Sign-up: Beat the Backlist 2018

Hi Munchworms!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor happy new yearFirst off: HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!
I hope you had tons of fun last night and celebrated the new year vigorously. Yes, this also counts if you read yourself into 2018. I honestly wish all you guys everything you could wish for. Whether it comes to love, friendship, family, work, books, yourself. Anything! You deserve it!

Now, on to the actual post and another 2018 goal.

I know I already threw my 2018 reading goals at you – more like a whole reading challenge, but okay – but I have more! Or… Should I say… I’m going to use the Beat the Backlist Challenge to motivate me to demolish my physical TBR?

Some of you might know that I talked about this challenge, doubting whether or not to join because I’ll have to keep track on a whole lot of places how my reading’s going but… Why not, right?! So I’m going to do it!

I signed up, found out my team is Novel Knights – whoop! – and am ready to do this!

As for my TBR, I’m going to use the same page on my blog, Demolish my TBR 2018. I already typed out my entire physical TBR there and I’ll be adding my purchases along the way as well.

I swear this is going to be the last yearly challenge I take on! Pretty sure I’ll go nuts if I add more, haha.


Are you joining this challenge? Or are you doing other challenges this year? I’d love to hear what goals you set!

If you haven’t checked out my entire Books & Munches Reading Challenge yet, feel free to do so and join in! As for my January challenge, my January Jam Jar starts today. I’ll have my TBR for that one up later, so be sure to check it out!




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