Review: Sweet Dreams, Baby by C.J. Carmichael

Hi Munchworms!

Sweet Dreams Baby (Love at the Chocolate Shop #12)A couple of months ago, I got my hands on an eBook of Sweet Dreams Baby by C.J. Carmichael through LibraryThing.
Last week, I finally succumbed and started reading! My poor heart keeps craving romance these days, apparently.

Three weeks ago, Portia Bishop mailed a letter to the father of her baby, Saddle Bronc rider Austin Bradshaw. It’s a letter she should have written a long time ago—like when she first found out she was pregnant, shortly after she ended things with Austin, dropped out of college, and went running to her family in Marietta, Montana.

Austin has loved Portia since he first laid his eyes on her in college. A year ago, he convinced her to do something impulsive and very romantic. Now, as he opens her letter, Austin has two reasons to return to Marietta–win back the heart of the woman he still loves and convince her he’s a good bet for a forever man and father.

The good

If there’s one good thing to be mentioned, it’s the overall story, the concept of this novel. I really liked what the author had in mind. The whole idea of someone already having a romantic history, having a baby her ex doesn’t know about… It’s something else than seeing a relationship bloom from scratch and I liked it!

When it comes to the writing, I did like the way Carmichael went about it. I could easily follow the MC’s train of thought and understood their actions.

He was crying, but he wasn’t ashamed of it. He’d lost out big time, and he wasn’t going to pretend it didn’t matter to him.

The bad

But… A huge but.

First of all, all conversations in this novel simply felt forced, fake and artificial. I couldn’t help it but pretty much every single conversation just passed me by without touching me in any way.

On top of that, I didn’t feel any spark. I didn’t feel the romance. I didn’t crave for that one magical kiss we all know is coming in novels like this. I just didn’t. And in a novel like this you need to feel that. If you don’t, something’s definitely wrong.

Sticking your head in the sand is no way to solve a problem.


WhatsApp Image 2017-12-07 at 15.25.57Although I did like the idea, the whole execution was an enormous disappointment for me and I just can’t ignore that…

As for the munches, our MC works in a chocolate shop, so what better thing to go for than some chocolates! I admit, I used this as an excuse to get myself a box of chocolates, which I normally never ever buy, haha.





I received an eCopy of this book through LibraryThing. All opinions are entirely my own. I’m not being compensated in any way.

8 thoughts on “Review: Sweet Dreams, Baby by C.J. Carmichael

  1. I’m sorry this was such an underwhelming experience, Kathy :/ It does sound like a unique story as I usually mostly find books where no relationship has been established and one of the plot points is to explore a newfound romance, so this was refreshing.
    However, if the writing is so bad you feel nothing while reading it, then what’s the point?
    Wonderful review, though ❤ And may I say I absolutely ADORE Guylian chocolates? OMG seriously, you just made me want to go get some now xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed! If only the writing was better, I know this would’ve been such a better novel than it ended up to be right now..
      Hahaaa! Same here! I bought myself two boxes [excuse: I need one for my picture!] and my boyfriend pretty much told me not to eat it all. I did. In about three days. Oops? Guylian chocolates with buttered bread = BREAKFAST OF HEAVEN


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