Longing for my reading nook

Hi Munchworms!

It’s time for one of the favorite topics of every bookworm… Reading nooks! More importantly, the reading nook of your dreams. Cause, admit it, your current reading nook probably isn’t the one you’ve always imagined having. And if it is? Show me! I’m curious about other people’s perfect reading spots.

As for mine… Since I’m living in a pretty small apartment with my boyfriend, there isn’t an awful lot of place to “claim” as my reading spot. Most of the time I was switching between the couch and my bed, since those are the two most comfortable options I had. Which sucks sometimes. Especially when it’s so good outside and we don’t even have a garden!

So, without further ado, I’ll try describing the reading nook that I’ve always been dreaming of. No need to say, that it starts with having a whole room dedicated to reading. A room with bookcases all around, filled with all my favorite books and my TBR (which may take in more space than all the books I actually read and own, haha).

In the middle of that room, I want two beautiful, huge desks. Yes, two. I don’t plan on sharing a desk with my boyfriend – as is currently the case – cause that is just plain hell. He always leaves a huge mess and doesn’t clean up his stuff, which makes it impossible for me to start working without having the urge to throw his things out of the window first. Do you feel my frustration oozing out of your screen here?

Of course there has to be the actual reading nook itself as well! I’ve always had this view of that typical window reading seat.

pic 1

Picture found on Pinterest


I’m sure some of you have dreamed about this as well, maybe still do. Lately, though, my dream has changed a bit on that front. Since I went to a friend’s house, I found the perfect armchair to read in. I could literally sit however I liked and could stay like that for hours on end, without having to move. That, my fellow Munchworms, is an accomplishment for every sofa and couch out there!

Ever since, I really want one of those. As it happens, that friend of mine decided to get rid of his two armchairs so I got to claim one! I had to wait for it quite a bit, since his new furniture had to arrive first. But… I am now the proud owner of an incredibly comfy armchair! When I was first preparing this blog, said armchair was sitting in our garage due to lack of space and a lazy boyfriend. [Okay, maybe we were both being lazy but just because it’s hell to get something as big as an armchair up the stairs. No elevator, folks!]
So now I actually have my own little reading spot, which I’ve been sitting in for quite a few hours already. The only thing missing is a little table to put my munches and drinks on. If I don’t get that soon, I’m sure I’ll be spilling loads of drinks, haha! Clumsiness all over!


Okay, back to the point. Basically I just want a whole room dedicated to books as soon as we actually bought a house. A room that has an old feeling to it, like a library from back in the day. Old furniture, bookcases that weigh a ton but are beautiful – especially filled with books until they can’t hold any more.
My own little safe haven. A place where I can just escape everything in my life and dive into the most wonderful books out there. Without disturbances. And most importantly: without seeing all the chores that are probably waiting for me but I’d rather ignore… because… Books!

As soon as I get to that point in my life, I’m sure I’ll spend a whole blog with way too much pictures to show off my library – since that’s what it will be.

Tell me, what does your perfect reading nook look like? Or is it also a room you want? Do you already have it? Is it a work in progress? Tell me! Better yet, show me! Maybe we’ll give each other more ideas. Or maybe you’ll make me really jealous – in a good way.



2 thoughts on “Longing for my reading nook

  1. I’ve always wanted a library with wall-to-wall bookshelves and an old library ladder. All I have now is a single bookcase and two (giant) piles on my nightstand, but a girl can dream!


    1. That ladder is definitely something worth considering! Library feeling intensified by at least a hundred that way.
      I have two bookcases right now, which I only bought two months back. They’re already stuffed. Don’t have space for a third one, unfortunately. 😦 Let the book piles begin!

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