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Hi Munchworms!

First things first! I’ve been playing around a bit and changed my blog. New banner, new background. It’s simple, but fits me and I like it. I hope you do as well!

So. Since I’ve only recently started this blog and I saw this tag pass by in my Reader-overview, I thought it would be fun to tag along. This way, you’ll get to know me a bit apart from my huge reading / book addiction, haha!

I got this tag from Shelley at celestialreveries where she just tagged anybody who’s interested. Count me in!

Okay, there we go. Off to a rambling session all about… ME.


Name: Kathy

Nickname: Nomo has been my nickname online for quite some time. I used to game a lot back in the day, so nicknames like that stick. I also listen to “Kath”, and my boyfriend has the habit of calling me “Chap”. So I guess that’s three nicknames for me!

Birthday: September 15th 1992

Star Sign: Virgo [Yes, I’m one of those people who always claims to be a virgin.]

Occupation: Administrative job


Hair Colour: Dark brown with – somehow – a bit of blondish. I’m assuming that’s because I didn’t color my hair right or something cause it has only gotten that way the last couple of months… Last time I dyed it was in August 2016, so… Weird…

Hair Length: About halfway between my shoulder blades.

Eye Colour: Dark brown, but sometimes they look more bright. It honestly depends on my mood – and the lighting.

Best Feature: I will always like my eyes best.

Braces: Had those, hated them and then my teeth decided to go back to the way they were before so… That hellish pain of those hellish braces was useless!

Piercings: Three piercings in my left ear (of which one is the normal earring kind practically every woman has), the normal one in my right ear and my snakebite.

Tattoos: I seriously have to count them to be sure… I have a sentence on the outside of my lower right arm: “I’d rather die on my feet than live my life on my knees.” It’s been my motto for years now and comes from a song of Papa Roach, which will always be my favorite band.
Then I have “Always” – Yes, Harry Potter! – on my right wrist with the A being the relics-sign and a little lightning shard at the end. I grew up with Harry Potter and those series thought me so much about life, virtues and friendship that it just deserved a permanent spot on my body as well as in my heart.
I have two birds near my collar bones, a pineapple near my left ear and a big “Nightmare before Christmas”-tattoo on my right shoulder-blade.
Five! And more to come, hopefully.

Right-handed or Left-handed: Right-handed.


Real Holiday: I’m going to see this as “First real holiday where no drama happened whatsoever which made it totally awesome and enjoyable”. And that means I’ll have to use my first actual holiday with my boyfriend to London past December. We went for a week and got to see so much. I loved every minute of it! [It’s where I got my Nightmare before Christmas tattoo by the way. So now you know I’m also impulsive. Too impulsive. Haha.] Every holiday before that one had drama along the way since those were with my family and well.. Yeah, no. I’m not going to elaborate on that one. They just sucked, the end.

Best Friend: My first best friend was Lorenzo. In a way he’ll always be one of my best friends since he has done so much for me. Unfortunately I rarely see him anymore. It’s been… two or three years I think? Growing up is not always a good thing.

Award: Uh. I have no clue? Maybe some lame award at school when I was little?

Sport: The first sport I did, was judo. I didn’t like it at all. Being the chubby kid, all boys just had to pick me to be hardest on. Those were pretty painful evenings, let me tell you… Afterwards I started dancing and that was way more fun.

Concert: My first actual concert were the TMF Awards where Tokio Hotel came to perform. Yes, I was one of those girls and no, I’m not going to be ashamed of it. We all had weird obsessions like that! And we all wish we’d forget them growing up. Haha.


TV Shows: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Teen Wolf have been favorites of mine for a while now. Reign is an awesome series as well! Reminds me that I have some catching up to do…

Colour: Most people think my favorite color just has to be black. Well, no. It’s not. Blue!

Songs: Oh my. It’s a good things there’s “songs” and not “song” cause that would’ve been impossible. I’m going to type a few, really quick and then try not coming back to this one or you’ll have a list with a hundred songs…

Papa Roach – Born for Greatness
Papa Roach – Broken Home
The Lighthouse Family – High
System of a Down – Chop Suey
Serj Tankian – Empty Walls
James Arthur – Impossible
Three Doors Down – Here Without You
Twisted Sister – We’re Not Gonna Take It
Alestorm – Keelhauled
Skillet – Monster

Restaurant: Oh god. Uh. Every restaurant that has delicious pasta. There. Solved. I’m addicted to pasta.

Shop: Every possible bookshop that has English books? Haha.

Books: No. I’m not doing this. I simply refuse. There are way too many books that have a special place in my heart. Some of which I’ve only read this year, others that have been with me for years. Okay. I’m doing this. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, The Shining by Stephen King [Yes, even though it freaked me out.] and all Harry Potter books.

Shoes: Vans, always Vans. Or Converse. Sometimes.


Feeling: Tired, exhausted, ready to crawl in my armchair and disappear in Pavan.

Single or Taken: Happily taken.

Eating: Nothing, but my stomach is making its monster noises. I feel like eating pizza again…

Thinking about: Pizza. Oops.

Watching: My screen. What else. How should I be answering these if it wasn’t my screen I was looking at?

Wearing: Vans – jeans – tank top – glasses – bracelets – ring? Oh. And piercings. And my dignity. I’m always wearing my dignity.


Want Children: Yes, I do! There’s a huge chance that I’ll have twins, though. So that’s something I’m a little bit anxious about. It’s also the reason that I only want one. If it would be twins immediately, two is the max! But three? I honestly don’t think we’d survive that, haha.

Want to be married: I always said I never wanted to get married, but that was before I met my boyfriend. He pretty much started changing my mind. But maybe I’ll go back to going “Oh hell no” in the future. Who knows.

Careers in mind: I like the administrative job I’m doing, but I would love it if I could pursue a career that has more to do with being creative. Creative with words that is. Writing my heart and soul out and sharing it with everyone. That would be awesome. But since I’m doing this already, on here with you, I’m happy doing what I do!

Where you want to live: I always dreamed of living in London. Ever since I went there for a school trip, I fell in love with it. I’ve been going back each year. My boyfriend hadn’t been there, so I’m happy to announce that he fell in love with London as much as I did! Maybe someday…


God: Nope. And no hard feelings towards people who do. We all have a right to believe in what and who we want.

Miracles: Maybe if one would happen to me or someone I know, yes. But until that happens, I’m saying no.

Love at first sight: Hm, it could exist. I know it takes me a while to fall in love, really in love. But there are people who claim it was love at first sight and who am I to say they’re liars?

Ghosts: I don’t want to believe in them. Make that a DON’T want to believe in them. It would creep me out. And now I’m going to think about this question when I’m trying to sleep. And not sleep because of it. Of course. Thank you, tag.

Aliens: I don’t believe in them, but there’s a slight hope that they might exist. Even with all the scientific researches that have been done and are being done, I feel like there should at least be one more planet out there. Just one, somewhere, on which life is possible and present as well.

Soul mates: That I do, but in the “you only have one soul mate somewhere on this world”-kind of way. I believe there are souls that just go together amazingly. This could be in friendship or in love. Those kind of people who just fit your personality perfectly, understand you so easily and make you feel like your connection with them is ridiculously special.

Heaven and Hell (Combining these two): That’s something I don’t believe in. I do believe in creating your own heaven or hell, though.

Kissing on a first date: Sure, I do. You never know when that special moment comes along and it just happens. I had it a couple of times as well. My last first date was different though. Since, at the time, it wasn’t really a date. Just getting together for a drink since we were both bored out of our minds, haha. The fire was ignited only a couple dates later.

Yourself: I try to believe in myself, but it’s not always easy. Life is filled with people who live to bring others down and that’s hard when you’re used to doubting yourself all the time. I’ve gotten better at it the past year and believe more in the things I do and love doing, but… Well, I guess everyone doubts themselves once in a while, don’t they?

TAG: I’m tagging anyone who reads this and thinks this would be a fun tag to do! Make sure to link me, so I can get to know you better as well.

I hope you guys found out some stuff about me that you deem interesting! I sure thought this was a fun way to let you into my life a bit more, apart from the bookish part.

Oh, and if some of you haven’t read my TBR-blog yet, check it out and help me create my Summer Reading List!


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