Review: The Summer of Hopes and Dreams by Lynsey James

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35652158It’s time for another review!

I found this book on NetGalley – where I got approved to actually read it as well, so thank you, HarperCollins UK! – and I really wanted to read it. Like, stat.

Most of you won’t know, since I never mentioned it in my blog, but up until a year and a half ago I used to be overweight. I always was the chubby kid, later on – simply put – the fat teenager. And that is why this book grabbed my attention immediately.

A Summer of Second Chances…

It’s been a difficult year for Cleo Jones. The car accident that crushed her leg didn’t just destroy the village baker’s dreams of becoming a dancer, but crushed her confidence too. And recovering from that has been harder than healing from any number of broken bones…

But this summer is going to be different. Life is turning around for Cleo! Maybe it’s the invitation from her childhood bully to their high-school reunion that’s shocked her out of a ten-year slump. Or joining Carb Counters and finally starting to shed the weight she’d piled on during her recovery – or maybe it’s catching the eye of her gorgeous personal trainer!

Whatever the answer, this is going to be a summer she never forgets… watch out world, Cleo Jones is finally fighting back!

What, at first, seemed like a light read didn’t turn out to be all “light”, not for me at least. I’m pretty sure that has to do with my own history when it comes to being overweight and trying to change that.

Now, let’s talk about Cleo. I absolutely adore her – flaws and all. At the start of her journey, she’s insecure, has no hopes, no dreams and just follows the motions of her life. Even though she has some people to fall back to, she struggles with her family a lot – her mom, to be exact.
Up until the point that she’s subtly starting to change. She grows into herself, building up not only her confidence but the strength to dream as well.

Of course her personal trainer, Scott, has to be mentioned as well! Even though he knows Cleo is struggling with certain things in her life, he tries his hardest to help her cope. Scott goes out of his way to find little things that make it easier on Cleo, helps her and tries to be there for her whenever and however he can.
The question is, though, whether he’s strong enough to handle Cleo’s history – since he has a history of his own.

Because of Lynsey James’ writing, Cleo was really easy to connect with. I felt both her ups and downs, felt her happiness, doubt and frustrations. Scott reminded me a lot of someone in my own life because of the way he tried to help Cleo.
Safe to say that I had hoped to connect with Cleo, so a huge thanks and applause to Lynsey for making it possible!

You get used to the looks eventually; even the whispers don’t bother you after a while. It’s what’s behind them that’s really scary, the horrible thoughts they don’t say out loud.

All in All The Summer of Hopes and Dreams is the beautiful story of someone struggling to overcoming the consequences of an accident that changed her life. A wonderful, yet difficult journey to accepting herself, daring to dream again and – most importantly – finding the strength, motivation and will-power to leave her comfort zone and fight for those dreams.

5 / 5!

If you feel like reading this book, head on over to, BookDepository or any other site you feel comfortable using to pre-order it. Because this book is coming out September 11th! Of course, you can also add it to your Goodreads-TBR.

IMG_0743Picking munches for this book was fairly easy and you’ll have to read it to find out the exact reason, ha! Chocolate chip pancakes and Chunky Monkey Ben & Jerry’s – no the ice cream isn’t mentioned in the book as such.



This book was given to me through NetGalley. I am not compensated for this review in any way. All opinions are entirely my own.

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  1. Interesting! I love this type of book where the protagonist tries to overcome his/her own issues and develops themselves into a more mature, stronger one. Great review! And always, the munches… Yum ❤

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