TTT: Best books read in 2017 so far

Hi Munchworms!

I’ve decided to tag alone on the TTT-train and increase the use of the T-key on my keyboard. For those of you who don’t know this yet, TTT is a meme that stands for Top Ten Tuesday and was originally started by The Broke and the Bookish.

It seems like a fun way to recap the books I’ve read and want to read. And of course, seeing other people’s TTT can give you tons of inspiration to add to your – already ginormous – pile of TBR.

As the title of this blog states, this week is all about the books I read in 2017 so far and love/loved most. Since I’ve nearly reached 50 books, I had to get my Goodreads-account on board and check which ones are on there, haha. I don’t want to forget any! Or use one I read in 2016 my mistake. [Seriously, time flies lately… I would’ve made that mistake if I hadn’t checked my books first…]

For those of you interested in one of the books, I made sure every title is a link to the Goodreads-page of said book (or the first one of the series). Oh, and if you happen to have Goodreads as well, feel free to add me!

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer really are my number one of 2017 so far! The mix of fairytale retellings with sci-fi is just amazing and made me love every single word written. For my full review, just click here and read all about  it!

On second place, I just have to add the illustrated versions of both Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling. I will always be a Potterhead at heart and those illustrated versions are just beau-ti-ful.


place goes to… *drum-roll* a book that I never thought I’d enjoy or like even one bit. It was the biggest surprise of 2017 so far and that automatically means a spot on this list. If you’ve read my mini review, you’ll know that I’m talking about The Shining by Stephen King!

IMG_0469The next on my list is a book that I probably wouldn’t have read if it wasn’t for the Popsugar Reading Challenge. It’s a book written by someone who suffers a number of things, such as depression and anxiety as well as avoidant personality disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. The book I read, Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things is just that. I promise you, if you’d read it, you’ll laugh out loud. You’ll have tears in your eyes. Maybe you’ll be crying like a baby. But it’s worth it.



Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell is a book that I would’ve liked to put a little higher on my list, but my heart said it’s right to put it here, as number five, as well. There have been mixed reviews about this book, but I liked it for more personal reasons. My boyfriend and I both didn’t have an easy life either. I met him because we’re both kind of outcasts and that brought us together. For that, this book has a special little place in my heart and deserved to be mentioned here.

On number six, we have Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. And boo to myself cause I still haven’t read the sequel, Crooked Kingdom. Even though it has been laying on my TBR for quite a while…

IMG_0449This is followed by Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan on seventh place. I hoped I’d enjoy this book even though I’m 24 but, as with Harry Potter, this series proved to be something you can enjoy even then. The best books are those you can enjoy on whatever age!

Eight and ninth place are taken by Heartless by Marissa Meyer and The House We Grew Up In by Lisa Jewell. Heartless reintroduced me into the fairytale world and motivated me even more to pick up The Lunar Chronicles. That alone means this book deserves a spot in this blog!

IMG_0471The House We Grew Up In by Lisa Jewell is a lovely book that shows how people grow up and change according to the circumstances they live in. How secrets in a family can cause not only pain, but also hope and motivation for a better future. I felt horrified at times by the descriptions Lisa Jewell gave, but that added so much more to the story.

IMG_0464Last, but surely not least, we have Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare. Okay, maybe she deserved to be a bit more on top of this top 10 but I didn’t to that for a specific reason. Why? Practically all books in this list are books that surprised me, that I didn’t know of. Books of authors I hadn’t read anything of before. Cassandra Clare is the exception on that but still deserves a spot since her books are just that awesome.

Are there any books in this list that you’ve also read and loved? Or hated?



28 thoughts on “TTT: Best books read in 2017 so far

  1. Furiously Happy was an excellent choice. It is such a wonderful book to read both for people who have mental illnesses and people who want to understand them better.

    Here is my TTT.


  2. Oh my, I just adore the Lunar Chronicles… they probably pulled me back into the fantasy fairy tale world… amazing! And I am hoping to get to Six of Crows next month, so I hope to add the duology to my favorites list by the end of 2017. I love TTT posts!

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  3. Yay! So glad you joined the TTT-crew 🙂 I loved a lot of books on your list, and some I will definitely have to check out. I loved the Lunar Chronicles when I first read it (years ago) and really need to reread so I can finally read WINTER! Have a great rest of the week and I hope you read something great =D

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    1. Thank you! I’m looking forward to more TTT-topics. 🙂
      Winter is absolutely worth the read! But if you read the earlier books already, you probably realize that, haha.

      Same for you! I’m enjoying Roar (Cora Carmach) right now and it’s really interesting so far. So that great read will be no problem, I hope. 😀

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    2. I haven’t read Roar, but it sounds interesting. I’m reading the Girl in 6E by AR Torre and LOVING IT 🙂 I know. I really need to read Winter. I’ve been meaning to since it came out 🙈 It’s a problem


    3. It definitely is! I put it on my TBR the day before it arrived in my FairyLoot box so it was a pleasant surprise and I just had to read it as soon as possible.
      That book sounds really interesting! I’ve put it on my Goodreads TBR already. Thank you!
      Haha, I challenge you to read it this summer! 😀

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    4. LOL – that will certainly be easy 🙂 And go Fairyloot, they obviously know what’s up 😉 I’ve always gotten Owlcrate, would you recommend Fairyloot?

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    5. Yes, they do! I would. I only received the box twice, but both books haven’t disappointed and the goodies in them were awesome. 🙂 I might check out some other boxes in the future, but it’s not that cheap when living in Europe. Shipping is way up there most of the time, which is a pity.

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    6. Yeah I know what you mean – It’s not cheap for me either, and I live in the US 😉 Acrually, I have a god-mother that buys me a 3-month subscription twice a year (Christmas and bday). It’s hard not to pick that subscription up for the rest of the year!


    7. It is a fun thing to get as a present! Maybe I should hint that to my mom for my FairyLoot as well, haha.
      But I get your point. If you already receive them half the year, I’d buy myself the rest of the year as well. 🙂

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    8. I’ve dropped many hints to my parents about it, too 😉 But they think I have enough books (silly them – there’s no such thing!) Usually she buys Dec, Jan, Feb for Cmas, and then July, August, September for my birthday. When the subscription ends I always have a brief several-minute fight with myself on Owlcrate’s website about clicking that button… but I’m trying to save for new bookshelves and some bookish candles. So hopefully I can hold out 🙂

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    9. There’s no such thing as enough books! Only not enough bookcases!
      I have a monthly subscription on FairyLoot with automatic renewal, so every time I would have to end it, I just received my box. And that’s the most difficult moment to actually put an end to it, haha. Pretty sure it’ll be a long while before I unsubscribe! :’)
      At least it’s for another bookish investment, so that should ease the pain a little, no? 🙂

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    1. I haven’t tried those yet but someone told me I should so I put them on my TBR. I haven’t really looked them up yet, so I’ll see if they sound promising or not, haha. I’m always wary of spin-offs though, so we’ll see. 🙂


  4. The illustrated Harry Potter books are fab, I got them for my Daughter who is yet to really appreciate them. That furiously happy book looks really interesting, and I think I am the only person who hasn’t read six of crows I just hope it lives up to the hype.

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    1. Furiously Happy really is an interesting book to read. Just by looking at the cover, I already looked forward to reading it, haha!

      I had the same hope when it came to Six of Crows, but it didn’t disappoint me. I liked the story and the characters; looking forward to reading Crooked Kingdom. 🙂


  5. The illustrated Harry Potter editions are SO pretty, it’s such a great experience to relive the stories this way! I already can’t wait to see all seven books next to each other on my shelves, especially since they will be getting much bigger after book 3! \o/

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    1. Yes, it is! Rereading the illustrated versions gives it a completely different vibe and makes it even more amazing than the books already were – and, admit it, that’s a huge accomplishment since they were already pretty darn amazing, haha!

      I honestly didn’t even think about that yet.. Those books are going to be huge. O.O” But soooo beautiful. *-*


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