Remember November: TBR-list

Remember November
Hi Munchworms!

Time to post my own TBR for this month’s challenge, Remember November, where I’ll try to reach all those goals and challenges I set myself during the year.

My main goal this year was the Popsugar Reading Challenge, for which I did an update back in September. I didn’t have an awful lot of prompts left and managed to tick off one more! Because of an eARC I was able to cross off a book set in two different time periods, yay!

This means that the books I have to read to achieve this, are the following:

A book set in two different time periods ∞
∞ A book with a cat on the cover ∞
∞ A book with a family-term in the title ∞
∞ A book that takes place over a character’s life span ∞

Fairy Tail, Vol. 1 (Fairy Tail, #1)Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #1)The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

Another goal I set myself in September was trying to get my “Currently reading” on Goodreads out of the way. Since I’ve been neglecting some books, it always said I was supposedly reading three or four books at the same time. So, finally time to tackle those!
Yes, The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August is one of them, haha. Two birds, one stone!

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry AugustInterview with the Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles, #1)DraculaEleanor Oliphant is Completely FineBecause You Love to Hate Me: 13 Tales of Villainy

Lost, but definitely not least, I wanted to decrease my physical TBR-pile down to 100 books! I started that huge endeavor with OWNtober, but.. Somehow, books have been arriving and arriving, undoing all the reading I did so far. Sorry, not sorry. I love my books. 

Anyway, I’m still going to try and read as many books of my owned pile!

And to make it even harder, I was supposed to be keeping my eARC’s under control but.. I kind of lost myself in OWNtober a bit? So here’s the list of eBooks I received via NetGalley, LibraryThing or author requests that I have yet to read…
*Curse me…*

Christmas at the Candied Apple Café – Katherine Garbera
Busted – Gina Ciocca
Shoot the Moon – Kate Watson
This Heart of Mine – C.C. Hunter

Songlines – Carolyn Denman
Sweet Dreams Baby – C.J. Carmichael
A Match Made By Chloe – T.B. Pearl
If Only For a Time – January Fields

Swan Song – Charlotte Wilson
Poets, Artists, Lovers: A Novel – Mira Tudor
Almost Invincible – Kristen Brand
The Fragile Thread of Hope – Pankaj Giri
James: Witch-Hunter – Kelly Marsden

Uuh, can someone bring me ARC August or something? I.. kind of.. need it..

Are you joining me in this month’s challenge?
Or maybe next month, for Diverse December?!
Also: 500 followers! There’s a GIVEAWAY COMING!


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48 thoughts on “Remember November: TBR-list

  1. I know I am kinda late to the party but I am thinking about joining you on this journey. I kinda fell of my reading wagon in September and October so I think this will be a great way to catch up with my reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!
      I’m having the same problem. And for some reason, my brain’s getting interested in all the books that are NOT on this month’s TBR. It’s a first and I’m hating it, haha. 😀

      Ooh, I’m curious to see what your TBR looks like!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I failed at OWNtober but I still kind of want to try Remember November. Since I took a little break from all things books the past couple weeks pretty much I’m kind of behind and all messed up so I really need to take a day or two to figure out what I need to get done. If I decide to participate my TBR will be posted within the first week of November sometime.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s no failing if you even read one of your own books! And even if you didn’t get to do that: life gets in the way sometimes and sometimes you need to focus on other things. No big deal! 🙂
      Hope you’ll get to join us, but if not.. so be it. 😀 I’ll be on the look-out for that TBR, keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll decide to join anyway. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!
      I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you and your writing. 🙂 I had heard of NaNoWriMo before I started my blog, but I have a feeling that I’ll be hearing a ton more about it during November, haha.
      Hope it all goes well for you!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thanks!

      I do like talking about NaNo quite a bit so yeah, you will probably hear quite a bit about it. And if everything goes well then I’ll have a mostly finished first draft to a geeky contemporary romance novel. I’m nervous about it though. Never written this genre before. Thankfully I have real life inspiration to draw from while writing.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hm, checked Goodreads so here’s a list of some diverse reads that I have yet to read or have read:

      The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas
      When Dimple Met Rishi – Sandhya Menon
      Shadowshaper – Daniel José Older
      Queens of Geek – Jen Wilde
      Six of Crows – Leigh Bardugo
      The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli
      Dear Martin – Nic Stone
      Wonder – R.J. Palacio
      Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell
      The Love Interest – Cale Dietrich
      Girl in Translation – Jean Kwok
      Flame in the Mist – Renee Ahdieh
      A Quiet Kind of Thunder – Sara Barnard
      Warcross – Marie Lu
      The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue – Mackenzi Lee

      Those are the ones I’m looking forward to most, haha. Although I still have to get my hands on some of them.. :’)


    2. You’re welcome! Goodreads-lists are pretty handy when you want to check things like this! 😀 *it’s simply my go to-site when I need genre-specific books*

      Hahaha, awesome! I always just throw everything on there and see where I get..

      As for Remember November, I hope to at least cross off certain goals and not be like. “Okay, I did some for every goal but I didn’t really finish one?”
      Now that I said this, it’s going to be like that. I can feel it already..

      Looking forward to seeing your TBR, haha!


    3. Yeah, I feel like when I say ‘I’m definitely gonna do this’ my unconscious is simultaneously saying ‘okay, got it ! Gonna do my best so you don’t do it!’ 😂 Happens with projects, to-do lists, resolutions, and TBRs!

      Liked by 1 person

    4. Yep! THAT! Exactly!
      Maybe we should make our TBR a list of books we actually don’t want to read and then end up reading the books we do want to pick up?
      Although our brain would be on to us.. ugh.. so hard!


  3. Hi, Kathy! Since my workload will be back to normal and I will have a lot more time for reading, (perhaps), I’ll participate in Remember November!! My October TBR is such a mess with unexpected moodswings and such… I’ll have to get myself back on track and make a sprint towards the end of the year! Will post my November TBR and objectives soon! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hii!

      Ooh, so glad you decided to join! 😀 I’m actually glad I didn’t set myself a fixed TBR for October. It would’ve been a mess as well since I’ve picked up books I didn’t even think I’d be picking up any time soon.. And left books on my TBR that I should’ve read already, haha.

      Looking forward to seeing your TBR!

      Liked by 1 person

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