very often make or break a book so a topic like this is hell, ha.

      Thank you for stopping by, Jana! 😀 And way too go on taking over TTT. 😉


  3. I reaaaally agree with you on Umbridge (although lmao, same, it’s obvious that I do), Light (boy did I hate him- I loved L with everything in me though haha) and Hazel (I watched the movie first as well, and I hated how her character turned up there). Love this twist on the TTT!

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    1. L is actually one of my fave anime/manga characters of all time… that says something :’)

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  4. I hate Umbridge with my every being haha + I really loved Mony! I definitely don’t like Queen Levana, but I thought she was such a great villain!

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  5. I am shocked, shocked I tell you about you disliking Monty. 😉 I loved him 😀
    And yeah, Light wasn’t really for me either. I never did continue with Death Note…

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  6. Though I liked TFIOS (both book and film) much better than anticipated, I do get not liking characters if you don’t care for the person playing them. It’s kind of important to have the right actor portraying the character. 🙂

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    1. Exactly. Although as far as I remember, TFIOS is the one and only time I really had a problem with an actor..
      Okay, no. The actress playing Clary in the Shadowhunter series as well, haha.


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