TGIF: Blogging news, updates and pep talk!


Hi Munchworms!

It’s been ridiculously long since I did a post like this, but I think that’s mainly because I always had plenty of reviews to share. I still do, but.. Like.. I’m procrastinating and not finishing them?

There are a couple of topics I want to talk about today. I’m still going to try and keep it brief and – hopefully – not make this into a rant but who knows. I might just do exactly that. We all know bloggers are awesome at those, right?

First up I really, really want to thank each and every one of you for sticking around! I’m in my ninth month of blogging right now and it’s been such a wonderful journey so far. I honestly cannot believe how much my blog has grown in that short period of time. Like, 850 followers? That’s HUGE. You are all amazing. I love you all. Your support is appreciated so, so much!
Of course this also means that I might secretly be planning a giveaway for when I reach the next huge, enormous, gigantic milestone in my blogging life. Or maybe I’m just saying I’m secretly planning one but actually still have to start doing that.. 

Second topic of the day: my procrastinating awesomeness. I think most of you are getting pretty used to my posting every day. You might also have noticed I didn’t post yesterday. Simply because I didn’t have anything scheduled.
Usually I make sure I have plenty of posts ready to go, but life has been getting in my way. Trips out of the country, meeting up with friends, job applications. Not to mention the fact that I simply used my spare time to relax and read. I put blogging a bit on the back burner. It wasn’t really noticeable since I had so many posts scheduled but I guess I sort of took a hiatus the last two weeks?
This equals me having only two or three more posts scheduled. I need to get a move on and get my blogging prep together! I’m not sure when – since I, once again, have a busy weekend coming – but I’ll get there!

I’ll also be posting less reviews next month since I read a lot of sequels in February and I simply didn’t feel like reviewing those. Perks of being your own person is you get to pick when you do or don’t write a review – ha!
Just know that this doesn’t mean I’ll be slowly disappearing. Not at all. I’m simply trying to find a bit more balance between my blog and the rest of my life. So weird saying that; you’d think I’d have figured that out by now but nope. There goes the fantasy that Kathy has her shit in order and never struggles! Told you guys this but some just wouldn’t believe me and thought this all worked perfectly for me. “You’re a natural at planning!” Yeah, no. I’m not. I try to. But I’m not.

Which brings me to the topic that I really wanted to tackle today. Pressure on bloggers. Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane talked about how she experiences pressure when it comes to blogging and… I felt like doing a bit of a pep talk for every blogger out there.

It doesn’t matter what you blog about, we all know there’s pressure. Sometimes it’s other people’s expectations but most of the time we do it to ourselves. We want ourselves to be better, do better, grow more. We expect more and more, no matter how much we’re already doing and I’m here to tell you guys to stop.
It’s okay to take a step back, breathe and remember yourself that you do this for fun. You should have fun. Always. If you’re not? It’s time to figure everything out and find ways to get your groove back. Because, let’s be honest, in a lot of cases it’s very obvious when someone doesn’t feel it anymore. Your writing, your posts suffer when you’re in a place like that. It’s not meant to be that way, people!
You don’t need to invest even more time, put in even more hours, read like a crazy person and simply end up disliking everything blog-related. That’s not the point of having our blogs. We started them because we wanted a place to share, rant, meet new people. We didn’t sign up to be crushed beneath all the expectations and pressure. We didn’t. We should remember that.

That’s exactly what I’ve been remembering the last couple of days. I’ll be trying to get my blog prep done but I’m not making any promises as to how much I’ll be posting. Daily? Pretty sure that won’t be the case, but at least you’ll all get posts with my heart and soul in it and that’s most important to me.

I love all of you. If you struggle, in any way, don’t be scared to find me. It doesn’t even have to be blog-related. If you feel like having a talk but don’t know who to turn to, my virtual door is open.





19 thoughts on “TGIF: Blogging news, updates and pep talk!

  1. Great post Kathy and well said. I’ve been struggling this month. I’ve ended up in a slump and while I know that’s ok and I just need to take a step back I can’t help but feel bad. I know that’s stupid but I can’t help it lol.

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    1. Thank you, Misty!
      I know. It’s this stupid thing in our brain that tells us to feel bad about it when we really shouldn’t. Just do some of the things you love and feel like doing; eventually one of those things will be reading and you’ll be back! 🙂

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  2. Right back at you, Kathy! Enjoy your offline life as much as you can – it’s the one that matters the most! And if you’re struggling, throw it out there for us to support you 🙂 That’s what the blogging community is for, right?

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    1. Thank you! I’ve been doing exactly that on Saturday. Just had some us-time with the boyfriend and it helped a ton already! Sometimes we just need to focus a bit more on other important aspects of our lives to charge those blogging batteries. 🙂
      True! I guess I’m just not someone who likes to go knock on other people’s doors even though I know I’d be welcomed, you know? I’ve always had to get through things on my own and sometimes it’s hard to do the opposite. 🙂

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  3. I’ll never say it enough, I love your pep talks and this post was amazing and a well-needed read. I guess what matters the most is that we pour our hearts in our blog posts, and not the content we deliver. It should be okay to take steps back and take care of ourselves, too. I know I need to do that more often haha 🙂
    Wonderful post ❤ ❤

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    1. Haha, thank you! ❤ Honestly, I feel like we all need a pep-talk once in a while. Simply writing it made me feel like I was giving myself a pep-talk so everyone benefits!
      Exactly! I took some me-time [bf-time] on Thursday and Saturday and it felt awesome. Completely charged my battery to do a whole day of blog prep yesterday and now I'm.. well.. pretty relaxed since I know I have plenty of time to mood-do!
      Thank you! ❤

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  4. You are so right about most of the pressure coming from inside. People usually don’t expect as much from us as we think they do. I mean this in terms of blogging, and the followers, who technically don’t know the blogger, only through the blog.

    Take care ❤ 🙂 Have fun!

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  5. Great post Kathy!
    I’m the same, this month has been a pretty bad month for me and blogging has had to take a back seat for a few weeks while I work on myself but i’m a lot better now and ready to get back into blogging, if i can ever get some free time to get some posts scheduled anyway xD

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    1. Thank you!
      Oooh, so glad you’re doing better now! It’s important to take some time for self-care once in a while – guess as bloggers, we realize that pretty often?
      Haha, finding the time to prep posts is such a hassle sometimes! I did a bunch of it yesterday but I’m still not finished, haha. :’)


  6. Thank you for the lovely advice Kathy! And I want to say that I really do admire how consistent you put out reviews and you deserve that milestone (850 and more!). I think I’ll be trying to schedule posts too, so as not to be pressured with writing everyday. But rest assured I’ll also do this for the pleasure of blogging and sharing my thoughts ^^

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    1. You’re welcome!
      Thank you so much! 🙂
      Scheduling is heaven, really. That way you can just plan in the blog prep whenever you have the time and get things done for the week [or longer] to come so you can focus on other things then!
      As long as the love and passion is there.. You’re all good! ❤

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    1. Aw, thank you so much! ❤ That really means a lot to me.
      I've been blog prepping all day yesterday and I felt like I got my groove back so here's me keeping my fingers crossed that it comes across like that as well once those posts are up! 😀


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