OWNtober: TBR

Hi Munchworms!

As promised, my TBR for OWNtober, which isn’t actually a TBR but mostly a “post of shame”…

Since I wanted to give myself the freedom to pick my books along the way, I decided to drown all of you in my huge mountain of physical books that I have yet to read. Trust me, there’s a lot. So, for both my sake and yours, I took some pictures of the piles.
Now, allow me to dig a hole and hide in it…

As you can see, I’ve already arranged some piles for future monthly challenges. That doesn’t mean there’s no chance I’ll be picking them up sooner though. It was more to give myself an idea of when I’d get to read what exactly, haha.

I have to be fair and say that I’ve added a couple more books to my physical TBR-list since taking these pictures, though..ย And, once again, my camera is being a difficult piece of ugly cake so here are the covers of those – oh, and some of them haven’t arrived yet either, haha.

Some classics I bought:

FrankensteinEmmaGreat ExpectationsWuthering HeightsPride and PrejudiceThe Picture of Dorian GrayDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with the Merry Men & Other StoriesMacbeth Les Misรฉrables: Volume TwoThe Hunchback of Notre-Dame

FairyLoot – birthday gift card – ignoring my book buying ban (times three)

Even the Darkest Stars (Even the Darkest Stars #1)Sleeping BeautiesCaravalMilk and HoneyOdd & True

And since I received the eARC of the second installment, I bought myself the first one:

Seeking Mansfield (Seeking Mansfield, #1)

So… I guess I have plenty of options?

Oh, and I also have the manga’s I’m reading for the Get Graphic Readathon!

I’m also doing joining one other read-a-thon this month, namely the #GetGraphic Readathon on which I’ll post later on.
PLUS. My boyfriend will be gone for a weekend so I’ll be keeping my own read-a-thon then. But I don’t think I’ll publish a post for that one, haha. On the other hand… Anyone interested to see how much we can read during a weekend?
Say, starting Friday October 20th until Sunday evening October 22nd?

If you feel like it, feel free to join along in OWNtober! Even if you only plan on reading one, two or three of your own books. It’s the motivation that counts, no? And the challenge, haha!
Also, don’t forget to sign up for Remember November, and Diverse December!

Happy reading!


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29 thoughts on “OWNtober: TBR

  1. I have decided to join OWNtober. I will be posting my TBR tomorrow. I would join in on the weekend readathon but that starts my mini vacation with my granny so I probably want be getting much reading done at all.

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  2. For your bonus reading weekend while the boyfriend is away, might I suggest Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon? It will be taking place on Saturday the 21st.

    And…I am unable to take photos right now, but my physical TBR is larger than yours, so don’t feel too bad about that.

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    1. Yep, and I only got rid of maybe 20 or so. Most are from authors I love and series I really want to read. Plus, my mind always tells me that I should buy up the books I want to read while I have the extra money. Then, if I run into a period of time where money is tight, I have a large selection of books to tide me over until I can buy them again. lol.

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    2. It depends on how quickly I read them, but the past couple years I have been reading around 120 books a year. Still, I like the knowledge that I am not going to run out of things to read. Though now with a blog that keeps building up followers and such, I can also rest easy knowing I can just request access to books on NetGalley. One way or another, I’m always going to have access to reading material, and that is a wonderful feeling.

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    1. Haha, I’m curious about that myself.. :’)
      I’ve had an average of 15 books a month so far.. But since I have some manga to read as well, that might up a bit.. [At least, I think it will. It’s the first time ever I’ll be reading manga and I think those will read a lot faster?] So, I’m going with at LEAST 15! Maybe 20? God, I don’t know. I just want to read as much as possible, haha.

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