Bookish cards you’ll definitely love!

Hi Munchworms!

As you know, I’m organizing a huge Christmas Card Exchange – you can still sign up for this until the end of October so hop on over and fill in the form!


Of course, I’m sending out some cards of my own as well, but I didn’t want to use regular cards. Since I’m not an artsy / creative person when it comes to things like that, I went card hunting and stumbled upon Katy’s Etsy shop, Leo and Bib.


To say I fell in love with her cards immediately would actually be an understatement. I love the way she uses old books and paper to make her cards really unique. Except for Christmas cards, she also has a whole bunch for other occasions as well!

A huge plus for me is that the receiver is bound to be wowed by the personality factor. How can they look at a card like this and not associate it with the biggest book worm they know?!


If you’ve fallen in love with these cards as much as I have and you want to see what else Leo and Bib has to offer, head on over and take a look!



31 thoughts on “Bookish cards you’ll definitely love!

  1. Hi there, thank you for your kind and lovely words. So glad you love the cards. Enjoy the card sharing, sounds fun! Katy x
    PS will have some freebie bookmark downloads available soon so will send you the PDF when ready 😊

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    1. Now I’m simply going to make sure you have to send me one. HA. Okay, no. Just kidding. xD Although I’m still figuring out how guilty to feel when I make some people send me a card as well.. >< Like, I'm joining too, but as the organizing person it's so weird to ask people to send me one..?

      But yay for you joining! 😀

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    1. You can always use these for family and stuff! Planning on doing that as well, haha. My mom already said that it’s a card that would instantly remind her of me because of the books, so I think it’s pretty perfect. 😀

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    2. hahaha girl, you’re allowed to do whatever you want! as long as you don’t spoil us with anything in the discussions 😂 but if you want to read, then read! this is supposed to be fun, not torture 😂😂😂

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