Giveaway: WINNERS + Q&A

Hi Munchworms!

The end of my giveaway has passed. I was supposed to get this post up way sooner but life got in the way and… Honestly, my head isn’t in the right place. But I’ve suffered through it, all because… I get to announce the two winners today!

What were the prizes? There were two!

INTERNATIONAL: A book of your choice!
EUROPE: A box that little old me will put together!

Now, as for the winner of the international giveaway

Oooh, the tension!
Honestly, I had to disqualify a couple of people because they didn’t do the entries as asked… Do make sure that you do this when you enter a giveaway, folks!

Now, for the winner of the goodies box, which is EU only…

Congratulations to both!
I have sent them both an email to notify them of their victories, ha!

Now, I also included an extra entry in my giveaway where you could ask me a question. Let’s get on with those, huh!

What advice would you give to other people who have recently started their blog? (Like me!)

Do what you want to do. Don’t let anybody else tell you how you should handle your own blog. Try not to be intimidated by all the other – often gorgeous – blogs out there. They’ve had to start somewhere as well and once were where you are now. Don’t compare!
Also, don’t hesitate to ask questions to fellow bloggers. This community is the most friendly I’ve ever come across and people will definitely help out if you need it.

You get 10k dollars to spend on bookish stuff, just bookish stuff. And the condition is, you need to spend it in 10 days. How would you spend it and what would you buy?

Bookcases, books, bookish candles, every subscription box out there and.. bookmarks! Tons of bookmarks!

How do you managed to find time to post (ever day)?

Scheduling posts is my hero when it comes to that. I take an afternoon or evening to write and schedule posts once in a while. Apart from that, I use my break at work to put some time into my blog as well.
I also read quite a lot so I can often schedule my reviews a couple of weeks ahead. Don’t want to throw five reviews at you every week!

What book made you become a reader? Or what book made you want to read all the books?

I’m going to give the most standard answer here, but it’s simply the truth: Harry Potter. Those books changed my life.

Does blogging ever make you feel stressful?

Sometimes, yes. But that’s only the case if I’ve been neglecting preparing my posts and I just see the number of scheduled posts decreasing and decreasing, haha.

Hi Kathy! If you were a book fairy, what book would you leave under my pillow?

Hm. Now that would depend on the circumstances.
Is it cold, dark weather all the time during that period? Then I’d go with something cozy and romantic – maybe The Charm Bracelet by Melissa Hill. Or even fantasy – if you don’t know that I’m raving about The Monster of Selkirk: The Duality of Nature by C.E. Clayton all the time lately… Well, that one!
If it’s bright, sunny and warm outside, I’d have to get my hands on a cute contemporary read… Or a romantic one… Hot romance? Bull riders? Then Kane by Sinclair Jayne might be an option!

Fave reading spot?

That would be my bed. Or the couch. Or my reading sofa. It honestly depends on my mood and the book I’m reading. If it’s a romantic read, I tend to cozy up on my sofa with my fluffy blanket. If it’s somewhat suspenseful, I’d rather be in my bed – feels like I’m hiding then, no?

What is the first book you ever read??

The first one I actually read… I think that would be one of the fairytale books my mom bought for me back then. Or Pinkeltje-books. I honestly don’t really remember – my memory doesn’t serve me well when it comes to things that far in the past…

EDIT: I’m hosting a European-only giveaway for a copy of Turtles All The Way Down by John Green on my Instagram!




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