Hiii Munchworms!

It’s Friday again so yay, weekend!
Okay, maybe I should be honest here… It’s a national holiday today in my little country so actually my weekend started yesterday. Oops, haha. But, admit it, “Thank god, it’s Thursday”? That just doesn’t sound right!

I’ve been messing around a bit and from now on you’ll get to see my social media-buttons at the bottom of every post. So in case you’re not following me yet, now’s the perfect chance to do so!
Some of you may have seen this on yesterday’s post already, but I wasn’t originally planning on posting yesterday. That was.. an impulsive decision, haha!

Also, if you haven’t voted on my poll for the Make Me Read It Read-A-Thon, just go to my post here and help decide what book[s] to read!

20107048_10212548808891797_1241584437_oAnyway. If you recall my previous TGIF, you’ll remember it was a celebration since I just reached 100 followers. No, I didn’t get my cupcake but I did get a delicious milkshake and my cocktail – just so you know.
Somehow, during the week, I managed to up my followers to over 130.. 140 – why do I have to adapt this every time I check.. – 150 and it got me thinking. There should be a giveaway at a certain milestone? Right? Right!
So how about I do a giveaway as soon as I reach 200 followers on my blog? Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?
I have to add that I might up it to 250 since I’ve gained like.. a lot of followers since last week.. How did that even happen?!

Now honestly, I don’t know yet what I’ll be giving away. “A book” is probably the most obvious answer but… maybe there’s something else you guys would like to get?
Seriously guys, you’re my followers. It’s something to give to you so if you have any ideas on what you’d like to get, just throw it at me!

Like, right now!

Have a fun weekend, everyone!



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