Review: Nascent Shadow by Matthew S. Cox

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Nascent Shadow (Temporal Armistice #1)As you remember, I read and reviewed Convergence by J.R. Rain and Matthew S. Cox a little while ago. Of course, when I saw Nascent Shadow pop up on Goodreads, I had to read it!
I really was curious how Matthew’s writing would be without J.R. Rain’s influence.

And the cover? Gorgeous!

Brooklyn Amari knew not to get in car with a stranger; when a man tried to lure her―she killed him.

As if taking a man’s life at the tender age of ten wasn’t bad enough, her childhood home burned to the ground two years later. She doesn’t remember how she survived, but she’s felt a pull toward the conflagration ever since. After a troubled patch in her teens, she’s become a respectable firefighter, rushing again and again into the inferno that almost killed her. A routine sweep-and- clear during a hotel
blaze takes a deadly turn, but also explains how she escaped death eleven years ago: she’s probably a demon.

Brooklyn had always enjoyed having psychic abilities, but wings?
She’s still trying to come to terms with what she might be when she gets a vision of an arsonist planting a magic bomb. The Fire Marshal’s office is ill-equipped to handle magic, and since she’s the most paranormal thing they’ve got, they offer her a temporary promotion.
Unfortunately, she soon finds herself neck deep in an investigation that goes straight over her head.

And oh yeah―she’s supposed to destroy the world.

The thought I had pretty soon after starting to read, is that I was glad the blurb said Brooklyn is a demon, even though she hasn’t realized it yet.
If I hadn’t known that, I probably would’ve been frustrated over her behavior and way of thinking when it comes to reminiscing her past. Knowing that little fact about her, made me less annoyed since she’s, in a way, meant to be a little careless with lives of human beings and not feel sorrow or guilt.
I do love the fact that she has a soft spot for children though! I would’ve gotten the creeps otherwise, haha.

When I realized she’d broken her hip, I stopped laughing… but I still smiled.

The whole story is written from Brooklyn’s point of view, which is… something else. Why? Because she’s a demon and it shows in the way she thinks. She has a detached manner of looking back on her actions that make you wonder whether or not she really feels.
Apart from that, I had to laugh out loud quite often while reading. The comments she makes, the puns she comes up with – Okay, okay. The puns Matthew comes up with. – are simply hilarious at times. It also gives the novel a lighter feeling when things are getting more tough.
In a way it even makes the grosser bits… Simply put, not gross. I was distracted by the things Brooklyn was thinking every single time.

I’m in number sixty-six. On the sixth floor. I thought it was cool.

Another element of Matthew’s writing are the geeky additions he makes. Brooklyn is practically a bit of a tomboy who loves to game, as does Matthew himself. Honestly, it felt like a fitting way to incorporate a piece of himself and his interest into his work. I absolutely loved that.

When it comes to the world-building, it’s pretty much done in a way that I’m not used to. Instead of dedicating the first chapters of the novel to explaining the world, Matthew does this through the entire story. Bits and pieces keep being added whenever something needs explaining. In a way it may seem as if he just comes up with things whenever he needs something, but it never felt that way. It just felt like something that hadn’t been mentioned because it wasn’t necessary up until that point.

You hear the one about a nine-year-old girl in moon boots, a panda hat, and underpants riding a skateboard down the middle lane of the Pennsylvania Turnpike at oncoming traffic? Yep. Me.

I’m just going to cut to the chase here, because I’d keep going for quite some time if I let myself.
I loved this story, I loved Matthew’s writing and I was satisfied by the ending, which was wrapped up as much as could be with a cute touch to it on top.
[This wasn’t really the case with Convergence so I’m really glad!]

I’m giving Nascent Shadow a solid 5 / 5!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor boston creme donut with coffeeAs for the munches, we’re going with a two-way here. Matthew already let me know that he would opt for a Boston creme donut with coffee or rib tips!

I, on the other hand, decided to go with the thing Brooklyn was craving at a certain point, since my boyfriend made one hell of a cheeseburger a couple of days ago. The timing couldn’t have been any better!21103764_10212913260042848_641101157_o.jpg

Which of the two would you pick if you could eat one of these two options right now?

Nascent Shadow is coming out August 29th. So head on over to and buy it already! Or you can add it to your TBR in hopes of not forgetting about it because it’s well worth the read!




I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion. I am not being compensated in any way. All opinions are entirely my own.
The picture of the Boston creme donut is one I found through Google Image; as such I claim no rights whatsoever regarding it.
I do, however, claim the rights of the picture of the burger since that one is of my own making.

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    1. Thank you! It definitely was interesting and the detached part.. Well, I’ve read two novels of Matthew S. Cox now – one was written by both him and another author – and I might have to figure out if it’s just his way of writing or if he usually does the detached characters..


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