Brotherhood of the World Award

Hi Munchworms!

As I still have to catch up on tags / awards… this is exactly what I’m going to try and do! I also noticed that I completely forgot about some tags that were linked to a holiday / certain period so… Sorry if that was one of yours!!

Honestly, I do enjoy doing tags but there are so many tags and awards that are pretty much the same with a different name… It’s starting to feel as if I’m repeating myself… So from now on, I think I’ll only be picking out the tags that are somewhat unique and/or speak to me!

Anyway! Misty @ Mistysbookspace tagged me for the Brotherhood of the World Award, which I hadn’t heard of until then!

brotherhood of the world award


> Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
> Answer the questions sent to you.
> Nominate around ten bloggers.
> Create your set of questions for your nominees.
> List the rules and display the Brotherhood Of The World logo in your post.


Why did you decide to start your blog?

I was slowly getting more and more into reading again, when I stumbled upon someone who was selling a bookish box in a Facebook group I’m a member of. I had never heard of such boxes before so I pretty much jumped at the chance.
Then I found out that she has a blog and I got intrigued. It honestly wasn’t that long before I thought about it more and more. The moment I decided to just start a blog, I was brainstorming about it all day at work. Came home, started my blog.

What is your least read genre?

Non-fiction and horror, without a doubt.

What are you wanting to accomplish with your blog?

Honestly, I love the way my blog’s been growing but that’s not something I set goals for. I just go with how it goes. The only thing I want to keep doing with my blog is keep having fun, enjoying myself and connecting with all you amazing bookworms out there.

Who is your most read author?

Let’s focus on 2017 for this one. Sarah J. Maas & Marissa Meyer.
I’ve been reading so many books by those two authors this year, haha.

How long have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging for almost six months since I started my blog on June 13th of this year.


> Isn’t it a..
> pity that..
> you just got tagged?


> What’s the thing about your blog that you struggle with most?
> Do you like read-a-thons or reading challenges more? Why?
> Who would you ask to write a book if you could pick anyone? Can’t already be an author though!
> What’s the best bookish memory you have?
> If you wouldn’t be allowed to drink coffee or tea while reading, what would you drink?

I was also tagged by Bubbles for the Blogger Recognition Award but since I have done that one already, here’s a link if you want to find out more about how I came to start my blog and two tips I’d give a new blogger!




19 thoughts on “Brotherhood of the World Award

  1. I have quite a few book tags/awards to catch up on as well. I’m going to have to dig through posts from November though because I know I was nominated for a few more but I didn’t write them down or anything because my focus has been on NaNoWriMo and reading.

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    1. I’m getting the habit of thanking people on their post immediately and saying I have no clue whether or not I’ll be doing that tag, haha. I hate having my draft piling up like crazy and those tags are perfect for doing just that. :’) Just getting the unique ones out of them now, unless it’s some original questions to answer, haha.
      Definitely get that your focus was elsewhere this month though! How has it been going so far, with the end of November creeping closer?


    2. I keep my post ideas in a notebook, so usually for the tags and such I’ll write down the tag name as well as who tagged/nominated me and on what date. Then I can easily look up all the actual information later. That also keeps my draft folder from being a full and cluttered mess.

      It’s going all right now that I’m getting some writing in. I’m almost at 40K so I have another 10K to write in the next few days. But I know most of what I have written is pretty much a sloppy stream of consciousness journal or diary, so it is a long way from being read by anyone other than me.

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    3. Hm, I can see that would work as well. Personally, I find it easier to have everything in my drafts. It also motivates me to keep them under control, haha. Every once in a while I just take some time to get through all of them, finish drafts I can finish, throw out others I changed my mind about and stuff like that.
      I’m currently at 16 but there’s some wrap-ups in the making in there as well so I’m pretty much on top of them. I think.

      40K is still a huge accomplishment! Guess that sloppy stream will have to wait to be edited. 🙂 Hope you’re still feeling okay about writing though, even if it’s such a long way off from being read by anyone else!


    4. Aside from my blog, I have been in a huge writing slump all year. So I knew my writing would be rather sloppy, but just getting the words on the page feels great. Honestly my first editing step may be to open a new document and just starting over from the beginning. I’ll see how I feel about the process in a few weeks.

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  2. Congratulations on the award, Kathy! I get it – sometimes, awards and tags are getting a little repetitive, it’s good whenever you stumble or get nominated for one that sounds quite unique 🙂 I
    I loved reading your answers here. Marissa Meyer is such a great writer, I love her books so much 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!
      They do, don’t they? I’m always happy when I get tagged since it proves people think of me while tagging others but.. I just don’t feel like answering the same bunch of questions every two weeks, haha.
      She is! Still have to get my hands on Renegades. I’ve been looking forward to that book for a while now.

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  3. Congratulations, Kathy! It is amazing that you have only been blogging for 6 months and have achieved such a great milestone! And I love how you pair munches with books 🙂 Cheers to many more awards & milestones coming your way!

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